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Sunday, July 18, 2021


Has Robin Vos set up former Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge Michael Gableman for failure?

 Robin Vos

                        State Representitive

It appears so.

Representitive Vos has been put under a lot of pressure to investigate the 2020 elections as early as last November, 2020 and has continued to trip on his own words since then.

Vos announced in May of 2021 that he had hired 3 policeman to investigate the 2020 election, then he announced Former Wisconsin Supeme Court justice Michael Gableman to spearhead the investigation.

Michael Gableman

But here is what Vos doesn't want you to know since his last announcement, two policeman that Vos hired has already quit and time continues to tick on Gableman's clock to investigate the election. To make matters worse,the third hired policeman has limited knowledge to conduct a through election investigation.

Investigations take both time and resources to complete, which both are now working against Gableman's clock to conduct a real investigation into the 2020 elections.

Reality is Gableman has already been placed behind the 8 ball by Vos and is going to need more time and resources provided to him if he is going to seek the truth about the elections.

This is where YOU the public comes into play.

Gableman was tripped up at the starting gate by Vos and will need additional time to get up to speed.

Call or write Vos and demand a through, real investigation into the 2020 elections so we know what really happened. If criminal misconduct occurred, then let's also prosecute the offenders. 

His Madison contacts are as follows:


Mounting pressure by the public and the sabre rattling campaign "TOSS THE VOS" by HOT Government has already forced Rep Vos to blink, now lets get him to commit to a real investigation and audit conducted by former justice Michael Gableman.