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Friday, December 30, 2016

Frank Lamping

Racine County's own

Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame 

Voting begins Sunday and runs through Jan. 31 at The online vote goes halfway toward determining the winner and a selection committee accounts for the other half.

No criminal record
Has a job
U.G. Lions Club member
24/7  Packers display in front yard
Doesn't kill dogs
U.G. 2012 Citizen of the year
Good neighbor
Good friend
Married to same woman for nearly 40 years
drinks beer
Life long Racine county resident
Member of the LION"S PRIDE 

Need we say more ?
Vote Frank!
"This is a very interesting situation"
-George Bailey-

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Monday, December 12, 2016

State vs. Kurt Hanson
case # 2014 CF 001506

During court proceedings on 12-12-2016, the Racine County District Attorney’s Office dismissed the remaining charge(s) against 
Kurt Hanson.

Kurt Hanson was involved in an altercation on 11-1-2014. Due to a botched investigation by RPD, and their subsequent errors, acts and omissions,  Kurt's dog was subsequently killed by RPD do to the failure of RPD to embrace less than lethal tactics.
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According to WCCA records, Defense Attorney Wendy S. Paul began representing 
Kurt Hanson on 11-13-2015.
Attorney Wendy Paul upped her game compared to Kurt's previous legal representation.

In our opinion, the two previous 
public defenders (pretenders) were worthless to Mr. Hanson's defense.

We believe Attorney's Dirk Jensen and Sally Hoelzel failed to aggressively advocate Kurt Hanson's defense, and further failed to provide adaquate legal counsel, thus unnecessarily prolonging the legal action 
against Mr. Hanson. 
Since November of 2014, we at RCC have advocated on behalf of Mr. Hanson and his dog Angel to have all charges dismissed.  

During this time, we have had several meetings with RPD’s Art Howell and the District Attorney’s office concerning Kurt Hanson’s case and the use of less than deadly force.

Albeit the dismissal of charges is late in forthcoming, we believe the dismissal of the remaining charge(s) against Kurt Hanson by the Racine County District Attorney’s office to be reasonable, 
correct and proper action.

Kurt in the aftermath with Angel