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Sunday, July 18, 2021


Has Robin Vos set up former Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge Michael Gableman for failure?

 Robin Vos

                        State Representitive

It appears so.

Representitive Vos has been put under a lot of pressure to investigate the 2020 elections as early as last November, 2020 and has continued to trip on his own words since then.

Vos announced in May of 2021 that he had hired 3 policeman to investigate the 2020 election, then he announced Former Wisconsin Supeme Court justice Michael Gableman to spearhead the investigation.

Michael Gableman

But here is what Vos doesn't want you to know since his last announcement, two policeman that Vos hired has already quit and time continues to tick on Gableman's clock to investigate the election. To make matters worse,the third hired policeman has limited knowledge to conduct a through election investigation.

Investigations take both time and resources to complete, which both are now working against Gableman's clock to conduct a real investigation into the 2020 elections.

Reality is Gableman has already been placed behind the 8 ball by Vos and is going to need more time and resources provided to him if he is going to seek the truth about the elections.

This is where YOU the public comes into play.

Gableman was tripped up at the starting gate by Vos and will need additional time to get up to speed.

Call or write Vos and demand a through, real investigation into the 2020 elections so we know what really happened. If criminal misconduct occurred, then let's also prosecute the offenders. 

His Madison contacts are as follows:


Mounting pressure by the public and the sabre rattling campaign "TOSS THE VOS" by HOT Government has already forced Rep Vos to blink, now lets get him to commit to a real investigation and audit conducted by former justice Michael Gableman. 

Thursday, June 17, 2021



On Wedsnesday, 6-16-2021, the Wisconsin Supreme Cour issued an order that the petition for review as submitted by the Racine Taxpayers Association (Dennis Montey, president), The Southeastern Wisconsin Libertarian Party (Jim Sewell, treasurer) and HOT Government (George Meyers, secretary) has been granted and they are to submit legal briefs pursuant to the courts order.

Attorneys M. Samir Siddique (414-308-6095) and Vincent Bobot (414-430-1249) are representing HOT Government, a local advocacy group for Honest, Open and Transparent Government, along with the Racine Taxpayers Association and the Racine Libertarian Party.

“This is a big step forward” Meyers stated at a HOT government meeting. Neither the Circuit Court nor the Appellate court would give us the time of day to hear our issues with this recount.  Meyers claims both Judge Piontek and the Appellate Court Chief Justice Lisa Neubauer had connections to the Racine Unified School District (RUSD) which limited their ability to view our arguments rationally and without bias.

The 30 year, Billion Dollar RUSD referendum held on April, 2020 allegedly passed by five votes out of over 30,000 votes casted. The votes were counted, tabulated, canvassed and recounted by employess of the Racine Unified School District.

Meyers claims that the recount showed that Unified had actually lost the referendum by 14 votes but by some kind of trickery manipulated ballots to come up with a five vote victory.

Petitioners Montey, Sewell and Meyers were not allowed to look at or inspect the ballots during the vote count to determine how the "magic trick" was done, with RUSD claiming covid concerns.

Thursday, June 3, 2021


Where is Maurice?

Maurice Robinson

City of Racine Police Chief


Newly appointed City of Racine Police Department Chief Maurice Robinson has been on the job since his swearing in ceromony on May 10th, 2021, yet few have seen or heard from him since then. 

It also appears the the majority of the men and women in blue who serve our community are also asking "where's Waldo Maurice"?  

We at RCC are wondering if Chief Robinson figured out he got hoodwinked by  "defund the police" Mayor Mason, his puppet common council and the inept Police and Fire Commission.

All of the officers we have contacted has stated they have not met or talked to newly appointed Chief Maurice Robinson before or after his swearing in on May 10th.

It appears his work calander has been blanked out on Friday afternoons and word on the street is that he has been traveling back to Cincinnati for the weekends.

So what has Chief Robinson been up to since he became chief?

The Police and Fire Commission did have the following on today's schedule but we could not find any video or audio of today's alleged discussions.

0453-21A Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Disqualifiers for Police Officer Applicants and recommendations for approval.CommunicationSubject: Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Disqualifiers for Police Officer Applicants and recommendations for approval.  Not availableNot available
0454-21A Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Recruitment Process and recommendations for approval.CommunicationSubject: Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Recruitment Process & Testings and recommendations for approval.  Not availableNot available
0455-21A Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to present the following reports: A. Internal Affairs B. Personnel C. Special Investigations Unit D. Training Unit & Probationary OfficerCommunicationSubject: Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to present the following reports: A. Internal Affairs B. Personnel C. Special Investigations Unit D. Training Unit & Probationary Officer  Not availableNot available
0456-21A Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Assistant Chief position and recommendation for approval.CommunicationSubject: Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Assistant Chief position and recommendation for approval.

