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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

  Check this out!
That's what we got when we went to this law firm's website.

Home |Wanasek, Scholze, Ludwig, Ekes & Iselin, S.C.

Why would a local Racine County law firm's web site be suspended?

Is it only the $100.00 dollar question? 
or perhaps much bigger? 

In the Racine County Circuit Court system, we at RCC have seen a lot of unscrupulous characters.

 These characters included District Attorneys, judges, plaintiff and defense lawyers, witnesses, defendants and plaintiffs, many engaging in unethical and/or illegal behavior.

 Former district attorney Michael Nieskes was exposed for engaging in unethical ex parte meetings with judge Ptacek, Nieskes was further caught filing a false affidavit into court records (a criminal offense) under the complicity and protection of the self proclaimed "Hon." Gerald P. Ptacek.
Yes, we have written plenty about these two scoundrels in the past.

We even featured a partner of the above law firm taking a case to trial without a 
signed complaint. 
How do you do that?

A law firm's website suspended?
Again, how do you do that?
 Oh, how the mind can take us from the best scenarios to the gutters.
Non payment?
Technical errors?
Violations of host policies?
spam, malware, false or misleading content
Ethics violations ?
Supreme Court Rules Violations?

We don't know why the law firm's web site is suspended, or even if it is really suspended, but using the above hyperlink and the revealing of the "suspension" isn't doing their reputation any favors.

Any of the above/all of the above?......
 none of the above? 

Got info?
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Stacy Blevins
and her continuing saga with the derelict and incompetent Racine County Court system.

 What Stacy said in the Racine Journal Times about our  
Racine County justice system failing its victims of crimes

Click the link below:

Tyrone Earle prima facie appears to be another Racine County failure. 
Yet Tyrone has  


Tyrone Earle

Tyrone Earle is a popular frequent flyer of the Racine County Court System.  Tyrone earns free rides and perks just for being a habitual criminal customer in Racine County.  

Among his frequent perks, Earle receives complimentary free rides, snacks, B&B, 3 course dinner and one of the safest rooms in the county jail.

Earle also receives free medical care along with complimentary legal fees to get him out of jail so he can commit more crimes against the public, all of which is being paid for by his victims, the paying public.

Are you starting to feel stupid yet? 
 BECAUSE you should !!!
In Racine County it pays to be a 
habitual criminal!

Click below to view Tyrone's 3 pages of 
Earle remained at large until Norris spotted his attacker and provided Earle's whereabouts to police on March 12th, 2016.
13 days later Norris was again robbed at gunpoint while at work, allegedly shot and killed by another POS with a criminal record, Alex Adams.
These two POS were criminals with guns. The judges fail to enforce any of the laws referencing criminals with firearms.  

Alex Adams

And you got to love our Racine County WCCA records keepers as derelict, incompetent and deceitful.
We will soon start naming names of the conspirators who hide records from the WCCA public eyes
And who is the POS judge that signs off on a $500.00 dollar bail to let this POS walk upon the streets again ?

We at RCC are going to conduct an investigation, find the answers, reveal the truth and expose the 
derelict public servants.

Enjoy some fine music
Eli's Coming
by Laura Nyro

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Town of Dover election coverage - continued

With Lord Farquaad (Tom Lembke)  being removed from office by the voters and Shrek (Mario Lena) voted in as the new king of Dulac, expect Kansasville to become 
Under the new leadership of Shrek, The town of Dover plans to monopolize the vast amount of wax from Shrekville residents and begin full time candle manufacturing, thus lighting up and making Kansasville

The 2017 town of Dover election caught everyone by surprise. Even the town clerk, a person who has a good pulse on the community appeared to be in shock.  When asked for a response on the election, she went about her business without comment.

This election bore no resemblance to the 2015 outcome when a similar Lembke Vs. Lena ballot was a landslide in favor of Lembke.  Mario in the 2015 election had secured only 30 some total votes.  

It is further interesting to note that Mr. Lena's nomination papers in 2015 contained more signatures than the votes he secured that year. 

An in depth look at the 2017 election details an aggressive campaign conducted by Mario Lena. This aggressive campaign included listening sessions and door to door campaigning. In another  change of pace this year, Mario foregone his broken record rhetoric of government extortion and focused on todays needs of the voting public. Deteriorating roads and snow removal were hot topics for many of this years voters.  

 Incumbent Tom Lembke didn't appear to take Mario's campaign as a serious contender, as past history indicated Mario was no threat. Tom rested on his record and campaigned on Saturday mornings during refuse collection at the town hall handing out his single page flyer.

In further analysis, RCC noted less than a dozen Lembke political yard signs and over 200 for Lena.  Lena actively went door to door asking for votes, soliciting voters concerns and asking permission to place  political yard signs on the front lawn.

