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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

$3,000 dollar bail 
opens the revolving court door for 
Isaiah DeGroot

In our last post we failed to illuminate several 
Racine County Court gamers.
Today we reviewed the court records and found more gamers hidden amongst the court records.
We introduce an additional two high rollers in the court system as gamers of the Judge lottery. 
Chief Judge Jason A. Rossell and 
Court Administrator Louis C. Moore

Jason A. Rossell- Chief Judge, 2nd. District

 Louis C.Moore
Racine County Court Administrator
No image available

Both were identified on the Application Order and Order of Assignment #2017SP067643 for Isaiah DeGroot.
Named as the assigned Judge on the order is 
Judge Mark F. Nielsen

Now with the known court gamers identified

 We now introduce the high roller of this game.
Dontae Petty

Mr. Petty is the $3,000 dollar gamer who signed the Surety Bond to spring Isaiah Degroot out of jail.
The $3,000 dollar surety bond was posted on 11-7-2016

Please thank all the court gamers in your own special way.
These gamers help Isaiah DeGroot destroy and forever change the lives of 
Jeffery and Cheryl Coopman.

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