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Thursday, October 17, 2019



Usually where there is smoke - there is fire

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Rob Weber -  
 City of Racine Municipal Judge
&  "Economic Terrorist"


Judge Rob Weber
Municipal Court 
800 Center Street 
Racine, WI 53403                                                                     10-17-2019

Subject:  Court proceedings and trial - City of Racine vs. James McClain

Judge Weber,

I call to your attention the injustice your court caused upon James McClain by the outrageous $50,000 + judgment against McClain. You further engaged in tort acts against McClain by failing to provide documents, transcripts and notes of his hearings and trial within your court when McClain requested such files.  I also point out that an officer within your court (Nhu Arn) threatened fellow citizen McClain with outrageous fines and penalties totaling greater than $312,000 in an attempt to force a settlement before trial.  You run a shithole of a court !

I submit to you that you are part of a mob enterprise acting within the City of Racine to actively intimidate, harass and threaten fellow citizens using immoral and outrageous tactics to settle "civil" disputes with the city.

The $50,000 + dollar award against McClain was excessive, immoral and inexcusable.  The excessive fines and penalties you assessed against McClain violated the 8th amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Your actions and judgment make you unfit as a judge.

You will be hereby referred to as a tyrant and economic terrorist,  complicit with Nhu Arn and Scott Letteney.

I further suggest you remove the outright lie below from your court website.

Welcome to the City of Racine Municipal Court. The Municipal Court provides a neutral setting for resolving alleged violations of the City’s ordinances.

Only a bias, complicit and prejudice court 
would allow the city attorney's office to engage in such egregious conduct within its court and assess such outrageous fines and penalties for such minor alleged building code violations. 

Watch Talking Racine
James McClain's court case
Episode 144

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


State of Wisconsin vs. Courtney D Huffhines

Kenosha County Case Number 2019CF001235 

Which Title do you Prefer?
Will there be a New Sheriff in Town ?
Where has all the love gone?

Haggard Sheriff Schmaling
AKA Loverboy?
/ˈhaɡərd/     Adjective -

looking exhausted and unwell, especially from fatigue, worry, or suffering.

Could conflicts of interest within the Racine County Sheriffs department be preventing them from actively investigating this case?

As Kenosha law enforcement continue to vigorously investigate the largest illegal vaping operation bust in Racine county, Racine county investigators have been largely silent concerning this event.

 Kenosha law enforcement investigators are aggressively interviewing and seeking additional information about Courtney Huffhines while Racine County investigators appear to have little or no presence on the case.

One question we have for our readers is how could such a large scale illegal vaping operation go undetected unreported by law enforcement in Racine county ?

Could it be because of  "connections"?

Rumors, conjecture and speculation are now running rampant concerning "connections" between a member or members of the Racine  Sheriff's department and Courtney Huffhines.

Courtney Huffhines
AKA Hothuff ?
Courtney Huffhines ran a real estate office located in downtown Union Grove. According to the Kenosha County Sheriff's office she also ran an illegal vaping business in the back room. 

Investigators conducted a search warrant on Huffhines real estate office and found in the 
back room an illegal vaping lab so large that investigators used the term "we hit the jackpot".

As special prosecutor Lesli Boese continues to build and prepare the court case against the Huffhines within the Kenosha County Circuit Court system, she may also have to prepare another case against local law enforcement.

News personalities and camera crews have been actively casing the Kenosha and Racine areas asking questions but getting few responses.

So far the main stream media has not identified any "connections" as of yet, but that doesn't mean they aren't HOT on the trail.

Read more here:

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

City of Racine Vs. James McClain

Racine County Circuit Court case # 2019CV001357

Case Dismissed with prejudice ! 

Court documents confirm Judge Fredrickson dismissed the case against Jim McClain 
with prejudice.

The attached documents submitted into the court system are now public record and these documents speak for themselves

Please take note that Assistant City Attorney Robin Zbikowski who signed the above documents is NOT the special prosecutor whom we referred to as a joke of an attorney in our previous post.  

Our sources informed us that Attorney Zbikowski acted in a professional and courteous manner to clean up the mess City Attorney Scott Letteney and his other subordinates made.

Thank you City Attorney Zbikowski for getting it


Tuesday, October 1, 2019


How does this happen?

 A court case where a citizen is threatened with $312,000 dollars in fines, found guilty of over $50,000 dollars by the municipal judge to where the case may be Dismissed with Prejudice?

This is a true story of how Jim McClain, a 62 year old Pro Se litigant is bringing the City of Racine's Attorneys office to its knees senses. 

