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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The 66th. Assembly seat Debate
Gateway Campus
Racine Building

Greta Neubauer

And enter into the Democratic lions den did I.
At the entrance forum was political handouts from each candidate.  The first handout secured was a classic deep state democratic propaganda handout that basically said nothing, featuring half a page of republican images and the rest of the two sided document was generic nonsense. 
The document lacked any substance.

The second political flyer secured was presented by candidate John Tate.
This political handout was more helpful in highlighting any politically pertinent information.
John Tate II
The Great Lakes room hosting the 66th. Assembly seat debate was about 3/4 full.

Approximately 30 citizens attended the debate. The remaining 30 being Democratic party, family and NAACP host members. 
The debate was friendly and interactive between the two self proclaimed progressive candidates.
The forum was well managed and narrated with
some excellent and tough questions presented to the candidates.

I listened intently to both candidates for an hour and a half.
Setting aside the differences of 
Black/White - Male/Female 
There is little ideological difference between these two candidates, both are diehard Democrat progressives. 

During the debate:
Mr Tate appeared high on his race horse, often referencing race during the debate, but without appearing racist or entitled.

Ms. Neubauer at the debate represented the ultimate "deep state*" Democratic candidate, often bashing republicans.


There was NOT a Republican in site. Yeah!

But that didn't stop either candidate from further Ghost bashing and whining about various Republicans  and their "billionaire" supporters who love to pour concrete.

Sticking to your shtick:
Both candidates veered into unknown territory when questioned about the sciences, the environment and business.
These two candidates are young, so a tempered  tongue is in order, respecting their youth and lack of experience.  But......
Both candidates displayed a significant lack of knowledge in science, business, manufacturing and agriculture.  As elected government representatives, understanding the needs of business, science, manufacturing and agriculture are critical for proper regulation. 
Tate near quotes;
" "Legalize growing cannabis and Wisconsin provide cannabis to the rest of the country
" "Thousands of years to replenish water supplies
" "No more diesel buses

Neubauer near quotes;
" "Scott Walker doing everything in his power to defund public schools,stop workers rights,lower wages and sell our clean drinking water to the highest bidder
Greta's opening statement was the highlight of her night. The next hour and a half of Greta's debate was continued political folly. 

For a hour and a half,  sitting quietly and intently listening to both candidates, Tate was on his game when speaking about the needs of his constituents as a social worker, but as the debate lingered on, an emptiness/sadness for Ms. Neubauer appeared during this debate, realizing she is genuinely a good person but appears to be an  indoctrinated and manipulated person the likes of the pre war german youth movement.
You may read more about it here; 

Indoctrinating Youth - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

There appeared to be no critical thinking going on in Ms. Neubauer's mind, only mindless deep state responses.
Perhaps Mr. Tate was already aware of this fact  and was prompt to bring up the subject of critical thinking early in the debate without referencing or implying the subject matter onto Ms. Neubauer name.
At an hour and a half , I began to pack my computer and recorders as the debate went on. 
As often happens at such events, Republican or Democratic,  I am outed by someone who recognizes me and often awkward (for them) conversations arise.   A lovely young lady sitting next to me left her seat and moments later another lovely but not quite so young woman appeared in her place. The lovely woman was Mr. Tate's Mother. During the very brief and cordial conversation, it was noted that you can be assured without hesitation that Mr. Tate's mother is very proud of her son.

Is there a winner in this debate?     Yes! 
And the unconditional winner of this progressive democratic debate is...........
The Deep State

Additional reading;

*deep state
The deep state is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as meaning “a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.”
66th. Assembly Seat Debate

December 12th.
6PM - 8PM
 Gateway Tech Campus
1001 Main St. Racine Wi.
Racine Building
Great Lakes Room

Enjoy the look alikes
Listen to the lessons of a historian
Give ear to the candidates 
Know how the 66th. Assembly seat is going to be represented
All coronated Democrats encouraged to attend
Others beware ! 
Attend at your own risk !!!

  Berkeley campus riots

From time Magazine;
"Julia, a writer who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, talks about the street-protest scene in Berkeley, Calif., this spring as if she had entered a war zone. “There are explosions happening everywhere. People are fighting. You’re not entirely sure who is an ally, who isn’t,” she says. That’s part of the reason she won’t give her last name, since she fears that she will be targeted, harassed or doxxed like so many others who have had their identities attached to the blowups here. For a few days, the city’s mayor, Jesse Arreguin, even had to get himself security because of the threats he was receiving. “Our city is not going to be turned into a fight club,” he says defiantly, though no one is quite sure in this city of 121,000 long known as a test bed for the First Amendment."
WAR Zone?  Fear of being targeted?  Fight club?
And how about this Stanford Study?
A  Stanford University study found that politically organized people are more likely to have aggressive feelings and harbor hostile thoughts towards people of the other party. 

