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Monday, June 25, 2018

Extra - Extra - Extra
Town of Dover News Flash

Town of Dover supervisor Sam Stratton has announced his intentions to run for Town of Dover Chairman if and when a recall election may occur.

Let the entertainment begin!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Loyce Edward Deen
 is one of an estimated
419,400 U.S citizens 
who served his country 
during WW2
and didn't return home alive.

Beginning in 1868, after the Civil War, the holiday was established to honor the Americans who died fighting for the United States. Some 150 years later, the day lives on as a reminder to commemorate and honor the people who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their country.
“Memorial Day" isn't just about honoring veterans, it's honoring those who lost their lives. Veterans had the fortune of coming home. For us, that's a reminder of when we come home we still have a responsibility to serve. It's a continuation of service that honors our country and those who fell defending it.” Pete Hegseth

All gave some - some gave it all
Thank a veteran for your freedom!

Friday, May 11, 2018


Your CCW license records are treated as open records in Racine County

Recent events have exposed the Racine County Sheriff's Office routinely releasing CCW license information to nosey citizens in direct violation of Wisconsin state statutes.

Want to know who is packing heat ? 
Just ask Chris Schmaling or John Harahan or any sheriff deputy in Racine county. 
Scofflaw Schmaling

According to information from a lieutenant within the department, it is within department policy to release CCW licensee information to nosey and inquiring minds. This CCW open records policy of the sheriff's office is in blatant disregard of the law. 

CCW statutes are very specific to protect the privacy and identities of law abiding CCW licensee's.

This is serious folks, The sheriff's office has breached the public trust of Racine County citizens who carry by violating the very laws that are put into place to protect law abiding citizens.

If you live in Ashland or Appleton and want to know who's packing? Call the Racine County Sheriff Office where CCW records are handled as public records.

Your information is not safe and secure due to the scofflaw's Sheriff Schmaling and Deputy Sheriff Hanrahan's interpretation of the law.

A complaint has been directly filed into the Racine County District Attorney's office (Patricia Hanson) and with Racine County Corporation Counsel  (Michael Lanzdorf) seeking an immediate stop to this CCW open records policy of the sheriff department.

CCW law does not provide any relief to the aggrieved, so
the complaint further request the county to censure Schmaling and Hanrahan for their misconduct of office.

Below is from the DOJ frequently asked questions about CCW concerning the access, use and release of information.
Pages 28 and 29 

To view the complete document:


 Will there be a list of persons who have CCW licenses? Yes. 
The law requires DOJ to maintain a computerized record listing the names of and specified information (including but not limited to dates of birth, sex and the identification number of the CCW license) concerning all individuals who have been issued a license and former federal law enforcement officers (but not former state law enforcement officers) who have been issued certification cards. Wis. Stat. § 175.60(12)(a). 

Is the information regarding CCW licenses available to the public? No. 
The information regarding CCW licenses is not considered a public record and the DOJ, Department of Transportation (DOT), or any employee of DOJ or DOT, cannot make it available to the public except in the context of a prosecution for an offense in which the person‘s status as a licensee or holder of a certification card is relevant or through DOJ‘s annual report to the Legislature and the Governor. Wis. Stat. § 175.60(12)(c). 

Does DOJ issue any reports regarding CCW licenses? 
DOJ is required to submit a statistical report to the Legislature and the Governor annually by March 1 of each year. The report must indicate the number of licenses applied for, issued, denied, suspended, and revoked during the previous calendar year. For the licenses denied, the report must indicate the reasons for the denials and the part of the application process in which the reasons for denial were discovered. For licenses suspended or revoked, the report must indicate the reasons for the suspensions and revocations. DOJ may not include in the report any information that may be used to identify an applicant or a licensee, including but not limited to a name, address, birth date, or Social Security number. Wis. Stat. § 175.60(19). 