We at RCC feel for this newly appointed Police Chief and wish him the best at his new job. Robinson has to answer to a corrupt mayor, a puppet common council and an inept, derelict, anti-police and "no names" Police and Fire Commission.   

                                                  OH MY!

Check out the City of Racine website to determine who is on the Police and Fire Commission, bet you can't find the list of the 4 fools on the commission with an unappointed vacant seat for over a year.

Further reading:

Thursday, May 27, 2021




The integrity of U.S. elections has been so


by bad actors, malware and software manipulation that we have reached a point where we must take back control of the ballot, return to the physical use of paper ballots and human validation of the voter process in order to protect ourselves from outside influence within our elections.

The use of any voter machine that has software or the ability to be connected to the internet should be banned from use.

The lessons learned from concealed software used by Volkswagon to manipulate and override vehicle emissions standards is more than a compelling reason to ban voting machines using software, it is the Paramount reason we must ban software voting machines altogether.

 VW developed hidden software that knew the difference between on the road driving and when the vehicle was being tested for vehicle emissions.

This concealed software allowed VW to cheat U.S. emission standards and provided VW an unfair advantage over thier competitors.

There has been nationwide controversies concerning the use of voting machines with software that can read inoculous things like creases or folds on the ballots, thus tabulating eroneous counts to one party or another. Are these really eroneous readings or hidden software within the machine? 

We must remove software from our voting machines to insure the integrity of our elections. and disconnect these machines from the internet to avoid any outside manipulation or influence upon our elections

And that is how we see it ! 

You may read more about the cheating scandel here:

In further support

Coding errors or hidden software?

You decide!


Honest, Open & Transparent


Sunday, May 23, 2021



Election integrity advocates rally at WI State Capitol to demand lawful, transparent elections

Madison, Wisconsin/May 25, 2021 – The Amistad Project, the nation’s leading election integrity watchdog, is holding a rally at 10AM at the Wisconsin State Capitol building today to demand that public officials conduct fair, transparent elections in accordance with state laws. The rally will begin with a press conference at 10AM to announce the filing of a formal complaint with the Wisconsin Elections Commission accusing the City of Madison of inviting improper outside influence over its election process in 2020.

You may view the following link for more information: 

HOT Government supports the Amistad Project and will be caravaning from the Ives Grove park and ride lot at 7:30 AM to attend this event.

The park and ride lot is located 1/3 mile west of I-94 on highway 20.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

 From one of our readers

Here are links found that help tell a story.

Biden endorses referendum in highly unusual move:

 Brad Smith talks about COVID and digital 9/11:

 Why Brad Smith is the global ambassador for big tech:


Brad Smith, Microsoft and Election Guard use Wisconsin as pilot:

 Racine tests how much COVID power they have:

Fauci became the expert by Cornell:

Knight Foundation daughter lives in Racine

 Aspen Institute and Brookings Institution - partner with Racine

 Rockefeller Funded Efforts in Racine with Rock the Vote

 Corrupt Alternative Media supported by same Knight Foundation connections

 Fred Gates connected with Racine


On June 28, 1882, Gates was married to Lucia Fowler Perkins (d. 1883). She died a year later in 1883. On March 3, 1886, he married Emma Lucile Cahoon (1855–1934)


Racine and the Council for a Community of Democracies:


Brad Smith and Microsoft using pro sports to control market innovation:


Mason Lab, Weill Cornell and experimental COVID testing in Racine:


Foxconn and connections with the Agenda and Referendum


Brad Smith, Microsoft and Election Guard are Trojan Horse for Military Industrial Complex Takeover of Elections:


History of Racine and China Relations:

 Racine, Climate Mayors and Paris Agreement


Here is the testimony from Paul Kline about this exact “flow of Zuckerberg’s money” to Racine:

Thanks anonymous !

But please next time send any info like this thru

Monday, April 19, 2021

 Former Racine County Circuit Court 

Judge Michael Piontek given DEJ

 (Deferred Entry Judgment)

 for illegal hunting practices (poaching)

                                                                    Michael Piontek

An Ashland County judge gave former Racine County                    judge Michael Piontek a deferred entry judgement concerning charges of baiting and poaching of wildlife.

Michael Piontek was charged with numerous wildlife offenses between the dates of April 24 and April 27, 2020 as follows.

Piontek was charged with four offenses concerning wildlife offenses in 2020.
Piontek was found guilty of one out of four charges, a civil forfieture and was assesed a fine.

Below is the Public WCCA record entry of his criminal charge. 

Ct orders- Def will enter into a DEJ for 8 months, if the def successfully completes the DEJ the case will be dismissed, if he does not the case will come back in for sentencing. Deferred prosecution agreement hearing scheduled for December 10, 2021 at 01:00 pm.

Here is a great article written by Bruce Vielmetti of the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal detailing the court's events.