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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What title do you prefer?

Courthouse Shadows
The Crooked Court Calendar

Does the Wisconsin Court of Appeals really have a huge backlog of cases to hear, or are members of the court selectively abusing the court calendar ?

You decide.

Most people are unaware of how courts manage the court calendar. Court calendar events can be accelerated or slowed at the whim of the judge. This power to manage the court calendar empowers the court's opportunity to sway not only the verdict before the court, it can also sway events associated directly or indirectly with the court case. 

Case in Point:
Upcoming Court of Appeals elections, 
 April, 2020

Chief Court of Appeals judge Lisa Neubauer's term expires next year. Should Judge Neubauer decide to run for reelection, she will be on the 
April, 2020 ballot.

 Here is where it gets very 
interesting and contemptible:

Sandy Weidner vs. City of Racine
Racine County Circuit Court case # 2107CV001644  
Court of Appeals case # 2018AP001189

Sandy Weidner's Appeals case was ready 
for court assignment over 4 months ago and it has yet to be assigned.
 That may be the $100 dollar question tagged with an election held in balance. 

Delaying the assignment of this highly controversial court case of national awareness 
can play well for the reelection ambitions 
of judge Neubauer.

When Weidner vs. City of Racine was appealed to the Court of Appeals, Judge Neubauer blindly
(or maybe something much more sinister) and illegally followed Racine County Circuit Court Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz's lead to seal the entire court record. The entire sealed court record included the names of the parties and the docketing number of the court case. The two courts were at one point simultaneously conducting illegal secret courts and engaging in criminal misconduct.
Avoiding additional negative press about these highly controversial and illegal court proceedings is an election advantage for her. 

Being the public's memory is short and selective, she has a better chance of being reelected without the coverage of the press.

Judge Lisa Neubauer

The court calendar is one of many tools the judiciary can use to affect the 
outcome of a court case.

By managing the court calendar you can manage the press. Manage the press and you may sway the outcome of an election. 

Is it a coincidence that this case has been waiting over 4 months for judicial assignment or is Judge Neubauer abusing the court calendar ?

You Decide!


As a government watchdog, 
we work for public interest.
 We poke the bear, remain the thorn 
in the corrupt government's side, 
the pebble in their shoe 
and the squeaky wheel.

We are not politically correct,
 nor do we care to be!

Reject the political poison from the 
democrats and republicans.

 Vote intelligently. 

Just say NO !

Thursday, November 21, 2019


Which title do you prefer?

Disorder in the courts
The Next Generation of Nazi's ?

Secret courts are a Red Flag !!! 

Judge Eugene "Gagthebitch" Gasiorkiewicz

 Judge Lisa "Legal Whore" Neubauer

It appears the next generation of Nazi's may
already be within our government and courts.

Working under the guise of divided partisan politics, numerous republicans and democrats within our government collude to subvert our constitutional rights. They work under the premise that the easiest way to control the population is to keep the public divided.

The entire judiciary is comprised of partisan politics.  Not a single judge has publicly spoken up or rejected the secret courts being conducted by
 "Gagthebitch" Gasiorkiewicz
 and  "Legal Whore" Neubauer.
The criminal and ethic complaints filed into the Attorney General's office and Judicial Commission were ignored. 
View the complaints below:

Why were the complaints ignored? Because of the black robe code. The black robe code is used collectively by the judiciary to silence the truth and thwart any attempts to break the code.
It is their secret society to act with impunity, 
above the law and above reproach. 
This is the very hypocrisy of our courts.

Secret court's in Nazi Germany were routinely used to 
control and cull the population.
These secret courts removed political dissidents,
religious scholars, political sympathizers and others deemed
 "undesirables" by the Nazi regime.

Since the Nazi courts were secret, there was no public oversight, 
therefore the public at the time had no idea what happened 
to their neighbors and friends.

Secret prisons, concentration camps, assassinations and death camps flourished under the Nazi empire
without the general population's knowledge.

The press was silenced as these events unfolded in Nazi Germany.
Underground presses sprang up as fast as they were shut down.
The truth was withheld from the public and misinformation was provided from the Nazi government.

Could this same scenario be playing out in America today?

The parallels are stunning.

Mainstream media is collapsing in America.
Misinformation is now commonplace and accepted as truth.
Alternative media is now considered reliable.
Record numbers of imprisoned citizens.
Law enforcement kills at will with impunity
Equal protection of the law is discarded.
Our court’s are above the law.

Think about this;
Judges, both individually and collectively must respect and honor 
the judicial office as a public trust.  Judges must strive to maintain
 the trust and confidence of the legal system.
 The effectiveness of the judiciary rests ultimately on 
the trust and confidence 
that the people confer upon judges.

When government becomes the lawbreaker,
 it breeds contempt for law as it invites every citizen
 to become the law unto themselves,
thus inviting anarchy.

The State Attorney General’s office and the Wisconsin Judicial Commission refused to take action against these two criminal judges,
the secret court's were condoned and protected by the the very government institutions who regulate the judiciary. 
We have a corrupt court system fostering secret courts and 
following the path of a Nazi Resurgence.

The secret courts conducted by 
 "Gagthebitch" and "Legal Whore"  
may be bellwether courts used to test the awareness and resolve of the public's acceptance of such secret courts.

Control the courts and you control the sheeple.


It is your right to protect your rights.

Act and Vote wisely

HOT Government is here for you
Next meeting Wednesday, December 4th, 2019
6:30 PM
DeMarks Bar and Grill
Corner of Albert and Memorial
Racine ,Wi.

The sheeple sleep as the wolves devour the herd !

Monday, November 18, 2019


Sandy Weidner vs. City of Racine
Court of Appeals case # 2018AP001189

Which title do you prefer?