To whom can DOJ release information on CCW licenses? 
Law enforcement agencies upon proper request and reports to the governor and legislature. 29 Proper requests from law enforcement include: 1) to confirm that a license or certification card produced by an individual at the request of a law enforcement officer is valid; 2) if an individual claims to hold a valid license or law enforcement certification but does not have his or her license document or law enforcement certification card with him or her, to confirm that the individual holds a valid license or certification card; and 3) to investigate whether a person submitted an intentionally false statement in a license application or renewal. Wis. Stat. §§ 175.60(12g)(a) and (19). 

Is the information regarding CCW licenses available to a law enforcement agency?
 Yes, in limited circumstances. A law enforcement officer may not request or be provided information from such computerized record concerning a specific individual except for specified purposes including to confirm that a license or certification card produced by an individual at the request of a law enforcement officer is valid or, if an individual does not have his or her license document or certification card with him or her, to confirm that the individual holds a valid license or certification card or to investigate whether the person made false statements in their license application or renewal. Wis. Stat. § 175.60(12)(b) and (12g)(b). 

How can law enforcement agencies use CCW license information? 
To confirm that a license or certification card produced by an individual at the request of a law enforcement officer is valid. Wis. Stat. § 175.60(12)(b)1a. If an individual claims to hold a valid license or law enforcement certification but does not have his or her license document or law enforcement certification card with him or her, to confirm that the individual holds a valid license or certification card. Wis. Stat. § 175.60(12)(b)1b. To investigate whether a person submitted an intentionally false statement in a license application or renewal. Wis. Stat. § 175.60(12)(b)1c. To investigate whether a person complied with the requirements governing the return of revoked or suspended CCW licenses. Wis. Stat. § 175.60(12)(b)1d. 

Is information available to law enforcement agencies outside of Wisconsin? Yes: 
1) information to confirm that a license or certification card produced by an individual at the request of a law enforcement officer is valid; or, 2) if an individual claims to hold a valid license or law enforcement certification but does not have his or her license document or law enforcement certification card with him or her, to confirm that the individual holds a valid license or certification. Wis. Stat. § 175.60(12)(b) 2. 

Are there some things a law enforcement agency cannot do with license information? 
Neither a law enforcement agency nor any of its employees may store or maintain information regarding an individual that was obtained from DOJ based on the individual‘s status as a licensee or holder of a certificate card. Wis. Stat. § 175.60(12g)(b). In addition, neither a law enforcement agency nor any of its employees may sort or access information regarding vehicle stops, investigations, civil or criminal offenses, or other activities involving the agency based on the status as licensees

Once again Sheriff Schmaling as a law enforcement officer has been exposed operating in total disregard of Wisconsin laws that are put into place to protect it's citizens.

 Schmaling doesn't believe he has to comply with the law !

Teach him otherwise!

Friday, April 20, 2018

 I was contacted several times by a reporter from the Racine Journal Times seeking information and/or confirmation of recent events in the town of Dover.  The reporter expressed interest in the Town of Dover Entertainment District 
located in the heart of Kansasville.
I informed the reporter that 
this year's political theme is 

Floyd, Barney and Otis 

This years Special Players Edition theme is  
Everybody is tied up in knots over nothing 

Cast members include Floyd the barber, Otis and Barney.
With lots of OOOHs and AAAHS from supporting cast
Aunt Bee and Charlene Darling
Sadly the wisdom and calm demeanor of Andy is missing from this years special players cast.

For over twenty years the Kansasville town house Entertainment District has been putting on a monthly nightly show, usually starting at 7 pm and ending??? 
 They perform in front of a live audience and 
here is the best part 
Admission is free!

And Now 

"Heeeere's Johnny"

Johnny Carson

Click below for relevant video

If you aren't entertained, then you need to go get a life !