In 2017, voters took note of a freshly focused campaign run by Lena and responded as such.

On April 18th, Mario Vincent Lena will embrace his new role as town of Dover chairman.

It will be interesting to observe Chairman Lena's version of Robert's rules while conducting town business. 

May God help us all! 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017



In a small rural township 20 miles west of Racine Wisconsin, a notable upset of the political status quo occurred in the town of Dover. 
The town of Dover sits in the rural areas of Racine county with a population of approximately 4,000 residents. Within its nondescript borders includes small subdivisions, Eagle lake and the town hall located in the megalopolis of Kansasville.

Voters in the town of Dover removed the incumbent town chairman  Tom Lembke and replace him with sixty nine year old retired businessman, activist and philanthropist Mario Lena.

In the hotly contested chairman's race, 
 many town of Dover residents thought the campaigns of Lembke and Lena represented status quo vs. appropriating town funds to better serve the community. 

  49% of the voters were content with the present leadership and thought the campaign of Lena to be likened to a bad joke upon the community, the likes of electing an oaf to be king.  

Others (51%) believed the town had squandered public funds into law and consulting firms, wrongly paving private roads and assuming substandard private roads into the township.  Lena contended that the squandered funds could have been used to better serve the community as a whole.

Lena began actively campaigning for town of Dover chairman in January of 2017 by holding listening sessions. He funded his own campaign and actively put street campaign signs throughout the town. 
Lena received 395 votes to Lembke's 384 votes. 
51%  vs. 49%

--Now for some fun--


Town supervisors will amend the town's dress codes to include jumpsuits.

To ward off evil spirits - all town employees will be required to eat two cloves of garlic daily.

All vehicles used for town business will be required to be washed weekly when in use.

Town of Dover - Meals on Wheels can only be delivered by the town chairman.

No dining in the chairman's vehicle will be allowed.

A company (town) vehicle will be issued for use when the chairman conducts town of Dover business.

Mario Lena begins his duties as town chairman on the 19th. of April, 2017.

A victory celebration for supporters of  Mr. Lena will soon be announced.

The voters have spoken!

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Contents of this blog's images may be deemed 

offensive and disturbing to readers.

On or about January 16th, 2017, RCC filed an open records request into the City of Racine Police Department.

RCC received approximately 42 pages of documents and 77 pictures on a disc. Included in the documents was a 4 page "in house" Weapons Discharge Review.

The public records request focused on the actions of police during a no-knock search warrant executed in the 2000 block of Kearney Avenue in the city of Racine on November 30th. 2016. 

During the execution of the search warrant, a dog named Sugar was "dispatched" by police.

According to the documents obtained from the public records request; The City of Racine Police executed the no-knock warrant at 5:03 am on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016. seeking an unidentified .40 caliber firearm (handgun). 

This no-knock search warrant was based on an ongoing investigation of an attempted homicide on 11-15-2016 that took place in the 1700 block of Washington Ave.

  Racine Police along with SWAT, SIU, COP, Gang Unit,  FBI Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Gang Task Force and an MPPD officer executed the warrant.

The target of the search warrant was a .40 caliber handgun which was allegedly used by a 17 year old juvenile in an attempted murder.  The 17 year old was a suspect in several shootings involving a dispute among rival street gangs, including the Dirty P gang, of which the suspect was alleged by Racine Police to be a member.

 The search warrant yielded two suspects, both juveniles who were found in the basement.  Authorities apprehended the two suspects and held them for questioning.

Evidence collected during the search included the following; 
 Apple I-pad
Apple I-phone 
ZTE brand touch screen cell phone with shattered face
LG brand touch screen cell phone with shattered face 
2 DNA Buccal swabs.

Out of approximately 15 officers involved in the executed search warrant, only one officer in the documents referenced marijuana and stated the following;

  "Immediately upon entry into the residence I detected an odor of burnt or freshly-smoked marijuana throughout the entire residence".  This officer (Sergeant %%%)  was the SWAT team leader.

Throughout the reports,  there is no mention of any drug evidence collected during the search, nor was the target .40 caliber handgun located during the execution of the search warrant.

Whether any data was collected from the confiscated phones or I-Pad is unknown to the writer at this time. 

Here are a few excerpts from the reports:

"the team breacher forced entry to the front door.  I immediately announce in a clear, loud voice "Police. Search Warrant." I made my way inside to the living room and immediately saw a large white dog jump from the couch and run through a threshold to my left."

“It is common knowledge that persons involved in illegal activity own large, vicious dogs to not only guard against rival criminals but also to impede law enforcement should they be a target of a search warrant”.

"The dog had a delivery system for utilization of the weapon(functioning legs to advance on the entry team,working jaws which was evident by the dog's K-9 teeth which were displayed, no obstructions between SWAT operator Sergeant ### and the dog".

