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Saturday, October 14, 2017

John Dickert

 Phenomenon includes:
starry eyed when confronted with the truth
 wasteful spending
false promises 
squandering of public funds
drinking from a Black well
False flags

Dickert Disease is especially prevalent in the City of Racine.

Symptoms include looking like this:
Cory Mason 

As Mayor, 
would Cory Mason again make Racinians drink the cool aid from the Blackwell ?

We think so!

Racianians, Stop lying to yourselves. 
Stop denying your own truth and future!

Terminate the Dickert Disease!

Get out and vote Tuesday!

Vote for change!

Sandy Weidner for Mayor

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Drugs in Racine County Jail
Sheriff Schmaling

Would somebody wake this clown up?
Sheriff Schmaling is again sleeping at his job, or should we say still sleeping on the job. 

Apparently Schmaling and his side kick -  Deputy Sheriff [Doog]John Hanrahan are clueless of how to correct the infestation of drugs into the Racine County Jail.

I have a suggestion - WAKE UP - and do your job!

Deputy Doog Hanrahan and Sheriff Schmaling are known in the local law enforcement profession as the tag team of dumb and dumber, aka "les incomp√©tences".

The continued flow of drugs into an allegedly secure facility reflects directly upon the dismal management abilities of Schmaling and Hanrahan.  Even with armed guards screening and checking everything coming into the county jail, they cannot manage a secure facility free of contraband. 

A recently published article by the Racine Journal Times involving drugs within the jail does not illuminate or question Schmaling or Hanrahan's competency to properly secure the jail. Nor does the paper question the management abilities of these two imposters.  Hell, this local paper won't even allow you to comment about the drugs in the jail, fearing you may smear these two Bozos..

To make matters worse, when Schmaling and Hanrahan are forced to interact with other law enforcement agencies in Racine County, it is the sheriff's deputies that keep any possible harmony intact between the law enforcement agencies within the county. 

Schmaling and Hanrahan are well known and documented to not cooperate with other Racine county agencies, withholding information and further failing to act upon citizen complaints.

It is further documented that many of the Sheriff deputies knowingly misinform the public with the use of deception and lies.

A recent example is when a sheriff deputy [sergeant] misinformed the public at a town board meeting stating the Sheriff's office could not enforce noise ordinances in the town of Dover regarding noisy motorcycles. 
What a crock of POOP!  

Schmaling & Hanrahan
the poop police duo!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Has the NFL lost it's moxie?
Is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a 
complete idiot?

In making political statements, it appears the NFL has made major miscalculations of fans responses and tolerance.

Folks , this isn't our kind of story so we will keep this short.

As with numerous NFL teams, the Packer organization is in crisis management mode.

According to one of our sources, several large holders of season tickets of the Green Bay Packers are turning in their tickets licenses and rights at the end of this years football season.

Most notably may be one of our all time favorites, former Packer team captain and Packer Hall of Fame - Bob Skoronski. 

Others include a block of almost 300 tickets held by a family in the Waupaca area who are well known to the all time great tackle of the Green Bay Packers.

This story is worthy of further investigation by a sports writer.

Is this the end of the golden era of football?

Thursday, September 21, 2017



                                               GET READY FOR THE FOXCONN TAX

The county conspirators are at it again, this time planning to tax the citizens of Racine County for their newest corporate welfare recipient.............. Foxconn.

Foxconn officials have been dealing the dumb and dumber cards to both state and county officials for some time now and have already been successful lobbying state officials for over 3 BILLION dollars in tax incentives to locate in southern Wisconsin., yes, you read that number right, 3 Billion dollars.  

Now Racine county officials wish to further tax Racine county residents for their latest corporate welfare recipient to further lure (bribe) Foxconn to locate in Racine county. 

Folks, when are you going to realize how current George Orwell's novel 1984 is ?

 Two corrupt political parties, the repulsicans and the damnocraps. (Inner party and the Outer party) controlling your lives, liberties, finances.......BLAH BLAH BLAH!

See for yourself below;
Repulsicans and Damnocraps @ the corner of...............
complicity - conspiracy - collusion

Contact your State, County and City officials and tell them NO to corporate welfare.

Tell them to go copulate with themselves!

Friday, July 21, 2017


Don't let this be you

SEE how the SHIT has hit the fan.

Explore why so many innocent people are dying in the hands of law enforcement in Minneapolis Mn..

Friday, July 14, 2017

Another Racine Side Show

 The circus is in town and in full swing.

Adding to the joke of candidate Cory Mason as Mayor of Racine is 26 year old Justin Wheeler.

Justin Wheeler 
 Candidate for Mayor

Justin Wheeler has announced his candidacy thru Crowdpac.... an outlet unfamiliar to us at RCC. 

 Crowdpac is a site that appears to be similar to GoFundMe.

Click below : 

Only thru error did we come across his efforts to be a candidate of Mayor for Racine.

Justin may be using Facebook as a forum as his media for candidate as Mayor of Racine.

He spoke of corruption as being one of his reasons as candidate for Mayor, that caught our interest.

We tried to contact him thru various means, 
but he remains elusive. A contact site states he is the owner of Echo Eternal Media Group,LLC , but efforts to contact him thru those means ended up as non-responsive.

We at RCC have some questions for him.

1. Are you just testing the waters ?
2. Do you really want the job as Mayor?
3. As candidate for Mayor,  you identified corruption as a problem in Racine, what would you do to clean up Racine politics?

The task of politicking can be brutal.
4.  Will you separate the job as Mayor from your personal and financial  life?
5.  Can you disregard personal attacks, in other words, are you teflon?
6.  As elected Mayor, what would be your top ten priorities?

As author of Racine County Corruption and other blogs,  we are well aware of the entrenched corruption throughout Racine County.
We are also well aware of how you will be dismissed and perhaps even mocked due to your age and experience(inexperience). 

7. Are you up to the task of ignoring negative politics and shedding shit like teflon does. 
8. Have you produced a resume as candidate for Mayor of Racine?

The clock never stops, and every day is another lost opportunity to get your story out to the public for consideration and deliberation.

Corruption in Racine County is serious business. 
We need someone who can stand up to the task of cleaning house. Perhaps Justin is what Racine needs.

 The below appears to fit his profile

Do you know Justin?
Contact us @

Monday, June 26, 2017

It’s what we do at RCC

We recently featured a Burlington Law firm whose web site was suspended for reasons unknown to us.

 Over the years we have had contact with several of its partners over various issues.

This featured law firm has an interesting niche – lawyers that have been known to act as town/village attorneys, judges and prosecutors on one end and defense attorneys on the other.

This arrangement appears to be better than two divorce lawyers agreeing to disagree, running up the fees for both attorneys.

This practice creates not only the question of possible conflict of interest, but of the possibilities of manipulating justice for profits. 

And who in power will question such an arrangement when they are acting on behalf of the local governmental agencies?

What a gig!

We think of this arrangement as the ultimate Ponzi scheme of lawyering.

Their website is back in service.

The one click law office.