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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Racine County District Attorney Candidates Patricia Hanson and Thomas Binger have been vetted with both impartiality and objectivity by RCC.

We believe Deputy District Attorney
Patricia Hanson
will be the best peoples choice for a fair, responsible and objective District Attorney for Racine County.

 We have known Patricia for over six years. She has always been forthright and transparent with our concerns of the operations of the District Attorney's office.

 Racine County District Attorney candidate Patricia Hanson is the person who brought to our attention the importance and need for morally sound character leading the D.A's office. 

And while Patricia and I may occasionally disagree with specific charging decisions made by the D.A.'s office, we discuss and disagree without clouding the issues with personal feelings.

It is Deputy District Attorney Patricia Hanson who both introduced and enlightened us to the then corrupt District Attorney Michael Nieskes.

Deputy District Attorney Patricia Hanson wittingly helped clean up the Racine County D.A's office by introducing and exposing Michael Nieskes to us, and we believe she will continue to act with prudence as District Attorney of Racine County.

We recommend Patricia Hanson for Racine County District Attorney.