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Monday, December 21, 2015

Correcting the Record
Michael Nieskes 

In our recent post dated 12-17-2015, we wish to correct the record. Michael Nieskes did not violate Wisconsin Statutes 946.31 regarding perjury; he violated Wisconsin Statutes 946.32 by filing a false affidavit into court records.

The difference between perjury and the filing of a false affidavit into court records could be likened to the difference between a spontaneous oral response versus an act that may have required the following;  conspiracy, complicity and collusion.

The effort of an affidavit would also include the amount of time to draft the affidavit, notarized the document and the time to file the document into court records. Usually the affidavit process takes several hours, or even days to complete.

The amount of time required to file an affidavit usually requires additional acts to perform as compared to oral pleadings.  So looking at the big picture with filing an affidavit, you have a lot more time to reflect on what you are going to file into court records vs. oral pleadings.  So one could come to a reasonable conclusion that filing a false affidavit into court records should be considered a more serious offense than perjury.

Wisconsin statute 946.32  False swearing;
2) Whoever under oath or affirmation or upon signing a statement pursuant to s. 887.015 makes or subscribes a false statement which the person does not believe is true is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

It is ironic that an act that may involve a higher degree of criminal intent has a lesser degree of criminal punishment.

It took us only a few days to acknowledge our error while Michael Nieskes has had almost five years to acknowledge and correct his abuse of power including his filed false affidavit into court records. We invite Mr. Nieskes into the court anytime, even if we are a defendant, for we would surely enjoy the opportunity to impeach Mr. Nieskes’s testimony on the stand.   
We remind Mr. Nieskes that it is he who invited us to play in his court, and then acting as a coward, Mr. Nieskes failed to show up when we invited him thru subpoenas to impeach his testimony.
Until that time when we may meet Mr. Nieskes in court, we continue our pro bono publico platform.

It is all public record, and the corrupt Judge Gerald Ptacek was the orchestrator of the legal folly.

Folks, our legal system is not only corrupt, it is also broken and it is in need of a serious overhaul.
So in the meantime, if you have been wrongly accused, there are legal avenues for you to take, explore them.

We will continue to do our best to act as pro bono publico servants and all of you should 
beware of Mr. Nieskes, a coward of a man that slithers like a serpent. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Weekend Unwind

When music and movies had a taste of

From the Movie Neptune's Daughter
 we feature
Baby it's cold outside

click here;

An enlightened evening bonus for the weekend !


Esther Williams, Red Skelton, 

Ricardo Montalb├ín, Betty Garrett,

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What do both Michael Nieskes and
Michael Jackson have in common ?

They both 



Updated 12-21-2015
After being run out of town by the voting public in 2012, Mike Nieskes beat it out of town (metaphorically speaking) with his tail between his legs. 
Mr Nieskes ended up in a quaint little border town called Hudson, Wisconsin. He was hired by his old buddy, St. Croix District Attorney Eric Johnson to act as an assistant district attorney. 

You may ask yourself,  why do we write about this now?

Answer -

Michael Nieskes was recently promoted by Eric Johnson to deputy District Attorney for the St. Croix District Attorney Office. 

Why is this relevant you may ask?

Because while in Racine, Mr. Nieskes was the focus of a 100 plus page criminal complaint filed into the Wisconsin Attorney General's office regarding misconduct in office. During a 20 month battle with a pro se litigant, then District Attorney Michael Nieskes became the focus of jokes in the legal community

This 20 month battle exposed Mike Nieskes as corrupt, desperate and reckless.  Mr Nieskes during battle had filed a false affidavit into court records.  

By most accounts, filing a false affidavit is a Class A misdemeanor according to Wisconsin Statutes 946.32. But not according to the corrupt Racine County Circuit Court Judge Gerald Ptacek.
Mike Nieskes should have been sent to jail and his law license revoked.  But Judge Ptacek in court basically said beat it.
"nothing to see here, move along"

And move along we go.

Judge Ptacek and Mike Nieskes's  politically  connected buddy Governor Scott Walker still believed in him even after filing a false affidavit into court records.  So much so the head of the good old boys club Scotty appointed Michael as judge in late 2011 after Judge Barry allegedly committed suicide. 

Notice that we said allegedly.  

Moving along again.

But in April of 2012 , there were the general elections, the general elections that included the seat Judge Michael Nieskes was just appointed to 4 months earlier.

Many of the voters came to the April polls well informed in 2012. Well informed of the corrupt acts of Michael Nieskes because of alternative media the likes of Racine Uncovered, Jt Irregulars and Racine County Corruption.

But the public was not informed by the Racine Journal Times. 