Thursday, April 19, 2018

In the quaint Kingdom of Dover Wi.
Drama kings and queens are at it again. 
The kingdom of Dover has lots of legally aged adults who for unknown reasons haven't mentally matured.  Overactive and hypersensitive temperaments flare like fifth graders warring over nerf balls.  Every few years the drama kings and queens have to act up and engage in WoW (Wars of Words). 
   One stupid says something
Another stupid does something
That is how it often works.
Just like Super Mario Brothers!

One election working with each other,  next election knocking each other out of the game.

The pettiness of politics transcends geopolitical boundaries to the Union Grove area as well, where children are indoctrinated into believing that government is only good and without fault. Where the only lessons the school teaches are OBEY! OBEY!! OBEY!!!
Act up and you are facing the Racine County Sheriff Department, followed by jail.
A school system where math,science and geography are no longer important. But they will teach the kids how be be properly indoctrinated, follow orders and accept authority and rule.

A taste of political reality is just what children are in need of. 
Mandatory reading is no longer part of the school curriculum.
Reading "The Good Earth", "1984", and "Catch 22" will not be part of an indoctrinated student.

And what about our worthless press?
The local Racine Journal Times has yet to take on head to head the Foxconn eminent domain fiasco that is currently in full swing. 
We have government officials who are violating their oath of office as they misuse eminent domain proceedings against landowners to acquire land for a foreign corporation.
Government corruption is real and prevalent, so the more we speak and act about it, the better we can address it.  

But back to the fine town of Dover:
We all know current chairman Mario Lena was not elected to be a Politician or Statesman. nor does he pretend to be.
Truth being known, I'm not sure he is smarter than a box of rocks.
Even a box of rocks knows when to remain silent and when to make noise.

Mario campaigned on the promise that town of Dover funds would be better allocated back to serve the residents of Dover, not to fund parasitic engineering and law firms who siphons funds from road and public utility projects. 

Lena's plan must be working, at the last town hall meeting, road repair crews stated a records amount of material was used to repair town roads ( or did he say historical) matters not.

 To see childish behavior makes me wonder what event stymied so many adults from mentality maturing.
  These adults appear educated, but failed to learn how to prioritize life's twists and turns.  Perhaps some of the pettiness, hypersensitivity and childish behavior may be attributed to petty conversations, jealousy, dementia or alzheimer's. 

It's the water stupid!

  For years field and yard runoff have spoiled the water quality of Eagle lake. Add DNR administered poisons to the lake and 
  Zero fish population, Eagle lake has been 
declared dead several times. 
Must make people brain dead when they drink the water!
Quit Drinking the green Eagle Lake water - Stupids!

Here is something an investigative reporter should look into:
Any and all funds related to Natures Bend Road!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Rep. Greta Neubauer

On March 25th 2018, a Town Hall meeting on gun safety and violence prevention was hosted by State Assembly Representative Greta Neubauer.

Preceding this town hall meeting, Rep. Neubauer wrote an editorial in the Racine Journal Times of her concerns of gun lobbies and the NRA.
You may read the editorial here:

Ms. Neubauer held the listening session for the general public to share their concerns and ideas.
You may read about the speakers here:

To the credit of Ms. Neubauer, the March 25 town hall meeting was a true listening session where the public had their opportunity to present their concerns of gun safety, violence and fear of law enforcement.

At the town hall meeting, Rep. Neubauer  passed out an informational flyer.  This flyer contained statistics and references where the data was obtained.  You may view the handout here:
Check out the third subtitle;                                          [State of  Guns in Wisconsin]                                    3rd. bullet point  in column.
Whoaaaaaaa……., according to Ms. Neubauer’s flyer, Wisconsin has 64,878 registered guns as of April 2017, referencing a source that does not appear to support her claims.
The State of Wisconsin by law preempts gun registration.  From Gifford law center:
 "Wisconsin does not require firearm owners to register their firearms. With limited exceptions, Wisconsin preempts local jurisdictions from adopting ordinances requiring the registration of “any firearm or part of a firearm, including ammunition and reloader components.”1
Read more here:

Gun Registration in Wisconsin? Is this data deep state trickery ? or perhaps did Rep. Neubauer stumble upon some Wisconsin secret data banks, revealing hidden data that has been kept from the public?  Whatever the real story is, we are going to kick Pandora’s Box until the truth is told.
In the interim, consider the following; As our population in the State of Wisconsin nears 6 million citizens, estimated Wisconsin gun ownership ranges between 34 percent and 44 percent of the general population. On the low side of estimates - there is an estimated 2 million + gun owners in the Badger State.  Being most gun owners own more than one gun, one
can safely estimate more than three million guns exist in Wisconsin citizens hands. 

In Wisconsin, it appears we have a free standing  2 million plus armed Militia exercising their 2nd. amendment rights.
Two to Three million guns  vs. 64,878 guns ? 
Think about this, every day over two million cheeseheads safely go about their business without causing an incident or ruckus with their guns.  Only by knowing  and understanding real numbers can we focus where our efforts to thwart gun violence will be best served.      
Do you believe the Deep State numbers or research from credible sources?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

        According to the Racine Journal Times

"Stillman and Boeck attempted a traffic stop on Shannon, who then got out of the car and fled on food."

Apparently it wasn't fast food!

"During the chase, according to the DOJ report, Shannon pointed a gun at the officers three separate times and they fired back, hitting Shannon five times."

How do you fire back if you haven't been shot at?

From the Racine Journal Times - Unedited

RACINE — Two Racine police officers on leave after a deadly confrontation with a suspect fleeing a traffic suspect on Jan. 17 have been cleared to return to duty.
Racine Police Investigator Chad Stillman and Officer Peter Boeck were put on leave, but they “have been cleared and are welcome back to the department any time,” Sgt. Adam Malacara, public information officer for the department, announced on Wednesday.
“However, they are still dealing with this highly traumatic event and will come back when they are ready,” Malacara said. “They did what they were trained to do but hoped they never had to. It is a difficult situation to deal with.”
On Tuesday, Racine County District Attorney Tricia Hanson announced her office will not press charges against Stillman and Boeck, who were involved in a shooting that resulted in the death of Donte Shannon, 26, of Racine, in a backyard of a home in the 1400 block of Park Ave.
According to an investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, the officers were informed Shannon had a weapon and some marijuana. On Jan. 17, Stillman and Boeck attempted a traffic stop on Shannon, who then got out of the car and fled on food.
During the chase, according to the DOJ report, Shannon pointed a gun at the officers three separate times and they fired back, hitting Shannon five times.

On Feb. 5, a federal suit was filed on behalf of the Shannon family, against the officers involved in the shooting and the City of Racine. The case alleges Shannon’s civil rights were violated in the encounter that ended in Shannon’s death.

Why no comments allowed on this R J Times post?

We at RCC have history with City of Racine Police Officer Peter Boeck, as we have previously featured him in our posts for illegally and egregiously executing a harmless dog.

You may view it here:  TRAUMA

When marijuana and news mix, you can get a bad case of the missing hover pizzas.
                                        Image result for flying pizzas in space


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Greta Neubauer
Greta Neubauer is the 66th District representative in the Wisconsin Assembly

Greta is hosting her first public listening session on Sunday, March 25th, 2018
at 2 p.m. at the Dr. John Bryant Center.
601 21st street, Racine Wi. 53403 

Who will be listening to who?
Civility is invited.

Friday, January 19, 2018

State vs. Isaiah DeGroot
Racine County Circuit Court case # 17CF1505


Below is the signed surety bail/bond agreement that set 
Isaiah Degroot
 free to ravage and pillage our community 
as he pleased
Note the language;
 if the defendant does not comply 
with the terms of this bail/bond,
the bail/bond will be forfeited and the defendant and or surety may be ordered to pay that amount of the bond.
Any restitution, recompense, fines, forfeitures, or cost imposed against the defendant shall be paid out of the cash bail/bond without further notice.