Toppled blind lady of justice

City of Racine vs. 
James McClain, Pro Se

A short and interesting Racine County Circuit Court case may be coming to a close on Wednesday, Oct. 2nd. 2019

The Circuit Court case of City of Racine vs. James McClain,     2019CV001357  is scheduled for a status conference at 1:30 pm on Wednesday October 2nd in front of Judge Fredrickson, but information gleaned from several sources indicate the case may be dismissed with prejudice.

Judge Fredrickson

James McClain was first served with a summons and complaint for minor building code violations on a modest home he owned in the City of Racine.  Being McClain was served a municipal summons, he was brought before the City of Racine Municipal court where the case ultimately went to trial. During the court proceedings, Mr. McClain was threatened with fines of up to $312,000 dollars by a city attorney for his building code violations.
(It is noteworthy that McClain's house was assessed by the city of Racine for $70,000 and the repairs to fix was a fraction of the value of the house.) During trial, City of Racine Municipal court Judge Weber ruled in favor of the city and fined McClain over $50,000 dollars in fines and penalties.
McClain then promptly filed an appeal into 
the Racine County Circuit Court system.

As ill fate would have it, McClain was assigned to Judge Gasiorkiewicz.  McClain being keenly aware of Gasiorkiewicz's rogue, bias and illegal courtroom behavior with the recent secret court proceedings of City of Racine vs. Sandy Weidner promptly flexed his right to have another judge hear the case. 

McClain requested a change of judges.  Gasiorkiewicz refused McClain's first request and so McClain filed a motion into the court with copies to numerous government officials and interested parties asserting his right for a change of judge.

Gasiorkiewicz eventually relented when confronted with McClain's right to judicial substitution and allowed McClain to go judge shopping. 

 Now that McClain was out of the dark shadows of judge Gasiorkiewicz and had a new judge, McClain promptly requested the court files from the City of Racine Municipal Court. 

AGAIN as ill fate would have it, the Municipal court (Judge Weber) informed Mr. McClain that there had been a technical malfunction within the court and his court records and transcripts were unavailable.
Talk about disorder in the court!
(All the money that Rebecca Mason spent in the Racine Municipal to upgrade the court and they can't manage and maintain court files? WTF!)

Back to McCain's story.

Now that McClain was firmly entrenched in Racine County Circuit Court, he continued his Pro Se journey to justice.   

Here is where the story gets even more interesting.

City Attorney Scott Letteney

 City Attorney Scott Letteney decided to use outside counsel to prosecute McClain. The city hired some joker of an attorney to prosecute the city's case within the Circuit Court system against citizen McClain.
Yes - the city hired a special prosecutor for a building code violation case.

 The city attorney's office did not properly vet or supervise this joke of an attorney. Letteney's assigned special prosecutor failed to perform numerous lawful duties of an attorney within this court case.

The ever diligent citizen McClain asked questions and researched law. McClain filed motions of reconsideration, substitution, default, strike plaintiffs pleading, affirmative defenses and counterclaims.  McClain also filed certificates of service into court records all while acting PRO SE.

If you know anything about law, then you should realize that McClain as a Pro Se litigant outplayed an alleged licensed attorney.

During these short court proceedings, McClain has been an unwilling victim of both criminal acts and civil torts within the Racine County Circuit Court system. Do to the case being in litigation, we have not acquired all of the facts as of yet, but based on knowledge and belief there may have existed a conspiracy by various government and court officials 
to thwart Mr. McClain's efforts in court.

The city's court case has been severely damaged due to the negligence of the city attorney's office failing to properly oversee their special prosecutor and further by alleged criminal acts conducted by government and court officials.

Despite all of the above, McClain Pro Se has continued in a course of action even in the face of difficulty with little or no prospect of success.  McClain has truly endeavored to persevere.

Which brings us to Supreme Court Rules
SCR 20:5.1 Responsibilities of partners, managers, and supervisory lawyers. (a) A partner in a law firm, and a lawyer who individually or together with other lawyers possesses comparable managerial authority in a law firm, shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the firm has in effect measures giving reasonable assurance that all lawyers in the firm conform to the Rules of Professional Conduct.
(b) A lawyer having direct supervisory authority over another lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the other lawyer conforms to the Rules of Professional Conduct.
(c) A lawyer shall be responsible for another lawyer's violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct if:
(1) the lawyer orders or, with knowledge of the specific conduct, ratifies the conduct involved; or
(2) the lawyer is a partner or has comparable managerial authority in the law firm in which the other lawyer practices, or has direct supervisory authority over the other lawyer, and knows of the conduct at a time when its consequences can be avoided or mitigated but fails to take reasonable remedial action.

And guess who is ultimately responsible for misconduct and negligence of the buffoon of an attorney the city hired to prosecute McClain?

Scott Letteney 

View the court file here:

Moral of this story is:
Don't play chess with McClain