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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz is an unconvicted criminal, should be disbarred and sentenced to prison for engaging in criminal misconduct and violating the rights of all 5.8 million Wisconsin Citizens.

Eugene Gasiorkiewicz
AKA Judge Gagthebitch

Nothing disgusts the public’s regard for the political establishment more than the establishment’s presumption that laws apply to others but not to themselves within government. 

Case in point - the criminal, bias and pompous ass of a  judge - Eugene Gasiorkiewicz. 

Judge Gagthebitch blatantly displayed favoritism, bias and prejudice with culpable and errant rulings to wrongly favor  
 the City of Racine  
 in case #17CV1644. 

Judge Gagthebitch illegally sealed the entire court record and placed Alderman Sandy Weidner in a very dark place within a secret court until  a motion to intervene was filed 
to open the court record.

Judge Gagthebitch thru his own bias rulings and criminal misconduct in case #17CV1644 has violated codes of judicial conduct and has
undermined the honor and respect of his office.

Judge Gasiorkiewicz thru commission and omission of conducting court violated Wisconsin statutes 946.12,(1), (2), (3), 757.14, 59.20(3), the 1st. Amendment rights of the public and numerous Supreme Court Rules.

Judges, both individually and collectively must respect and honor the judicial office as a public trust.  Judges must strive to maintain the trust and confidence of the legal system. The effectiveness of the judiciary rests ultimately on the trust and confidence that the people confer upon judges.

Judge Gasiorkiewicz has violated the trust of the public thru his own errors, acts and omissions while conducting court.

When government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law as it invites every citizen to become the law unto themselves, thus inviting anarchy.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

View the 
verified criminal
complaint filed 
against Judges 
Eugene Gasiorkiewicz
Lisa Neubauer


The above verified criminal complaint is an addendum to the judicial misconduct complaint file on March 21, 2019

You may read the original verified misconduct complaint filed here:

Reject illegal secret courts !

Gasiorkiewicz and Neubauer violated the rights of all 5.8 million Wisconsin citizens

Gasiorkiewicz and Neubauer belong in prison!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

In Racine County, 
the voters and nonvoters have spoken.


On April 2nd. 2019,  nearly 4 out of 5 eligible voters in the city of Racine chose not to vote.

The choice not to vote is in it self a vote.
But what vote is it?

No confidence? No faith? No interest? Apathy?
Resignation? Anger? Indifference?

Maybe a mixture of all of the above.

Within Racine county, the voting numbers were a little better with 7 out of 10 eligible citizens electing not to vote.

This majority of Racine County's citizens who chose not to vote have by default left the minority of the citizens who vote in control of their destiny, isn't logical but yet it is reality. 

Racine county has a voting population of nearly 100,000 eligible citizens.

Out of this countywide pool of eligible votes, roughly 30,000 citizens exercised their right to vote. 

  Doing the math, approximately 70% of Racine county's voting citizens freely gave up their right to vote.

Sheeple do not understand that rights neglected are rights lost !

To compound matters, in the statewide election for Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates, virtually 50% of the voters picked a candidate (Lisa Neubauer) who blatantly violated their civil and state rights. This 50% of the voting population put political ideologies ahead their rights !

In Court of Appeals case # 18CV1189, Judge Lisa Neubauer in her position of Court of Appeals chief justice, sealed the entire court record contrary to Wisconsin Statutes and the First Amendment of the U.S. constitution.

The illegal sealing of the court record violated the rights of 
5.8 million Wisconsin citizens.

Judge Neubauer's conduct was so egregious that a misconduct complaint was filed against her and Judge Gasiorkiewicz. 

View the verified complaint of judicial misconduct filed against judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz and Lisa Neubauer here: 

Judge Lisa Neubauer
Constitutional Infidel

The partisan politics of republican vs. democrat plays well into the hands of the few that control the two political parties.  This convenient arrangement leaves the sheeple under the guidance and duress of the two poisoned political  party's.

Our democracy is fractured, ripe for outside interference from both adversaries and allies alike, but there is hope.

HOTGOVERNMENT will continue to move forward to educate the electorate, bringing Honest, Open &Transparent Government 
to all the people.  
This movement is free from the poisons of 
political partisanship.

Wake up Sheeple, 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

According to Mayor Mason's 
Fakebook page: 
Voters had one hour to vote..........OOOPS.
More fake news from the Mayors circle.

