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Friday, April 24, 2020


In a display of total disregard of ethics and the rule of  law, valid votes are being discarded due to errors, acts and omissions by election officials.

Valid votes are being removed from authenticated ballots and discarded due to accounting irregularities.   In an unheard of move to balance the voter counts, a draw down was ordered on previously counted ballots to balance election count numbers, in essence,  valid counted ballots are being discarded randomly.

Should a Billion Dollar tax referendum be decided by the luck of the draw ? 

We don't think so !
and neither should you.

As the recount continues............
and in the interest of voter integrity

RCC calls for the RUSD referendum to be declared 
null and void do to electioneering, accounting irregularities
 and ballot tampering.

Honest Open Transparent

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