Anyone wish to dispute Degroot violated bail/bond? 

The derelict and negligent Racine County Circuit Court system bears great responsibility of the damage caused by Isaiah DeGroot, a known criminal who was released with low bail back onto the streets to create more mayhem.

The derelict courts don't deserve this 
windfall of cash.

Nor does the sheriff's office whose lazy staff  denied access of Degroot for risk assessment.

The surety bond of $3,000 should be immediately called in and the proceeds of that surety bond be delivered to the couple who have paid the highest price of DeGroot's continued criminal rampage.

The destroyed lives of Jeff and Cheryl Coopman

Placed into:
 go fund me account of Jeff and Cheryl Coopman

I urge you to write our derelict and negligent officials who freely spun the criminal revolving door.   Demand the bail/bond proceeds be placed directly in the go fund me account of 
Jeff and Cheryl Coopman

Listed below are the Racine County officials responsible for the Degroot court fiasco.

Alice Rudebusch
Louis C. Moore
Faye Flancher
Jason A, Rossell
Mark Nielsen
Chris Schmaling
John Hanrahan

The letter or email should be short and directly to the point

Below is a sample email
complete with formatted email addresses


Subject :  Surety Bail/Bond - Case 17CF1505

I am mad as hell.
This letter is do to your derelict and egregious conduct as public officials handling case 17CF1505.
Each of you have failed to properly review the case at hand and further failed to place the safety of the public as a high priority.
I demand that Racine county turn over the Surety bail/bond of Isaiah Degroot to Jeff and Cheryl Coopman as partial recompense of their destroyed lives.

your signature 

Start writing!

STATE vs. Isaiah Degroot 
Racine County Circuit Court 
Case # 17CF1505

Amended criminal complaint filed 11-8-2017

The following complaint alleges that the defendant Isaiah Degroot was party to a drive by shooting 
on October 30th,  2017

Note the bottom RCAR page

Electronic Court records of Case # 17CF1505  have been altered and deleted. 

Note that the RCAR  document on the bottom of this page is not dated. The Sheriff office denied RCAR to access prisoner DeGroot. The sheriff's office document that was in the electronic records DENYING ACCESS  as of 1-17-2017 has now been deleted from records

I thought the Alewive problem in the 60"s was bad.
Something stinks in this court system.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

CASE # 17CF1505


 But lets first introduce two more gamers hidden amongst the court  records in the Isaiah Degroot Court fiasco.

 Racine County Sheriff Chris Schmaling and 
Deputy Sheriff  John Hanrahan
Neatly tucked away in records was a court document that the sheriff's office denied access/release of Mr. Degroot for an evaluation and risk assessments to be performed.
This document is dated 11-1-2017 implicating the sheriff's department as the denier of the assessment. 

This lack of assessment was in fact another greasing of the court's revolving door policy of getting the criminals out the door ASAP.

You may ask why does it matter?
Because had a mental evaluation and/or risk assessment been performed on Isaiah Degroot before he was released, there may have been a very different outcome for 
Jeffery and Cheryl Coopman.

BUT why didn't any of the Judge's involved in this case question the sheriff's denial of access to this mental evaluation and risk assessment???
You will have to ask the Judges and the 
prosecutors office to get an answer

We know who has suffered the most for the failures of this derelict and corrupt court system.........
Jeffery and Cheryl Coopman

But who in the court system ultimately bears the
 responsibility for this injustice?