Judges Schmudges
Disorder in the Courts

Court of Appeals Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer continues her sick administration of Justice with abuse of the calendar against Appellant 
Sandy Weidner.

Judge Lisa "Legal Whore" Neubauer 

It will soon be 4 months since the court had the duty 
to calendar Weidner's appeal date. As of today there still is no court schedule on file to conduct hearings.

We remind the public that Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer had earlier illegally sealed the entire court record and engaged in criminal misconduct to the detriment of Sandra Weidner !

Neubauer as acting chief court of appeals judge in this case had violated Wisconsin Statutes 59.20(3), 757.14, the 1st. Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and 
Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules.

So how can Neubauer and other criminals within our courts continue to flagrantly engage in misconduct in office without being sanctioned, censored, disciplined, criminally charged or removed from office?

The answer is simple.
The public doesn't hold government officials accountable. 

You the public are responsible for voting these criminals into government. Year after year the public elects these public serpents into office, so in essence most of you are getting what you deserve while the rest of us has to endure the ignorance of our fellow citizens. 

Sandy Weidner is one of our citizens who is enduring the pain of criminals in our courts and government.

Sandy Weidner

Sandy Weidner has fought the good fight for the betterment of our community, then to be trampled by corrupt government officials and corrupt courts. 

In Racine County Circuit Court, Sandy Weidner's rights were both denied and violated by Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz, along with 5.8 million Wisconsin citizens.

Not to be outdone by a lower court, then Court of Appeals judge Lisa Neubauer also denied and violated the rights of 5.8 million Wisconsin citizens. 

So why hasn't Sandy Weidner's court case been calendared ?

Based on conjecture and speculation, Judge Neubauer is afraid that her 3 panel court of appeal peers may decide to 
overturn the outrageous rulings of  
judge Eugene "Gagthebitch" Gasiorkiewicz whom 
Lisa "Legal Whore" Neubauer was complicit with by 
sealing the entire court record.

Or perhaps the 3 panel court will hold Neubauer accountable 
of her crimes.  Naw, the black robe code will silence that.

 The answer is simple,
Lisa Neubauer is just evil.

Judge Eugene "gagthebitch" Gasiorkiewicz

We could go on and on and on but we won't.

We close with this.

"Gagthebitch" and "Legal Whore"  are a couple of corrupt judges made for hell.

What's upcoming on our radar?

Lots and lots

List of Racine Rats
State vs. Stephen Lambert
Party-ON the Promenade
Return to rightful owner the properties at Machinery Row

Public invited.
Hot Government meeting at Demark's Bar and Grill
1600 Albert street, Racine Wi.
(Corner of Albert and Memorial)
Wednesday 11-20-2019
Meeting starts at 7PM

Why a bar and grill?
Because no great story ever started with a salad !

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


                                                                      image from Disorder in the Court

           Which title do you prefer?
Does Racine County really have an honest judge ?
City attorney Scott “fast and loose" Letteney loses AGAIN !

After decisively losing a court case to pro se litigant Jim McClain, City of Racine attorney Scott Letteney is again facing the prospect of defeat.

Judge Jon Frederickson

ON 11/11/2019  Judge Frederickson without further pleadings, argument or hearings ruled against City of Racine motions to strike and dismiss as being moot, an amended complaint was filed against the city by Sam Azarian et al.

Why is this Noteworthy ?

In 2017, Judge Eugene "gagthebitch" Gasiorkiewicz wrongfully denied and ruled against Sandy Weidner's amended complaint in her efforts to open city records. City attorney Scott 'fast and loose" Letteney further wrongfully claimed such records to be privileged.* 
Judge Gagthebitch ruled on emotion and prejudice making him unfit as a judge.

Judge Frederickson ruled on the basis of law, not emotion or prejudice as the ruling speaks for itself.

As noted by the judge, Wisconsin Statutes clearly define the right to amend civil proceedings within 6 months of date of filing. 

In the case of City of Racine vs. Jim McClain,
Judge Frederickson could have further ruled against the city and admonished the city attorneys for derelict and negligent conduct before the court.

* Racine County Circuit Court  case # 2017CV001644 was appealed to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals where Appellate Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer has wrongfully 
stalled the Appeals proceedings by withholding judicial assignment to the case.  

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


The clock has already started to recall 
Wisconsin's governor Tony Evers

On January 20th, 2020 
the recall campaign begins

Governor Tony Evers

Wisconsin Capital Building

The recall clowns missed one of 
the most important reasons 
to recall the head clown


Corrupt Republicans and corrupt Democrats deserve each other

Monday, November 4, 2019


Which title do you prefer ?



Where did the money go?

The City of Racine received over $700,000.00 dollars of DNR grant money to open public access within downtown riverfront property along the Root River. 

The problem is......
There is no bike pathway, no promenade, no walkway, no access to the river and no public space. 


The properties are fenced off and not available to the public.

According to the DNR application filed by the City of Racine and signed by the scammer* Mayor John Dickert, the city has until December 20, 2019 to complete the project.
  1.                                  a person who commits fraud or participates in a dishonest scheme.

Page 15/136
Racine Knowles Nelson Grant Application

Read the complete application here:

Just another lie and fraud committed by corrupt city and government officials.

Tired of government officials blowing smoke 
up your arse*?
noun - A persons buttocks or anus

 Where did the $700,00.00 dollars of 
DNR money go?

Ask scammer John Dickert
Ask scammer Mayor Mason
Ask scammer City Attorney Scott Letteney



Now watch the video and understand how government officials committed fraud upon the public !


The following complicit, colluding and conspiring clowns are mindless trolls. 

The above educated idiots can't think 
or even write for themselves!

Honest - Open -Transparent