"The dog presented an "imminent threat" to SWAT operator Sergeant ### and the entry team as a whole"

"My assignment was the #1 position in the first cell on the entry team.  I was armed with my department issued M4 rifle and dressed in full SWAT police uniform and body armor"   
( Sergeant ### who "dispatched" Sugar)

According to information gleaned from the reports about the dog;  When police forcefully entered the house, the dog jumped off of the living room couch and ran away thru a hallway into a bedroom.

A SWAT officer fully equipped with body armor and an M4 assault rifle followed the dog thru the hallway and entered the threshold of the bedroom.  The dog was trapped with no other avenues of escape. 

The dog growled, displayed its teeth and moved towards the SWAT officer.  The SWAT officer (Sergeant ###) fearing an imminent threat "dispatched"(executed) the dog, discharging 5 rounds from his M4 assault rifle at the dog.

Racine Police conducted an "in house" review of the incident and found the actions of the SWAT team to be appropriate and justified. 
(the "in house review" was conducted by the team leader of  SWAT, Sergeant %%%)

For additional information concerning this incident;

Now for RCC's take on this event and the police
"in house review".

We hardly consider a dog to be an imminent threat to a fully attired SWAT officer complete with body armor. That argument is both ludicrous and just plain laughable.

 Understanding the dynamics of a high intensity no - knock search warrant may help us in assessing the decision the officer made when he shot the dog.  Before the dog was shot, the room had yet to be secured, so there was a possibility others could have been hiding in the room waiting for the right opportunity to do harm.

The "dispatching" officer stated in his report:
 "the animal showed its teeth, growled and charged in my direction.  Fearing an imminent threat for my safety and the safety of my teammates, I fired three rounds from my rifle as the animal then turned away from me. I could tell I struck the animal 1-3 times. The dog out of view behind the bed, then jumped on the bed and came toward me again.  Fearing an imminent threat for my safety and the safety of my teammates, I fired one round which had an immediate effect, stopping the animal and its advance towards me. the dog was laying on the bed incapacitated but breathing heavily with its eyes open. I was under the impression that, although the animal was fatally wounded , it was potentially suffering.  As a humane measure, I approached and fired one last round in the animal's head which stopped its movement altogether". 

A dog friendly(smarter) officer may have used a less than lethal tactic by using his M4 assault rifle to blunt, block or lightly batter the dog to thwart and discourage any possible attack from the dog. 
The M4 is a durable weapon and the choice of most of the U.S. armed forces, so when the M4 is used like a bō, it can effectively block, thrust and strike a dog to deter or thwart its aggressive behavior.

So the officer made the choice to "dispatch" the dog instead of using "less than lethal tactics" when another less than lethal choice was available.

To compound the issues:  

The Racine Police Department "in house" Weapons Discharge  Review  was conducted by the same SWAT team leader
(Sergeant %%%%) who led the SWAT team during the incident.
In his "in house" report to Racine Police Deputy Chief John Polzin, Sergeant %%% determined that the actions of SWAT were appropriate and justified.

He got to investigate himself

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Frank Lamping 

Named 19th member to the 
Packers Fan Hall of Fame. 

Life long Racine county resident Frank Lamping was inducted into the Packer FAN Hall of Fame yesterday during ceremonies.
Frank was one of ten finalists who was vetted by the Packer organization.
The other finalists included:
John Powers, from Savage, Minn.; Rosemary Scheible, from Wauwatosa, Wi.; Kay Kuester Doran, from Antigo, Wi.; Karen Troyanek, from LaCrosse, Wi.; Carol Postulka, from Pierre, S.D.; LaNore Anderson, from Thorp, Wi.; Mike Sledz, from Grayslake, Ill.; George Oudhuis, from Rolling Prairie, Ind. and Terry Schwefel, from Watertown, Wi.

According to a Packer release:
"Beyond his devotion to the team, what qualifies Frank as the ultimate ambassador for the Packers is the way he embodies the Packers Way. Frank continues to battle cancer, but at the same time has not wavered in his devotion to his community just as he has not wavered in his devotion to the Packers. He has not slowed in his volunteering or enthusiasm for life. Frank truly embodies all that is good about the Green Bay Packers and is unquestionably deserving of a position in the Fan Hall of Fame.”

Read more:

Read more :

Read more:

The community of Union Grove celebrated Frank's award by attending an impromptu parade in downtown Union Grove.  The parade was delayed due to mechanical problems on the charter bus.
Below is a picture of a lone supporter unaware of the schedule change.

The parade was hosted by Fire and Rescue units of Union Grove and Kansasville.
Frank was given a hometown Hero's welcome by about two hundred residents.
Parade participants on 14th and Main Street near 
Union Grove Auto Parts

Frank reminds us of the movie
 " It's a wonderful life" 
because so few people do so much to help others.

