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Friday, July 21, 2017


Don't let this be you

SEE how the SHIT has hit the fan.

Explore why so many innocent people are dying in the hands of law enforcement in Minneapolis Mn..

Friday, July 14, 2017

Another Racine Side Show

 The circus is in town and in full swing.

Adding to the joke of candidate Cory Mason as Mayor of Racine is 26 year old Justin Wheeler.

Justin Wheeler 
 Candidate for Mayor

Justin Wheeler has announced his candidacy thru Crowdpac.... an outlet unfamiliar to us at RCC. 

 Crowdpac is a site that appears to be similar to GoFundMe.

Click below : 

Only thru error did we come across his efforts to be a candidate of Mayor for Racine.

Justin may be using Facebook as a forum as his media for candidate as Mayor of Racine.

He spoke of corruption as being one of his reasons as candidate for Mayor, that caught our interest.

We tried to contact him thru various means, 
but he remains elusive. A contact site states he is the owner of Echo Eternal Media Group,LLC , but efforts to contact him thru those means ended up as non-responsive.

We at RCC have some questions for him.

1. Are you just testing the waters ?
2. Do you really want the job as Mayor?
3. As candidate for Mayor,  you identified corruption as a problem in Racine, what would you do to clean up Racine politics?

The task of politicking can be brutal.
4.  Will you separate the job as Mayor from your personal and financial  life?
5.  Can you disregard personal attacks, in other words, are you teflon?
6.  As elected Mayor, what would be your top ten priorities?

As author of Racine County Corruption and other blogs,  we are well aware of the entrenched corruption throughout Racine County.
We are also well aware of how you will be dismissed and perhaps even mocked due to your age and experience(inexperience). 

7. Are you up to the task of ignoring negative politics and shedding shit like teflon does. 
8. Have you produced a resume as candidate for Mayor of Racine?

The clock never stops, and every day is another lost opportunity to get your story out to the public for consideration and deliberation.

Corruption in Racine County is serious business. 
We need someone who can stand up to the task of cleaning house. Perhaps Justin is what Racine needs.

 The below appears to fit his profile

Do you know Justin?
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