See all these smiling faces.......
You would be happy too if you only worked one hour a day.

 Mason has confused  his 1 hour work day with election day!
Sorry folks, we can't make this shit up.

Say NO to Coryuption:
Secret surveys, Secret meetings
Secret government & Secret courts
End the cycle of corruption 

Honest, Open, Transparent

Get out and vote.

Write in Sandy Weidner for Mayor

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Attention Racine residents,
Write in Sandy Weidner
for Mayor on April 2nd. for
Honest, Open & Transparent

Reject Cory Mason's
Secret Surveys, Secret Meetings
Secret Courts & Secret Government

Verified Complaint of Judicial Misconduct filed against Judge Lisa Neubauer 
and Judge Gasiorkiewicz

On March 21, 2019  the verified judicial misconduct complaint was filed into the Wisconsin Judicial Commission and the Wisconsin Department of Justice to the attention of 
Attorney General Josh Kaul.

The complaint asserts that Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz 
and Judge Lisa Neubauer engaged in illegal secret court proceedings. These Secret court proceedings violated the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Wisconsin Statutes 757.14 and  59.20(3), and Supreme Court Rules 60.02, 03, 04.

The egregious conduct of Neubauer and Gasiorkiewicz conducting secret court attacked and violated the rights of nearly 5.8 million Wisconsin citizens.

You may view the verified judicial misconduct complaint here: 

The previous judicial complaint filed in November against Judge Gasiorkiewicz was not acted upon by the feckless Wisconsin Judicial Commission.  The Wisconsin Judicial Commission has an extensive history of whitewashing judicial misconduct complaints of the accused, which happen to be their peers.
Self policing rarely works.

For further information you may contact 
Jeremiah Van Hecke at the 
Wisconsin Judicial Commission
110 East Main St.
Suite 700, Tenney Building
Madison, Wisconsin  53703
Telephone: 608-266-7637
Fax: 608-266-8647

An informed electorate is necessary 
to a functioning democracy.


Judge Lisa Neubauer
Constitutional infidel 


There is HOPE and CHANGE:

Embrace the light of Honest, Open & Transparent Government

Click here:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Sandy Weidner 
files as a write in candidate for
 Mayor of Racine
Sandy Weidner

On April 2nd. voters have a real opportunity to make a positive difference for the city of Racine by writing in 
Sandy Weidner for Mayor


You can keep the darkness of
Cory Mason's Secret government
Cory Mason
Secret court proponent

Secret surveys, Secret meetings,
Secret government & Secret courts

You can embrace the sunshine of 

Sandy Weidner has been the steadfast voice of reason within the common council for nearly 20 years.

Put those 20 years of  integrity and experience to work for you, 
the people of Racine.

Sandy Weidner is
Honest, Open &Transparent 

Click and view more at

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Wisconsin Supreme Court
Judge Lisa Neubauer
 is a Constitutional infidel*,
scofflaw, hypocrite** and bad judge,
then she has the audacity to ask for your vote as justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court to protect your rights.
*Constitutional infidel
a person who does not follow or adhere to the U.S. constitution, when in the judicuary - a judicial scofflaw.


Dictionary result for hypocrite

noun :  a person who indulges in hypocrisy.
  1. "the story tells of a respectable judge who turns out to be a cheat and a hypocrite"

To Know Judge Neubauer is to 
NO Judge Neubauer

Court of Appeals Chief judge Lisa Neubauer complains about her civil rights being violated in the past while currently violating your civil rights.

On April 2nd you get to be the judge !

What is the greater offense ?
Violating the rights of one individual or the 
rights of an entire population? 
The population of Wisconsin is around 5.8 million.
Keep this 5.8 million citizens in mind. 

Because a person is a victim of a civil rights violation (as told by Lisa Neubauer) doesn't give that same person the reason to violate an entire state population.
 1 versus 5.795 million. (2017 census) 

 Below is Judge Neubauer's facebook page asserting her civil rights were violated in Chicago in the 1970's.......
click below to view.

Judge Neubauer's opening statement in the above facebook video:
"I realized in a very personal way how important the courts are in protecting peoples rights"


Neubauer will fight for her rights, but not yours!

Judge Neubauer has illegally locked out 5.8 million Wisconsin citizens out of the legal system without a thought of you, the citizen.

Currently,  Judge Lisa Neubauer is violating 5.8 million Wisconsin citizen's civil rights as you read this blog.

