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Sunday, April 21, 2019

View the 
verified criminal
complaint filed 
against Judges 
Eugene Gasiorkiewicz
Lisa Neubauer


The above verified criminal complaint is an addendum to the judicial misconduct complaint file on March 21, 2019

You may read the original verified misconduct complaint filed here:

Reject illegal secret courts !

Gasiorkiewicz and Neubauer violated the rights of all 5.8 million Wisconsin citizens

Gasiorkiewicz and Neubauer belong in prison!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

In Racine County, 
the voters and nonvoters have spoken.


On April 2nd. 2019,  nearly 4 out of 5 eligible voters in the city of Racine chose not to vote.

The choice not to vote is in it self a vote.
But what vote is it?

No confidence? No faith? No interest? Apathy?
Resignation? Anger? Indifference?

Maybe a mixture of all of the above.

Within Racine county, the voting numbers were a little better with 7 out of 10 eligible citizens electing not to vote.

This majority of Racine County's citizens who chose not to vote have by default left the minority of the citizens who vote in control of their destiny, isn't logical but yet it is reality. 

Racine county has a voting population of nearly 100,000 eligible citizens.

Out of this countywide pool of eligible votes, roughly 30,000 citizens exercised their right to vote. 

  Doing the math, approximately 70% of Racine county's voting citizens freely gave up their right to vote.

Sheeple do not understand that rights neglected are rights lost !

To compound matters, in the statewide election for Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates, virtually 50% of the voters picked a candidate (Lisa Neubauer) who blatantly violated their civil and state rights. This 50% of the voting population put political ideologies ahead their rights !

In Court of Appeals case # 18CV1189, Judge Lisa Neubauer in her position of Court of Appeals chief justice, sealed the entire court record contrary to Wisconsin Statutes and the First Amendment of the U.S. constitution.

The illegal sealing of the court record violated the rights of 
5.8 million Wisconsin citizens.

Judge Neubauer's conduct was so egregious that a misconduct complaint was filed against her and Judge Gasiorkiewicz. 

View the verified complaint of judicial misconduct filed against judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz and Lisa Neubauer here: 

Judge Lisa Neubauer
Constitutional Infidel

The partisan politics of republican vs. democrat plays well into the hands of the few that control the two political parties.  This convenient arrangement leaves the sheeple under the guidance and duress of the two poisoned political  party's.

Our democracy is fractured, ripe for outside interference from both adversaries and allies alike, but there is hope.

HOTGOVERNMENT will continue to move forward to educate the electorate, bringing Honest, Open &Transparent Government 
to all the people.  
This movement is free from the poisons of 
political partisanship.

Wake up Sheeple, 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

According to Mayor Mason's 
Fakebook page: 
Voters had one hour to vote..........OOOPS.
More fake news from the Mayors circle.

See all these smiling faces.......
You would be happy too if you only worked one hour a day.

 Mason has confused  his 1 hour work day with election day!
Sorry folks, we can't make this shit up.

Say NO to Coryuption:
Secret surveys, Secret meetings
Secret government & Secret courts
End the cycle of corruption 

Honest, Open, Transparent

Get out and vote.

Write in Sandy Weidner for Mayor