As the flagship news outlet in Racine, the Racine Journal Times was provided a courtesy copy of the 100 plus page criminal complaint concerning Michael Nieskes well before the general elections. 

The Racine Journal Times held the copy of the complaint for several days before saying beat it and decided not to publish or even acknowledge the filed complaint to the public.

Why you may ask?


So now to the point of this article.

Michael Nieskes's acts were well documented to the State Attorney General's office and the AG basicly said beat it, and Nieskes was still hired as a district attorney in Hudson ,Wisconsin.
Worst yet, recently promoted to Deputy District Attorney of the St. Croix Office.

Our State government rewards misconduct and corruption while in office by rehiring this POS .

The good news of this article is that the Racine voters voted the corrupt ass out of office!

In the final say so, the voters in Racine County said back to Michael Nieskes  -  BEAT IT!
And Racine County voters booted a bad Judge named Mike out of office and replaced him with a good judge named Mike. 

                        Judge Michael Piontec 

     Now to beat it onward to St. Croix County where hidden from knowledge, Mike Nieskes slithers amongst the proles and uninformed public.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Did you know that "Tommy Thompson" 
is the antabuse of "Allah Akbar?"

And neither did we!

Recently in Racine, a group pictured below was chanting Allah Akbar , Allah Akbar, over and over and over........

Until this man pictured below stuck his head out thru the door and said    "Heeeere's Tommy!"     and began shouting Tommy Thompson....  Tommy Thompson ....     Tommy Thompson........   several times.

The allah akbar demonstrators were amused by the apparent crazy man, amused and laughing at him, that is until the man came thru the door with THIS!

And that folks was the end of the disturbance.

Tommy Thompson
It's what legends are made of !

Our thoughts from RCC.

Talk about bullshit from the press! The prestigious Racine Journal Times just delivered another editorial of complicity with our criminal government of how YOU are supposed to feel.  We have highlighted "their" rational. 

Journal Times editorial: Trump taps vein of fear

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been nonstop making headlines for his call to ban all Muslims from entering the United States until the nation’s leaders can “figure out what is going on.”
His views are concerning, but with that said it’s understandable why many Americans are supporting Trump’s extreme views.
They are mad. And they are scared because they don’t see what is being done to keep the nation safe.
On Nov. 13, 130 people died in France in a terrorist attack that rocked the nation. The attack was later determined to be connected to Islamic State terrorist group.
Then our own country was hit when a radicalized husband and wife killed 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif.
President Barack Obama addressed the nation on national television after that attack, hoping to help calm the nation.
Unfortunately, his remarks fell short of addressing the real national security problems our nation and the world are facing.
To fill in the gap, the very next day Trump declared that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States at least temporally.
A Bloomberg Politics Poll showed 64 percent of likely Republican voters and 35 percent of overall voters supported Trump’s opinion on Muslims.
Again, it’s because people are scared.
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Even Hillary Clinton is recognizing the nation’s intense fear.
In an Iowa town hall she told voters, “It’s OK, it’s OK to be afraid,” she is quoted saying in The New York Times. “When bad things happen, it does cause anxiety and fear … but then you pull yourself together and, especially, if you want to be a leader of our country, and you say: ‘OK, what are we going to do about it? How are we going to be prepared?’ ”
So far we haven’t heard a real answer from Clinton or others about what they are going to do to keep America safe.
Trump is wrong to advocate banning all Muslims from entering the United States. But unless someone else can come up with a concrete plan to keep the nation safe, it’s no wonder that people are rallying behind Trump.
1. "Trump taps vein of fear"   "and they are
 scared" - Incorrect!
 Trump has spoken for the millions of americans who are
 rational and tired of the destruction of this country thru the
 guise of being politically correct. Most americans are not
 scared, they are pissed off at the ineptness and corruption
 of our government from both political parties.

2. "Even Hillary Clinton is recognizing the
 nations intense fear"  -  SAY WHAT?
Is the Racine Journal Times insinuating or implying  that Hillary is
stupid or senile?
We doubt if Hillary Clinton could recognize her ass from her 
mouth, both of which spews out filth everywhere she goes. 
Many of her former state department officials despise her, 
calling her rude, uninformed and a self centered bitch.
Hillary's Arab Spring Platform is responsible for hundreds of 
thousands of lives being uprooted and/or destroyed, she is 
part of the problem that accelerated and intensified the world
chaos, then allowing her path of destruction to enter the U.S.

Think about this folks,  Libya's former terrorist leader Muammar 
Khadafy renounced terrorism, paid over a billion dollars in 
restitution for past state sponsored terrorist acts, then joined the
civilized international community, only to be murdered by 
Hillary's Arab Spring Platform.