Will the guilty parties please step forward
Alice Rudebusch
Chris Schmaling
Faye Flancher
Gregory Reed
Jason A. Rossell
John Hanrahan
Louis C. Moore
 Mark Nielsen

How is that for a beginning list?
Let the finger pointing begin

Court protest begins on 
 Friday, January 19th., 8:30 AM.
outside of the 
Racine County Justice Center,  
730 Wisconsin Ave, Racine Wi.
Bring friends, signs, bullhorns and effigies.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

$3,000 dollar bail 
opens the revolving court door for 
Isaiah DeGroot

In our last post we failed to illuminate several 
Racine County Court gamers.
Today we reviewed the court records and found more gamers hidden amongst the court records.
We introduce an additional two high rollers in the court system as gamers of the Judge lottery. 
Chief Judge Jason A. Rossell and 
Court Administrator Louis C. Moore

Jason A. Rossell- Chief Judge, 2nd. District

 Louis C.Moore
Racine County Court Administrator
No image available

Both were identified on the Application Order and Order of Assignment #2017SP067643 for Isaiah DeGroot.
Named as the assigned Judge on the order is 
Judge Mark F. Nielsen

Now with the known court gamers identified

 We now introduce the high roller of this game.
Dontae Petty

Mr. Petty is the $3,000 dollar gamer who signed the Surety Bond to spring Isaiah Degroot out of jail.
The $3,000 dollar surety bond was posted on 11-7-2016

Please thank all the court gamers in your own special way.
These gamers help Isaiah DeGroot destroy and forever change the lives of 
Jeffery and Cheryl Coopman.

become a court gamer?
Judge Mark (Middle Finger) Nielsen

Did you Know?
Judge shopping is prevalent in the Racine County Circuit Court system. To make matters worse, numerous Gamers in the Racine County Circuit Court system help defendants play in this court system to win the
 Judge Lottery.

State vs. Isaiah DeGroot
Racine County Case # 2017CF001505
Isaiah DeGroot

When Isaiah Degroot was incarerated in November of 2017, one of his first orders of business was to go Judge Shopping in the Racine County Circuit Court System. Lucky for Isaiah, when you go shopping in this court system, you have lots of court players ready and willing to help you game the system.
And so began the games.

First order of gaming was for the court (Alice Rudebusch) to determine that Degroot was indigent and qualified for use of public taxpayer funds to pay for his legal defense. During court proceedings, Alice Rudebusch found that Degroot indeed was indigent, the first gamer qualification was met,  The court then sought a public defender who is also a gamer in the system, the court quickly choose Gregory Reed, a seasoned player in this court system.

As seen below, a review of this game illuminates several other players in this system.

Initial appearance
Rudebusch, Alice A
Garvin, Mark
Additional Text:
Defendant Isaiah D Degroot in court with attorney Anne D Cohen. Defendant Isaiah D Degroot in custody. Kelly Larsen appeared for the State of Wisconsin. Court Reporter Mark Garvin. DEFENSE MOVES TO DISMISS CT 4 FOR LACK OF PC. STATE STANDS SILENT. BTC; MOTION TO DISMISS CT 4 FOR LACK OF PC.; DENIED,, Reading of complaint is waived, probable cause found, bond set. PC FOUND ON ALL COUNTS. Preliminary hearing scheduled for November 9, 2017 at 08:30 am.

Video conferencing
Rudebusch, Alice A
Garvin, Mark

Cash bond set
Rudebusch, Alice A
Garvin, Mark
Event Party
Degroot, Isaiah D
$ 2500.00
Additional Text:
Charges per attached criminal complaint. Conditions: No contact with the victim C.L.S. AND R.G. (person, property, residence or family). You have been ordered to have to provide a DNA sample as a condition of your bond. Report to the Sheriff's Office Records Bureau. Hours: Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Defendant ordered not to possess or control any weapons. Make all court appearances on time. Failure to appear will result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest, possible bail jumping charges and forfeiture of any bond on deposit.

Notice of hearing
Additional Text:
Preliminary hearing on November 9, 2017 at 08:30 am.

