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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

illuminating hidden truths

If you want honest, open and transparent government, there are people working toward this goal, but as of today, Racine is the place where Coryuption* exists.

If you own a dog, Racine isn't a safe city for your dog.

But if you are a shyster* attorney who likes to practice law with
secret government, secret courts and an unchecked police force with free rein to kill dogs, then Racine is the place to be. 

Once again city of Racine residents are victims of tort acts,
negligence and deceit.

The City of Racine has been negotiating to make big payoffs to attorneys representing the City of Racine and the law firm who represents the Harmons in the wrongful death of their beloved dog Sugar.

Harmon vs. City of Racine

Case No. 18-CV-209-JPS.

Appearing for the Case

Sara Harmon & Joseph Harmon.  
Represented by Jeff Scott Olson, Jeff Scott Olson Law Firm SC & Andrea J. Farrel, Jeff Scott Olson Law Firm SC.

City of Racine, Sgt Ryan Comstock, Chad Stillman, Investigator, Donald Nuttall, Investigator & Sgt Robert Thillemann.
Represented by Garrett A. Soberalski, Meissner Tierney Fisher & Nichols SC, Michael Cohen, Meissner Tierney Fisher & Nichols SC, Nhu H. Tran, Racine City Attorney's Office & Scott R. Letteney, City Attorney's Office.

You may read the Journal Times article here:

 Talking about news reporters missing the big story, the Racine Journal Times reported approximately 2.5% of the story!

Reports have it the Harmons will receive a pittance amount for the wrongful death of their dog while the two law firms representing the plaintiff and the city will cash in on a sweet Sugar coated deal, each netting around $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars each). 

Estimates exceeding $400.000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) to settle the claim has been discussed and is in the works.

The pitance amount the Harmons will receive will be less than $12,000.00 (twelve thousand dollars) for the wrongful death of their dog, that amount includes pain, suffering, humiliation and civil rights violations they endured.


+$400,000.00 dollars to the flea bag attorneys 
for processing paper.

- $12,000.00 to the victims of the crime.

This is how injustice* is rammed up the ass of 
 citizens in Racine county.

We ask  the following of 
City Attorney Scott Letteney;
Is this your sick sense of justice, 
$400,00.00 dollars to the attorneys?

From the Racine Journal Times:
"It is far better to put this case behind us all, in return for this fair settlement, than to allow the case to be a distraction."...Scott Letteney

Let's see how this settlement works out:
Approximately 97.5 % of the payout goes to the attorneys and 2.5% goes to the victims of the crime. Letteney has the audacity to call this a fair settlement.

You may read more here:

A mayor named Cory Mason involved in Corruption, Deception, Deceit, Secret government and Secret courts.


a person, especially a lawyer, who uses unscrupulous, fraudulent, or deceptive methods in business.

lack of fairness or justice,
  1. an unjust act or occurrence.

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