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Saturday, February 23, 2019


dirty political phenomenon 
Secret surveys
Secret meetings
Secret government
Secret courts

No one enables Mayor Coryuption more than City Attorney Scott Letteney

city attorney Scott Letteney

Sign the petition to remove 
City of Racine Attorney
Scott Letteney
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Monday, February 11, 2019

Outrageous conduct by city officials is no secret!

Secret surveys, secret meetings, secret government 
and secret courts are 
Mayor Cory Mason and city attorney Scott Letteney's legacy.
Mayor Cory Mason
Secret court proponent

But who is working for who?

Scott Letteney?

In the open records case of Weidner vs. City of Racine, 
Racine Circuit Court case # 2017CV1644, 
the paranoia of Letteney and Mason are illuminated 
by the City's ridiculous claims of "Talking Racine" 
producer Jim Spodick and panelist George Meyers 
being labeled as a danger to the community. 

This paranoia is so embedded into city government that Alderman Sandy Weidner wrongfully endured for over 7 months 
the darkness of a secret court for performing her duties 
as a city alderman.  
City of Racine attorney Scott Letteney filed frivolous documents and abused claims of attorney privileges 
into a secret and complicit court. 
During these court proceedings, Mayor Cory Mason's silence was and still is deafening. 

The Mayor cannot deny his involvement 
in this outrageous secret court case. 
Under Wisconsin Statutes 62.09(1),(8)(a)   " The mayor shall be the chief executive officer. The mayor shall take care that city ordinances and state laws are observed and enforced and that all city officers and employees discharge their duties".  (emphasis added)

Mayor Mason's knowledge of the Machinery Row scandal 
is well documented which involves straw man purchaser 
Rodney Blackwell.  Taxpayer money was misappropriated and squandered without public scrutiny and accountability.  The city acted as scofflaws as active businesses were disrupted and forced to relocate without compensation or due process.
Mason further commissioned a police morale survey in a most deviant way, undermining and circumventing established checks and balances within government.  These checks and balances are in place to prevent officials acting maliciously, or on a whim squandering public funds. Mason hired the law firm by the hour to avoid the scrutiny of the city council .  The Racine Journal Times has reported cost of $118,000 and rising for the survey. Despite the public paying for the report, Mason has denied the public the right to be informed of the contents of the report.  
Why? because it is a secret!
 You may read more here:

What else is Mason hiding ? How about the hiring of a city applicant who failed preliminary pre hire drug screening and kept that failed test information secret from the city council.  
It is all in the secret, redacted court records.  
Secrets secrets and more secrets.

Mason's use and abuse of the powers of the city attorney's office 
to act as henchmen silencing his critics is beyond outrageous,  
Mason has created a tyrannical empire of secrecy which by design ignores citizen's rights and impedes upon a free society 
right to be informed. 

As city attorney, Scott Letteney's management of open records request is also beyond outrageous. 
Mr. Letteney's office by design is derelict of it's official duties to properly respond to records request.  
His office systematically delays, denies and defers open records requests for months on end, ignoring and flaunting the laws that govern timely and reasonable response times. 

The question was asked earlier: 
But who is working for who ?  

Well the answer is neither Mason nor Letteney are working on the behalf of public interest.

Coryuption - Secret surveys, Secret meetings, Secret government and Secret courts are alive and thriving in Racine. 

An informed electorate has the necessary information to protect their own interest. 

In April, will it be a continuation of Coryuption?  Or a write in candidate for mayor who represents 
honest, open and transparent government?

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Write in Racine's very own POLITICAL ROCK STAR
Sandy Weidner for Mayor!

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