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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sanders sells out to the Dark Side

IN an unprecedented move, Bernie Sanders has been sold to Hillary Clinton, leaving his supporters in disarray.

The easy purchase of Bernie Sanders was a result of negotiations between the Sanders camp and DNC, all orchestrated by Hillary Clinton.

In the sale of Bernie Sanders,  Sanders proved he didn't have what it takes to be President. 

Sanders folded to the presence of corruption in the DNC and failed to fight for what he stated he believed in.

Sanders proved in front of all of World he is a phony and 
an "entrenched" member of the dark side. 

Bernie Sanders is man who lacks conviction , integrity and guts.

Sanders is indeed a COWARD and a WHORE.

Bernie Sanders violated a basic principle of fairness:
  Cheaters should never be allowed to prosper.

The DNC and its party are diseased and dying.

 To be a Democrat today is to be a person who allows cheaters to prosper.

The disease is real

Kind of makes you proud to be a Democrat, doesn't it?

Reality or Satire?

You decide 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

DNC News Flash
From the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Pa.

and the revived "feel the burn" campaign


DNC Wasserman test comes back positive!

Debbie Wasserman, head of the Democratic National Convention is being removed from her position in an all out effort to protect the Democratic Party and its members.

City health officials have confirmed that all DNC delegates have been exposed to the disease and additional testing is being performed on all DNC staff.

DNC officials are scrambling to limit the outbreak to the delegates before a national epidemic occurs.

The CDC has stated this is a rapidly progressing disease  and expressed concern of large scale riots and mayhem if the disease is not contained.

Below is a CDC projected computer age photo progression of Debbie Wasserman and her partner during this week’s Democratic National Convention.
computer photo generated age progression during week of 7/24/2016

Fears are mounting that panic and riots will ensue this week in Philadelphia if the outbreak is not contained to the DNC and its delegates.

The DNC has confirmed that the disease has spread to most party delegates and the DNC is taking aggressive measures to prevent the disease from spreading to other democratic party staffers and party members.

Bernie Sanders supporters are eagerly using the opportunity to revive the
"Feel the Burn" campaign 

DNC official statement: “ Party Officials are working closely with their delegates, staff and comforters to further contain the disease and determine find someone else to blame for the source of the outbreak”.

NOTE: The Wassermann test is the industry standard test to determine the presence of syphilis.

Both political parties are diseased!!!  YOU were warned !


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Got political fodder?
Need enlightenment?
click on our sidebar: St Croix County Corruption
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Monday, July 18, 2016

Judge Ptacek’s Eulogy

In January of 2017,  the unethical and unapologetic corrupt judge will be retiring.

Many residents, defendants, attorneys and reporters will view the passing of Judge Ptacek’s gavel as uneventful.

To many others that have seen and witnessed Ptacek's failures as a judge, this day of retirement will be met with a day of hope. 

Hope that the replacement judge named by Governor Scott Walker will not become a repeat fiasco as the 2011 Michael Nieskes bad joke onto our community.  

Gerald Ptacek’s demeanor in court has been quite extraordinary: Ptacek is a quiet, soft spoken judge who listens intently and often asks questions, leading a plaintiff, defendant or other court participant to believe that Ptacek really does care about justice.

But Ptacek's chiffon demeanor hides a very dark and ugly side.  Ptacek carries into court a magician's repertoire full of conspiracy, complicity and collusion, acting subvertly to deny justice without revealing his own court agenda or dirty bag of tricks. 

Like a magician, Ptacek has also mastered the art of smoke and mirrors, using his unbridled power at the bench to create the illusion of justice.  Ptacek's delusional/illusional justice show had been aided by other government agencies, including during the reign of Michael Nieskes's helm at the Racine County District Attorney's office.  