 3.  its OK, its OK to be afraid"  -  No it is not OK
 to be afraid! For kids its ok to be afraid, but not for adults!  
As adults you learn life lessons. Life lessons that prepare you to 
deal with issues in a reasonable and rational way. The Racine
Journal Times prints that people are scared.  We at RCC say that
the public are not scared, but rather are pissed off at our corrupt
 government and the press that is complicit with its corruption.
Fear Mongering is done at the free press level.  
Shame on you RJ TIMES !

4. " if you want to be a leader of our country, and
 you say: ‘OK, what are we going to do about it?
 How are we going to be prepared?’ ” 
 These words are from the same person that helped exacerbate the 
chaos and terrorism we are facing today. A rational person would 
no longer listen to a person that helped create the problems.  But
obviously the Racine Journal Times expects their readers to follow
their lead. A lead that involves complicity and corruption to the
core. Millions of americans are now preparing in their own 
ways for the showdown between their values and the valueless
government, and its complicitors. That's how responsible and 
rational people react.

5.  So far we haven’t heard a real answer from 
Clinton or others about what they are going to do 
to keep America safe.   -  CORRECT !

There are rarely any real or honest answer from any Clinton.

6.  " it’s no wonder that people are rallying behind Trump".   INCORRECT !
Trump is currently a political oxymoron, in essence as "the same 
difference".  What lures the voters to Trump is the fact he is not
politically correct and is saying what millions of americans are
thinking and feeling.  Most americans are fed up with the direction
 the current two party system has taken this country for the last 50
 years.  It is time for a change and a purge of the corruption at all
 levels of government.

Lets see how the RJ Times did in their editorial;
One out of six right  = less than  20%  =  RUSD GRADUATE ! 

Friday, December 11, 2015

 “US Officials Asked;
 How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks"?

How did ISIS Get 
400 New Toyota Pickup Trucks?
From our Corrupt U S Government 
Of Course!

U.S. counter-terror officials asked Toyota, the world’s second largest auto maker,  how ISIS had managed to acquire the large number of Toyota pick-up trucks and SUVs seen prominently in the terror group’s propaganda videos in Iraq, Syria and Libya, 
Toyota said it did not know how ISIS obtained the vehicles and supported the inquiry led by the Terror Financing unit of the Treasury Department — part of a broad U.S. effort to prevent Western-made goods from ending up in the hands of the terror group.
The report cited Lukman Faily, Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S.
“This is a question we’ve been asking our neighbors,” Faily said. “How could these brand new trucks… these four wheel drives, hundreds of them — where are they coming from?”
Not surprisingly, it appeared the US Treasury was asking the wrong party. Instead of Toyota, the US Treasury’s inquiry should have started next door at the US State Department run by the liar Hillary Clinton.
Mystery Solved
 Last year the US State Department had been sending in fleets of specifically Toyota-brand trucks into Syria to whom they claimed was the “Free Syrian Army.”
US foundation-funded Public Radio International (PRI) reported in a 2014 article titled, “This one Toyota pickup truck is at the top of the shopping list for the Free Syrian Army — and the Taliban,”
Recently, when the US State Department resumed sending non-lethal aid to Syrian rebels, the delivery list included 43 Toyota trucks.
Hiluxes were on the Free Syrian Army’s wish list. Oubai Shahbander, a Washington-based advisor to the Syrian National Coalition, is a fan of the truck.
“Specific equipment like the Toyota Hiluxes are what we refer to as force enablers for the moderate opposition forces on the ground,” he adds. Shahbander says the US-supplied pickups will be delivering troops and supplies into battle. Some of the fleet will even become battlefield weapons..
And the dirty corrupt Brits were also involved in the aiding of ISIS according to a British Independant 2013 news article.
The British government has also admittedly supplied a number of vehicles to terrorists fighting inside of Syria. The British Independent’s 2013 article titled, “Revealed: What the West has given Syria’s rebels,” reported that (emphasis added):
five 4×4 vehicles with ballistic protection; 
20 sets of body armour; four trucks (three 25 tonne, one 20 tonne); 
six 4×4 SUVs; 
five non-armoured pick-ups; 
one recovery vehicle; 
four fork-lifts; 
three advanced “resilience kits” for region hubs, designed to rescue people in emergencies; 
130 solar powered batteries;
 around 400 radios; 
water purification and rubbish collection kits; 
VSATs (small satellite systems for data communications) and printers.
It’s fair to say that whatever pipeline the US State Department and the British government used to supply terrorists in Syria with these trucks was likely used to send additional vehicles before and after these reports were made public.

"The duty of the patriot is to protect his country from its government."