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Sunday, January 14, 2018

When a Judge fails  
 to protect the community in his/her capacity as judge, releasing dangerous criminals back onto the streets to commit more crimes,
then that judge becomes a 

Judge Mark (middle finger)Nielsen

  In 2007, Judge Nielsen's egregious conduct of drunk driving tested the worth of his public service. Judge Nielsen's epic lack of good judgment has again struck a nerve. 

 This time the repercussions of Judge Nielsen's lack of good judgment has left two severely injured victims.

In November of 2017, Judge Mark Nielsen failed to protect the public from a habitual dangerous criminal by releasing an 18 year, old out of control punk kid back into the public mainstream 

The POS name is Isaiah DeGroot.
Here are Degroot's criminal charges as of November of 2017

Isaiah Degroot is again in custody at the Racine County Jail where he belongs.  

On Sunday morning, January 14,2018 Isaiah Degroot fled authorities in a stolen car and hit two pedestrians, critically injuring them both.
Flight for life was called to transport one of the victims to Froedtert hospital in Milwaukee. The other victim was taken by ambulance

Todays pending charges include;
Hit and Run causing great bodily harm
Operating a motor vehicle without owner consent - Stolen?
Possession of stolen property
First degree reckless endangering of safety
Drug possession charges
Numerous other serious charges
 and 9 counts of bail jumping

You may read more here;

Judge Mark Nielsen has a demonstrated history of endangering this community by his egregious conduct, and as such, this community should no longer tolerate this ass in office.


Friday, January 5, 2018

One of Racine's likable Gangs
 The Thursday night shift scene from 8:30 pm to 10 PM at Woofgang Rescue; 
 Woofgang rescue fostered 15 dogs rescued from the chicago area.
These citizen volunteers opened their homes to protect and provide a safe foster environment until permanent loving homes can be found. 

These volunteers came out in sub freezing temperatures (zero and below)  to aid man's best friend.

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