Would somebody please look in the mirror

 Not exactly outta Compton - but Close!

Folks, please keep George Orwell in your prayers
" In our age there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics'. all issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia". 
-George Orwell-

Remember Folks, there is no difference between
 Democratic and Republican POOP


Monday, December 11, 2017

I felt compelled to speak on behalf of people who look like me.”
 John Tate II,  66th. Assembly seat candidate


As read in the Racine Journal Times;
When the organization 24/7 Wall St. put out a story naming Racine as the fourth worst place for blacks in America, Alderman John Tate II decided he needed to act. Tate said. “I felt compelled to speak on behalf of people who look like me.”

You may read the RJT article here;

You may read the article that allegedly inspired Mr. Tate here;

We decided to take Mr. Tate to task and googled people who look like John Tate. We didn't find anybody who looked like Tate on that google search.

So like most people who use the internet, we then searched Facebook;
No look alikes here

Not finding anybody who looked like Tate on Facebook,  we again went back to  a google search and modified our search parameters and googled short people who look alike

Funny, but NOT a match!

we then googled educated idiots who look alike,  this is what appeared;

Without finding a Tate look alike during Google searches,  could we have come to the conclusion that John Tate may be solely concerned about himself?
Possible, but unlikely.

 Was John Tate implying that all black folks look alike? 
Again possible, but unlikely.

So we did what most reasonable people would do when confronted with a quandary, we reread the RJT article. We didn't miss anything in the news article, the news article missed its journalistic mark by failing to seek clarifications, failing to ask Mr. Tate to expound on his statements. 
The news article manifested more questions than facts presented.

So this blog came back full circle.

What did 66th. assembly candidate John Tate mean when he said
I felt compelled to speak on behalf of people who look like me.

Additional reading material concerning Mr. Tate 

Democrat poop and Republican poop
There is no difference!
Poop is poop

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Is Greta Neubauer another snowflake for political office?
We think so!

Greta Neubauer is now a candidate for the 66th. assembly district, a position formerly held by Cory Mason, according to the Racine Journal Times.

 A Primary election will be held Dec. 19th. 2017

We wish you to take note of Greta's great concern of one of our great resources, Lake Michigan.
We quote her from the Racine Journal Times.
"We have an incredible asset in Lake Michigan and we need to be thinking about protecting that and making sure we have clean drinking water"    Greta Neubauer, Assembly candidate

We have some questions for Greta;
Why your sudden interest in Lake Michigan?

Was not Lake Michigan important during the years you worked with Cory Mason?

As insinuated in the RJT article,
Did Lake Michigan only become important because Donald Trump became President ?

Is not the largest polluter of the Great Lakes the City of Milwaukee? (Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District) and has been for the last forty years?

Why no interest to curb the filthy, despicable discharges of the single largest polluter of the great lakes, the City of Milwaukee.

 Greta, why don't you wish to hold criminally responsible the greatest polluter of the Great Lakes - Mayor Tom Barrett and all other city of Milwaukee officials responsible for the continued pollution  ?
Why don't Republicans wish to hold them accountable as well?

Ahh, my little snowflake, the reasons are in the writings of George Orwell and in the book written in 1949, the book Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984).

As George Orwell so eloquently wrote of our dystopian future.

" In our age there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics'. all issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia". 

Greta, you are exactly what George Orwell wrote about;
A party member who blindly places party before country.
A party member who immerses oneself into the mass of lies the party propagates.
A party member who will promote a dirty candidate because of party affiliation rather than cleanse itself of the dirt.

Your concern of Lake Michigan is admirable, but you have picked a topic you have not demonstrated real concern for.

You past actions and history indicate a lack of integrity on your interest of the well being of Lake Michigan.

Greta, armed with a degree from Middlebury College in history,
 you have failed to learn the lessons of the past.

What will we hear next?
The unfairness of your white privilege?

Kindly remove and discard your poop stained Democratic underwear and try open your eyes to the deceit that has permeated your mind.  Both political parties are poison. 

There is no difference between Democrat poop or Republican poop

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Catch-22 and Constitutional Law

How it relates to constitutional law

How it relates to Racine County

In the 1961 paradoxical novel CATCH-22, Joseph Heller created an unending circular reasoning between sanity and insanity. Heller created a dilemma of difficult circumstances from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependant conditions.

In the novel, you were place in the dilemma of 
"damned if you do and damned if you don't"
 henceforth the term "CATCH-22" came into play in the english language.

You may be asking yourself how does Joseph Heller's book apply to our U. S. Constitution? 

A recent Racine County Circuit Court case brought  
CATCH-22 to mind.
As an avid reader and constitutionalist, I often think about how thought provoking literature can correlate to law.

As a constitutionalist, I have long held that "the citizen should not have to relinquish a right to preserve another right". 
To do so is a "Catch-22".  It is the simplest of litmus tests I use to determine whether a law can pass the muster of the U.S. constitution. Of course there are other considerations as to the constitutionality of law, but the "Catch-22" analysis keeps it clean, simple and free of circular reasoning and acts.