Congratulations to Frank and Andrea Lamping !

Read more at:

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Kurt Hanson and his dog  "Angel ".
Compliments of the City of Racine Militarized Police.

On the average day, about 25 dogs are shot by law enforcement in the USA.

In many of these shootings, cops kill dogs because of poor training. But some of these dog killing cops are just plain THUGS.

There are no natural instincts in mankind that prompts humans to shoot dogs. Dogs are man’s best friend? RIGHT ?

Shooting dogs is not a normal knee jerk reaction. We at RCC refer to most of these cop shooting “instincts” as aggression and/or cowardice.

Who wants a cop that is an asshole, or a coward?  Nobody I know.

Wearing a badge doesn’t excuse derelict and egregious conduct.  Cops must be held under the same or higher standards of conduct by the District Attorney's office just as common citizens are investigated.  Citizens are heavily scrutinized when they discharge a weapon or kill a dog in our county, but law enforcement gets a get out out jail free card. 

Below is the past responses from the Racine County District Attorney'' office every time a dog is killed by law enforcement. 

Federal Court rulings affirm the following:
Federal sister Court’s have already concluded that, “‘the use of deadly force against a household pet is reasonable only if the pet poses an [imminent] danger and the use of force is unavoidable.’” Robinson v. Pezzat, 818 F.3d 1, 7 (D.C. Cir. 2016) (quoting Viilo v. Eyre, 547 F.3d 707, 710 (7th Cir. 2008) (holding that the unreasonable killing of a companion dog constitutes a seizure under the Fourth Amendment). See also Mayfield v. Bethards, 826 F.3d 1252, 1256 (10th Cir. 2016) (holding that killing a dog constitutes a violation of the dog owner’s Fourth Amendment rights absent a warrant or some exception to the warrant requirement); Carroll v. Cty. of Monroe, 712 F.3d 649, 651 (2d Cir. 2013) (holding that the unreasonable killing of a companion animal constitutes an unconstitutional seizure of personal property under the Fourth Amendment); Hells Angels, 402 F.3d at 975−78 (holding that the killing of guard dogs was unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment where “the officers were not presented with exigent circumstances that necessitated killing the dogs”); Brown v. Muhlenberg Twp., 269 F.3d 205, 211 (3d Cir. 2001) (same); cf. Altman v. City of High Point, 330 F.3d 194, 204−05 (4th Cir. 2003) (holding that privately owned dogs were effects subject to the protections of the Fourth Amendment but officers’ actions of shooting and killing the dog were objectively reasonable).

In our own community of Racine County, we only have to look at the November 1, 2014 incident where City of Racine Police arrived at a calm scene regarding dog poop. A calm scene that due to poor investigative techniques and mistakes by RPD, was escalated into a militaized police incident, executing a friendly dog named Angel as it walked in its own front yard.

You may read more here:

And as in 2014, "the Gales of November Came Early" in late November of 2016 with another Racine County dog execution incident during an executed no knock search warrant.  A two year old english bulldog dog named "Sugar" was executed in her own home for doing what dogs do. Joseph and Sara Harmon of the 2000 block of Kearney Ave stated the following: 
"Police reportedly told the family that it is protocol to kill the dog during the search warrant, and that was all of the information the family was reportedly given" according to the Racine Journal Times.

We at RCC plan to file Wisconsin Public Records Request regarding the above incident and will keep our readers informed of our progress.

In Milwaukee County, their communities problems regarding cops killing dogs are even larger, to include ricocheting bullets that injure humans.

We know of no animal more dangerous than humans, and that includes bad cops.

In our research at RCC, no uniformed law enforcement officer in the United States while on duty has ever been killed by a dog, that’s right –NONE.

By  cows?   Yes       By horses ? Yes
A few in law enforcement have even succumbed to death from wasps, hornets and bee stings.
But none by dogs- that’s right-  ZERO deaths attributed to dogs

So why do so many cops hate citizens dogs?

2014 Law Enforcement statistics:
Line of Duty Deaths: 146

In recent years, there have been so many deadly dog encounters by law enforcement that 
two states,
Colorado and Texas have imposed laws requiring mandatory canine-encounter training for all law enforcement officers.

On an average year,  U.S. mail carriers report around 6,000 dog bites a year. This number doesn’t include total yearly incidents of dog contacts, which is in the millions of incidents per year.  And yet, you don’t see post office employees going postal and killing hundreds of dogs a year as law enforcement does. 

We have theories here at RCC, the theories being that many cops kill dogs because the cops are either cowards, thugs or enforcers that kill dogs to punish the owners.

What's your theory?
In the meantime.......

 Wisconsin should embrace mandatory training for law enforcement regarding canine encounters and expand the use of “less than deadly force” training and tools.

Both our community and law enforcement will benefit from such training mandates.