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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stick it to the ticket!

An editorial from RCC!

Schmaling and Hanranhan, get your heads out of each other’s posterior

A press release from the sheriff’s office promises that Racine County Sheriff’s

“deputies will be on the lookout day and night for unbuckled motorists” and “if you’re not wearing a safety belt, you will be stopped and issued a ticket.

The Racine County Sheriff’s office doesn't like to “serve and protect” , but they do like to “harass and collect”.


These sheriff deputies acting as armed revenue agents don’t have to wear a seatbelt!

If the issue was really about safety, the deputy’s themselves would be wearing a seatbelt.

This issue is about control and collection of revenue.

The Racine County Sheriff’s office is budgeted to collect over one million, nine hundred thousand dollars in forfeitures and that make the sheriff’s office a revenue collection agency. 

How about being on the lookout day and night for criminals instead!

How about serving and protecting the public!

How about discussing your phony and misrepresented 20,233 crime prevention incidents in 2013 that didn’t happen!

Or how about discussing or correcting the failures of your office to properly protect or maintain government property.

When a government's priority's are to "harass and collect" instead of to 
"serve and protect", then it is time to change the leadership of our government.

People or Sheeple, What are you?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Heroin Summit
Waterford High School
Thursday May 15th. 2014

   And of course, use can cause death

Waterford Summit by the numbers;
OVER 650 in attendance !
Auditorium filled to capacity !

So how did the Waterford School District get the message out ???

In conversations with Tammy Trulock at Waterford High School, we found the school administration decided to promote the Heroin Summit through several forms of media.  
Emails, newsletters,  direct teacher discussions to students, and student incentives to attend the Summit were all part of their efforts to get the message out about the Summit.

Many in attendance asked the question;
So what is next?

We save a community one person at a time!

Thanks Waterford School District for getting involved !

Monday, May 12, 2014

Heroin Summit
May 15th.  2014
Waterford High School
6pm to 8pm
This educational summit is an effort by our many branches of local government to inform the public of the dangers of heroin to our community.

You will learn why this drug is so addictive and especially destructive for people under 24.
This is the last of a series of crime prevention incidents regarding heroin.

This seminar brings updated information to the public about the latest dangers of this community destroying drug.

You may have heard it said;
“it takes a community to raise a child”

It also takes a community to save a person,

and we do that one person at a time.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Heroin Summit 2014
Crime Prevention Incident
@Burlington Wi.
Yes Folks,
it really did happen……….

A crime prevention incident at the Burlington High School

In attendance were 103 citizens who were concerned enough for the welfare of their community to attend.

I am pleased to inform our readers that an actual crime prevention incident occurred tonight in Burlington.  I cannot stress enough the importance of these types of events in our community.

This series of heroin seminars brings together on a common front the many branches of government to fight the devastating effects of heroin.

You will hear real Wisconsin horror stories of real families being destroyed by this deadly drug.

The information panel of this seminar includes the following;

County Executive James Ladwig
Sheriff Christopher Schmaling
District Deputy Attorney Patricia Hansen
Sheriff Deputy Lt. Daniel Adams
Medical Examiner Michael Payne
D.A. Richard Chiapete
Dr. Galbis-Reig
Human Services Mary Jane Whitmore

And so many other important contributors that I will try to identify at the next seminar on Thursday, May 15th. 2014

Below are actual samples of drugs that were confiscated for various drug offenses

Please plan to attend the next seminar !

On a few positive notes;

The Racine County Sheriff Department is the first in state to have trained over 80 officers to administer narcan as first responders to help save a life.

The Racine County Sheriff’s office has also opened 5 drop off locations in the county for the drop off of unused or expired medications.

Don’t leave unused or expired medicines around your house, doing so only invites trouble.

Folks , don’t flush the drugs down the toilet,
The flushed drugs end up in our lakes, streams and drinking water ………………
please properly dispose of the unused drugs at one of the following collection locations.

Waterford- Town of Waterford Police Dept.
415 N Milwaukee St.

Union Grove- U. G. Municipal center
925 15 St.  

Burlington- Town of Burlington Police Dept.
32288 Bushnell Rd.

Sturtevant- Village of Sturtevant Police Dept.     2801 89th. St.

Racine- City of Racine Police Dept.
730 Center St.

I leave you with these closing thoughts:

Your body is a temple, and only something worthy of a temple should enter a temple.

It takes a community to save a human life, and you save a community one person at a time

Our greatest enemy of the United States is apathy, part of that includes corruption of government officials and the illegal use of drugs, drugs will unweave the fabric of a family and ultimately provide the demise of our civilized country.

Get educated - Get involved....... plan to attend the next Summit on Thursday, May 15th.  6pm to 8pm @ Waterford High School

Friday, May 2, 2014

Fifty Shades of Brown:
Day Four

     Christopher Schmaling                                       His badge

20,233 Crime Prevention Incidents Reports were filed last year by the Sheriff's Department.

Below is the response to my Wisconsin Public Records Request regarding crime prevention incident reports.

"The Racine County Sheriff's Office has no known records responsive to your request in it's possession or control"

Why did Sheriff Schmaling and Deputy Sheriff John Hanrahan have Michael Lanzdorf, Racine County Corporation Counsel respond to a simple and benign records request.

Here is the reality of the Racine County Sheriff Crime Prevention incident reports.

The deputies are mostly busy doing nothing and claiming they are doing something "special".

Over 55 incidents a day makes it look like they are busier than what they are really are.

An old adage comes to mind,

"Figures lie and liars figure"

 " A crime prevention incident"

So what do you think they are doing with these stats and what are they hiding?