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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Thank God!
RCC presents the two
Racine County
District Attorney Candidates

                                                        Tricia Hanson

Thomas Binger

Have you done your homework to determine the best person for the very important position of
 Racine County District Attorney?
We have and will be releasing our 
endorsement this week.

The most influential and powerful person in the county is the District Attorney. It is imperative to put political affiliations to the side and determine the best candidate for the people of Racine County 

 Encompassing more power than judges and police combined, the D.A.’s office has the unique position of managing the decision to charge or not to charge.

 It doesn’t matter if the police or a judge desires to forward a case or not, the decision is made at the D.A.’s office

As top cop of the county, the D.A’s office has an obligation to the public to uphold the laws of the land.

 In upholding the laws, the D.A. must work with the public and numerous governmental agencies, including local, county, state and the countless federal branches of government.

And it is here dealing with other government agencies where the lines of integrity can blur.  If the D.A.'s office does not keep an arm’s length away from the very agencies it needs to associate with, the integrity of the office is compromised. 

We say this because not all cases referred or submitted to the D.A’s office by the public and various law enforcement agencies are as claimed. 

So it is the D.A.’s job to objectively critique, scrutinize and question the evidence to properly determine if charges are warranted.

 Errors, acts and omissions by victims, complainants, witnesses and law enforcement are commonplace. So a D.A. must be able to dissect and decipher the incident without prejudice to make a proper decision as to whether to prosecute or not prosecute a case.

For the most part, even when errors, acts and omissions occur, the system works as it should.

But the system is prone to failue when unethical conduct by participants occur.

The biggest cog in the wheel to justice occurs when various parties are less than candid.

And the cogged wheel of justice is exacerbated tenfold when corrupt government officials are put into play.

Testimony by law enforcement usually carries more credence than that of the public, even when it is false or misleading.
This is true in both the D.A.’s office
and in court.  So it is imperative that the top cop of the county also police's law enforcement

Hhaving an honest, impartial and smart D.A. in office who properly scrutinize the reports and statements is of paramount importance to the integrity of the office.

Rogue cops and judges in Racine County still do exist, so we need a D.A. of impeccable character who will properly vet the complaints to keep the system in balance.

We need an honest District Attorney who knows how to keep an arm’s length away from fellow government officials all while working closely with them.

And our endorsement goes to  ?  .......
We will announce this week!


Friday, October 14, 2016


There is a great deal of interest on this site regarding the District Attorney race in St. Croix County.

Former Racine County judge and D.A. Michael Nieskes is at it again, appealing to low information voters to become the next St. Croix District Attorney.
Racine County Corruption Starts Here 
Michael Nieskes was effectively banished in 2012 by Racine County voters for his egregious and criminal acts while acting as District Attorney in Racine County.

Michael Nieskes's reputation was so soiled in Racine County that he had trouble securing work as an attorney after the public banishment.

8 months later St. Croix County District Attorney Eric Johnson hired Nieskes as an ADA.  The criminal complaint filed by a Pro Se litigant against Nieskes for his egregious conduct while acting as District Attorney in Racine County made him the laughing stock of the Racine legal community. 

 When the informed voting public identifies and acts against a District Attorney who is both a sociopath and a narcissist, good things can happen for the betterment of the community.
Racine County did it and so can St. Croix County.

Racine County overwhelmingly outed Nieskes and said good riddance, and so should the voters of St. Croix County.