Milewski  vs. Town of Dover 
Racine County Circuit Court Case # 14CV1482

The Milewski's were placed into a CATCH-22 when a law relinquished one right to protect another.

Case 14CV1484 well illuminates the paradox of written tax law of how a law can be "illegal".

The ill advised notion "it is law therefore it is legal" was used by the Town of Dover to assess Vincent Milewski and Morgane McDonald's (husband/wife) property. 

In 2013, an employee of Gardiner Appraisal Services, acting on behalf of the Town of Dover requested entry into the Milewski household in order to assess the property value of their residence.
Vincent and Morgane politely refused the tax assessor entry into their home asserting their 4th. Amendment right to be free from searches.

Do to the Milewski's refusing the assessor entry in their home, Gardiner arbitrarily raised the Mill rate to Milewski's property and the Town Board applied such assessment.

That may not had been a problem at the time had the Town of Dover Review Board allowed the Milewski's the right to due process to contest the increased Mill rate.

 Instead the Town of Dover Board of Review refused the Milewski's the right to due process, citing law as their reasoning.

Here was the CATCH-22 of the law ;
The law prevented homeowners who exercised their 4th. amendment rights to assert their 14th. amendment rights. 

Specifically, the then active law required owners of property to consent to a tax assessor entering your home or lose your due process rights in front of Boards of Review, Department of Revenue and even the courts.

In 2017, the Wisconsin Supreme Court declared the law unconstitutional, overruling the law in their 47 page opinion.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court basically stated you cannot be denied a right because you invoked another right.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court got this one right!!!

You may navigate the complete case file @

Due to the tenacity and focus of the Milewski's, their legal team and friends of the court, all Wisconsin citizens benefit from their costs and efforts.

 To Vincent, Morgane, their legal staffers and filers of amicus curiae briefs who fought 
the good fight.

Thank you
 Thank you 
Thank you

Thursday, October 19, 2017

To our Russian readers;

Есть дни, когда больше русских читают этот блог, чем американцы.
Наш русский язык побудил нас признать и написать этот блог для вас.
Мы интересуемся;
 этот русский, следуя поиску способов разоблачить ваше желание быть лидером для русского народа как «гей-гардероб»?

Фасад Путина в качестве жесткого парня - хорошо организованный сценарий, такой как голливудское фэнтезийное шоу, в сопровождении питомцев сибирских тигров, охотничьих изображений и одевания, таких как Рэмбо.
Предоставляя кредит нашим коллегам-блоггерам в России, мы в RCC понимаем настоящего Путина.
Погиб Курска разоблачил Путина в мире, как он есть на самом деле, трус и хочет быть.
Трагедия потерянной жизни на Курске экспоненциально усугублялась высокомерием и глупостью российского руководства.
Поскольку Курск лежал на дне океана, поврежден и обездвижен от взрыва, оставшиеся в живых были лишены надежды на спасение от российского руководства.
Во время конфронтации с властями члены семьи смело оспаривали российских чиновников за правду.
 Скорбящая мать прямо столкнулась с Путиным и бросила вызов Путину за ответы, этот личный вызов матери показал Путину как труса и дурака.
Путин съежился от этого публичного ругани этой скорбящей матерью, сын которой без нужды погиб в трагическом потоплении Курска. Путин был заметно потрясен этой встречей и незамедлительно покинул собрание.
Путин узнал ценный урок с этой встречей скорбящей матери, никогда не присутствовал на каком-либо собрании, неписанном. Сейчас Путин исполняет все свои собрания и теперь мастер дыма и зеркал.
 Курское погружение освещало российское руководство как холодное и бессердечное, так же, как наше лидерство в США.
 Здесь вы можете узнать больше о Курске;

Another interesting side show;

                                                                     RCC  7 am stats

By 7am this morning, we already had a substantial number of views by Russians eyes. 

 Why the Russians are interested in our blog is beyond our interest. 

We decide to peek their interest by exposing their scripted leader as a sham, just as most American leaders are.

If there is any correlation to the Racine Mayoral race,
we will know soon enough when the Russians open an embassy in Racine next to Comrade Cory in city hall.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

John Dickert

 Phenomenon includes:
starry eyed when confronted with the truth
 wasteful spending
false promises 
squandering of public funds
drinking from a Black well
False flags

Dickert Disease is especially prevalent in the City of Racine.

Symptoms include looking like this:
Cory Mason 

As Mayor, 
would Cory Mason again make Racinians drink the cool aid from the Blackwell ?

We think so!

Racianians, Stop lying to yourselves. 
Stop denying your own truth and future!

Terminate the Dickert Disease!

Get out and vote Tuesday!

Vote for change!

Sandy Weidner for Mayor