During Michael Nieskes's reign of power, Michael Nieskes's office was well known to unethically hold exparte meetings with judge Ptacek without notice to other court participants. Both judge Ptacek and Michael Nieskes's office engaged in highly unethical acts to conspire to deny defendant(s) trial, and presto/chango - puuf, the scheduled trial for the next day was gone, along with wcca public records.

This left the defendant(s) appearing for scheduled trial with witnesses without knowledge or notice of the trial being adjourned while the state notified their witnesses the previous night not to appear.  

In Racine County Circuit Court case # 11-FO-57, Ptacek and Nieskes's office conspired together and engaged in exparte meetings to adjourn trial the day before trial on three separate occasions.  Ptacek and Nieskes's office were complicit to subvert justice the day before trials in an attempt to wear the defendant(s) out.

And just as magicians protect their illusions, so does Judge Ptacek, including the abuse of court records and online WCCA posts to create the illusion to the public that all is well in the Racine County Circuit Court system. 

Magicians don't like an audience that understands or reveals the illusions of their show.. Same for judges, they to don't like court participants or defendants that understand the judges corrupt ways, or worse yet reveals their dirty underhanded, chiffon clothed covered dead rabbit in a derby hat trick.

Ptacek has lots of dirty underwear hiding under his judge's robe. Ptacek has a long history as an unethical and dirty judge, so it makes you question how often he changed his underwear while acting as judge.
Ptacek's dirty laundry will never wash clean when court participants maintain accurate records of the court events.
It's all part of the official court record that 
Gerald Ptacek 
is an 

Good riddance judge 
Gerald Ptacek

Monday, July 4, 2016

Ok folks, if you want to keep up with the 
"GAME ON" show featuring Michael Nieskes,
and the 
then now is a good time to start viewing 
St. Croix County Corruption

The following open email is being provided as a public service to the voters of St.Croix County.  This is done in the spirit of freedom, a gift from our founding fathers on this 4th. of July, 2016.


Michael Longaecker

Chuck Rupnow

Rory  O'Sullivan

Sarah Yacoub

Michael Nieskes


Candidate Michael Nieskes for St. Croix District Attorney

Harry Wait

M (9 hours ago)
to Michaelchuck.rupnowrorySarahmichael.nieskes
Good Morning,

On this fourth of July, I write you in the spirit of what our founding fathers of this great country envisioned, government of the people, by the people, for the people.

The importance of electing an honest  D.A. is perhaps not paramount for most citizens. In Wisconsin's polarized political scene, being a Democrat or Republican appears to be of greater importance than that of moral character and integrity.

Personally I am repulsed by both political parties, but that is not my reason for this email.

I write to inform you, along with the possibility that you may enlighten your readers and supporters of the errant ways of Michael Nieskes in Racine County.

Michael Nieskes's checkered past includes abuse of power and criminal acts while acting as Racine County's District Attorney.

The most egregious provable violation beyond any doubt is contained in Racine County Circuit Court records in black and white print, the signed false affidavit that Michael Nieskes knowingly filed into court records while acting as Racine Couny District Attorney.

By subpoena, I  invited Michael Nieskes into Racine County Circuit Court several times to impeach his testimony, only to be thwarted by the bias, prejudice and ever so corrupt Racine County Circuit Court Judge Gerald Ptacek. The coward Michael Nieskes would not appear in court to back his smack.

The filing of a false affidavit into court records is indeed a criminal act, and Micheal Nieskes did indeed commit such an crime.

Michael Nieskes is an unconvicted criminal and not worthy of public service. Considering the District Attorney's office is perhaps the most powerful and influential position in St. Croix County government, one would want to ensure that the office is held by a person of impeccable character, and that is not Michael Nieskes.

I do not currently endorse any St. Croix County candidates for District Attorney. , but I do stand behind the "ANYBODY BUT NIESKES" theme.

You will notice that I cc'd Mr. Nieskes with this email as there is no hidden agenda on my efforts to thwart his attempt for a public office he does not deserve.

With irrefutable records, I do back my SMACK !

Harry Wait