Judge Lisa Neubauer as Chief Justice in the Court of Appeals is responsible for the complete sealing of the current illegal
SECRET Court of Appeals case # 2018AP1189.
The complete court record is sealed including the 
court docketing# and the party names.
Weidner vs. City of Racine

How ironic is this?
Case # 18AP1189 involves a Wisconsin Public Records Request(open records),  yet the complete court record is sealed contrary to law.

Citizens have rights to know the court docketing # , the names of the parties, the court schedule and to attend hearings. The U.S. Supreme court says so and so does Wisconsin statutes.

Judge Lisa Neubauer is a scofflaw, violates your state and federal rights with impunity simply because she can.

The Wisconsin Judicial Commission and the Wisconsin Attorney General will do nothing to correct her egregious conduct as she violates citizen rights.

.The Wisconsin Judicial Commission is nothing more than a bad joke upon the public as is the Office of Lawyer Regulation and the Wisconsin Attorney General's office.

Conducting court in secrecy is unconstitutional and further violates Wisconsin statutes 757.14 and  59.20(3),  the first Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules (SCR).
 Wisconsin Statute 757.14   The sittings of every court shall be public and every citizen may freely attend the same……” 

Citizens are directly empowered by statute 757.14 to observe court proceedings.

Wisconsin Statute 59.20(3), The court shall:
" open to the examination of any person all books and papers required to be kept in his or her office and permit any person so examining to take notes and copies of such books, records, papers or minutes ...."

Citizens are directly empowered by statute 59.20(3) to the opening of the Circuit Court record to public examination.

Supreme Court Rules - 60 Preamble. Our legal system is based on the principle that an independent, fair and competent judiciary will interpret and apply the laws that govern us. The role of the judiciary is central to American concepts of justice and the rule of law. Intrinsic to all provisions of this Code are the precepts that judges, individually and collectively, must respect and honor the judicial office as a public trust and strive to enhance and maintain confidence in our legal system. The judge is an arbiter of facts and law for the resolution of disputes and a highly visible symbol of government under the rule of law.

SCR 60.02   A judge shall uphold the integrity and independence

 of the judiciary.

SCR 60.03   A judge shall avoid impropriety and the appearance

 of impropriety in all of the judge's activities.

SCR 60.04   A judge shall perform the duties of judicial office

 impartially and diligently.

The First Amendment of the
U. S. constitution guarantees that American court proceedings are presumptively open to the public. The U.S. Supreme court has explained the public's presumptive right of access to court proceedings are rooted in both logic and history

 The Court of Appeals chief judge handles administrative matters for the entire Court of Appeals while continuing to participate fully in deciding cases.  source:

Citizens only recourse to right these wrongs is to expose, embarass, humiliate and degrade 
the scofflaws and derelicts in government as we find them.

There was no legal basis to seal the entire court record, yet Judge Gasiorkiewicz and Judge Neubauer did so.

City of Racine Alderman Sandy Weidner in her open records court case endured the darkness of secret courts for 7 months before being freed by citizens and the collective news media.

The insanity and facts continue.

 5.8 million Wisconsin Citizen's rights are currently being violated every day in a current secret court case,  overseen by a current judicial candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court who claims she rules on law.

Bazarre?  Yes !

Judge Lisa Neubauer is currently conducting illegal court in violation of the law, currently violating your rights and she is asking you to trust her judgement to be your next Supreme Court Justice.   WTF?

Is it a coincidence, or is it conspiracy, complicity and collusion that Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz of the lower Circuit Court and Judge Lisa Neubauer of the Court of Appeals conducts 
illegal SECRET court proceedings and violates 
the exact same statutes and rules in the same case? 

In our tradition of satire to mock derelict public serpents, 
perhaps our next feature will be:

"HOT* nude babes in Chicago Jails"
 *we don't mean 
Honest, Open and Transparent

Remember this earlier in this blog

"I realized in a very personal way how important the courts are in protecting peoples rights"   Lisa Neubauer

Well guess what Ms. Neubauer?
We take our rights more seriously than you.

Judge Neubauer is abusing her position of power, knowingly and willingly violating OUR rights, making her unfit for public service.

Be an informed electorate !

Additional reading references:

Read further how Judge Lisa Neubauer within the Appeals Court denied citizens their Constitutional rights to 
due process and protection from unreasonable searches

HOT Government is here to serve you
Honest, Open, Transparent