Other papers
Additional Text:
Not Provided for Pretrial Risk Assessment Report

Public defender order appointing counsel
Additional Text:
Gregory Reed

Cash bond signed
$ 2500.00

Amended complaint

Request for substitution


Preliminary hearing
Rudebusch, Alice A
Phinisee, Pat
Additional Text:
Defendant Isaiah D Degroot in court with attorney Gregory Reed. Chris D Steenrod appeared for the State of Wisconsin. Court Reporter: Pat Phinisee. State files AMENDED CC. State calls Investigator K. Klinkhammer, DSAT. State moves for bind over. DEFENSE OBJECTS AND FILES RFS. BTC; Testimony given, probable cause found, bound over. Pre-trial conference scheduled for January 5, 2018 at 08:15 am.

Rudebusch, Alice A
Phinisee, Pat
Additional Text:
NG plea entered.

Notice of hearing
Additional Text:
Pre-trial conference on January 5, 2018 at 08:15 am.

Notice of hearing
Additional Text:
Pre-trial conference on January 5, 2018 at 08:15 am.

Electronic Notice Update

Application for specific judicial assignment

Application for specific judicial assign approved
Flancher, Faye M.

Demand for Discovery and Inspection - Defendant

Order assigning judge/judicial assignment order
Nielsen, Mark F.

Notice of assignment of judge
Vanderhoef, Amy

Cash bond posted
$ 2500.00
Additional Text:
17R 026527C

Cash bond posted
Nielsen, Mark F.
$ 500.00

Public Defender Gregory Reed quickly greased the gaming wheels and played the Judge lottery.

According to WCCA court records
First player was Alice Rudebusch.
Alice didn't have to declare in court 
"let the games begin"
because most in the court system are already waiting to play.
Second player was Gregory Reed.
Third player was Faye Flancher
Fourth player was Mark Nielsen 

With the game now locked and loaded, it was easy for gamer Gregory Reed to win the Judge lottery.  Judge Nielsen was now set to preside over the case,  Gregory Reed sought the low bail he needed to release his client back into society.
Judge Nielsen as a gamer of gamers, 
provided Reed the win he sought.


Nielsen as a seasoned player affirmed the low bail assigned by fellow gamer Alice Rudebusch. According to WCCA records, as a condition of release, Nielsen required only an additional $500.00 dollars. 

With a cheap bail posted, Degroot was again free to roam the streets to ravage and pillage the citizens as he saw fit.

And freely roam Degroot did.

For the games to continue, all the courts had to do was for 
   Degroot to commit another crime so that the games may again begin, then again,  and again,  then again.............

Which now brings us to 
State vs. Isaiah DeGroot
Racine County Case # 2018CF000100


Isaiah Degroot, in a few short weeks of BEING BONDED OUT OF JAIL, provided the court gamers with another opportunity to again play the game.   While free on bond do to the generous gaming Racine County Court System, DeGroot acquired a stolen car and was involved in felony hit and run causing great bodily harm to two innocent victims in the Festival Foods parking lot.

You may be asking who is paying the most for these gamers within the Racine County Circuit Court system?

Racine County residents Cheryl and Jeffery Coopman of Union Grove, Wi.

Jeff and Cheryl Coopman suffered extensive life threatening injuries do to the failures within the Racine County Circuit Court system.  The court gamers enabled Isaiah DeGroot to game the court's revolving door system. Due to the victims extensive and massive injuries, one was transported flight for life and the other was transported via ambulance.
Both victims were transported to Froedtert Hospital where one of the victims loss an arm and part of a leg.
A go fund me account has been established for victims 
Jeff and Cheryl Coopman.

Racine Court Revolving Door

Who will be the next revolving door gamer in the 
Racine County Court System to hit the Judge Lottery?

The Racine County Circuit Court system is a bad joke upon Racine County residents. The Racine County Circuit Court is derelict of its obligations to protect the citizens of Racine County and is further a disgrace to justice. 

Court protest begins on 
 Friday, January 19th., 8:30 AM.
outside of the 
Racine County Justice Center,  
730 Wisconsin Ave, Racine Wi.
Bring friends, signs, bullhorns and effigies.