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Saturday, December 29, 2018

illuminating hidden truths

George Carlin has a few words for you

Racine voters can only blame themselves
for the lowlifes they have put into 
public offices.
Racine voters put the corrupt politicians in office.
Coryuption, inept city council members and complicit courts.
YES, Racine voters even put the 
corrupt and inept judges in office.

CITY DRUNKARD Judge Mark Nielsen
negligently released criminal (Isaiah DeGroot) back into the public domain to again terrorized the public
 and created a lifetime nightmare 
for Cheryl and Jeffery Coopman.
Even Mayberry's town drunk Otis could have exhibited more sense than this pompous ass of a judge.
Judge Mark Nielsen is a public enemy.

 Judge Eugene  Gasiorkiewicz 
SECRET COURT CONSPIRATOR and tyrant judge Gagthebitch
engaged in secret court proceedings against City of Racine councilperson Sandy Weidner.
Gagthebitch is a Constitutional infidel, has no moral or legal compass and knowingly and willfully violated Wisconsin statutes.
Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz is a public enemy.


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

illuminating hidden truths

If you want honest, open and transparent government, there are people working toward this goal, but as of today, Racine is the place where Coryuption* exists.

If you own a dog, Racine isn't a safe city for your dog.

But if you are a shyster* attorney who likes to practice law with
secret government, secret courts and an unchecked police force with free rein to kill dogs, then Racine is the place to be. 

Once again city of Racine residents are victims of tort acts,
negligence and deceit.

The City of Racine has been negotiating to make big payoffs to attorneys representing the City of Racine and the law firm who represents the Harmons in the wrongful death of their beloved dog Sugar.

Harmon vs. City of Racine

Case No. 18-CV-209-JPS.

Appearing for the Case

Sara Harmon & Joseph Harmon.  
Represented by Jeff Scott Olson, Jeff Scott Olson Law Firm SC & Andrea J. Farrel, Jeff Scott Olson Law Firm SC.

City of Racine, Sgt Ryan Comstock, Chad Stillman, Investigator, Donald Nuttall, Investigator & Sgt Robert Thillemann.
Represented by Garrett A. Soberalski, Meissner Tierney Fisher & Nichols SC, Michael Cohen, Meissner Tierney Fisher & Nichols SC, Nhu H. Tran, Racine City Attorney's Office & Scott R. Letteney, City Attorney's Office.

You may read the Journal Times article here:

 Talking about news reporters missing the big story, the Racine Journal Times reported approximately 2.5% of the story!

Reports have it the Harmons will receive a pittance amount for the wrongful death of their dog while the two law firms representing the plaintiff and the city will cash in on a sweet Sugar coated deal, each netting around $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars each). 

Estimates exceeding $400.000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) to settle the claim has been discussed and is in the works.

The pitance amount the Harmons will receive will be less than $12,000.00 (twelve thousand dollars) for the wrongful death of their dog, that amount includes pain, suffering, humiliation and civil rights violations they endured.


+$400,000.00 dollars to the flea bag attorneys 
for processing paper.

- $12,000.00 to the victims of the crime.

This is how injustice* is rammed up the ass of 
 citizens in Racine county.

We ask  the following of 
City Attorney Scott Letteney;
Is this your sick sense of justice, 
$400,00.00 dollars to the attorneys?

From the Racine Journal Times:
"It is far better to put this case behind us all, in return for this fair settlement, than to allow the case to be a distraction."...Scott Letteney

Let's see how this settlement works out:
Approximately 97.5 % of the payout goes to the attorneys and 2.5% goes to the victims of the crime. Letteney has the audacity to call this a fair settlement.

You may read more here:

A mayor named Cory Mason involved in Corruption, Deception, Deceit, Secret government and Secret courts.


a person, especially a lawyer, who uses unscrupulous, fraudulent, or deceptive methods in business.

lack of fairness or justice,
  1. an unjust act or occurrence.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Which Cory do you know?


Case in Point
Sandy Weidner
City of Racine
 Racine County Circuit Court Case # 17CV1644
 In 2017 Cory Mason was championed as an advocate of open records by writer Dave Zweifel at the Capital Times newspaper. 

The Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council was so impressed with Mason’s efforts that they awarded its annual "Popee" award for political openness to then Rep. Mason.
You may read the news article here:

BUT that was in 2017 when Mr. Mayor was a state legislator, not the Mayor of Racine as he is today.

  Oh how things change for the worse when one becomes 
Mayor of the city of Racine.

The last two mayors of Racine wielded their power with reckless abandon, leaving the city in worse shape than their predecessors. 

Mayor Gary Becker was more interested in children and children's porn than taking on the tasks of being the mayor.

Mayor John Dickert surrounded himself with controversy, stuck citizens with campaign legal bills and put the city on the hook for the Machinery Row fiasco/scandal using Rodney Blackwell as a Strawman. But Dickert was not acting alone to forward the Machinery Row red herring. 

You may learn more about it here:

Since becoming Mayor, Mason has centralized his executive power, tightening his control of his administration, silencing and intimidating any in the city council whom question or challenge his authority.

Mayor Cory Mason along with his sidekicks, City of Racine  attorney Scott Letteney and complicit Racine County Circuit Court Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz has now used fascist tactics to silence his critics...... secret courts

Case in point - just look at what has happened to 
city council person Sandy Weidner.  

Not only did Mayor Mason use city resources against Ms. Weidner, he used a Milwaukee law firm as well in an attempt to silence the truth. It appears the Milwaukee law firm of Meissner, Tierney, Fisher & Nichols S.C. has been used to quash Sandy’s legal efforts to access open records, with some saying the attorney fees have already exceed over $50,000.00 dollars.

Mr. Mayor’s power and influence extends well outside of the city limits, spilling into a corrupt Racine County Circuit Court 
where an apparently complicit judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz - AKA(Gagthebitch) completely sealed the court record. The complete sealing of the court record included the court docketing # and the parties names, something akin to the fascist's Italian and German secret courts of the thirties and early forties.  

Due to this secret court, we are now comparing Mayor Mason to the likes of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler which is  
not really a far stretch of the imagination.

Think about this folks, the City of Racine is a corporation and Mayor Cory Mason is the indisputable head of such. The City of Racine is also integrated into state, county and local government with most of the city counsel acting as Mayor Mason's puppets

Mayor Mason rules the City of Racine 
by the likes of the following  
"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power".
                                                                   Benito Mussolini

In the day of today's information age, only criminals and pompous asses would believe that they could get away with such blatant acts against democracy. 

In 2019 we can vote the corrupt pompous asses out of government.

Watch for the  #HOTGOVERNMENT candidates

Because it really does matter who is HOT and who is not

Tuesday, December 4, 2018






Coming soon
 to be announced 
candidate for Mayor of Racine

Honest government doesn't
have to be a dream! 


Sunday, December 2, 2018

illuminating hidden truths

Who notified City of Racine officials that the Racine County Sheriff Office has initiated a criminal investigation of Machinery Row?

Is it a coincidence very recent conversations between Rodney Blackwell and a City of Racine official concerning the term straw man may have been a topic of conversation?

Of course we do not wish to impede an investigation into these matters, but we do wish to know more.

Got info?

Email us @

Friday, November 30, 2018

Sheriff Department initiates criminal  investigation into Machinery Row.

Earlier this week RCC received a telephone call informing us that the Racine County Sheriff's Department has initiated a criminal investigation into the affairs of Machinery Row.

Being a criminal investigation has finally begun into the highly questionable finances of Machinery Row, RCC will encourage and respect the efforts of law enforcement to conduct an 
impartial and fair investigation.

Click below learn more about Machinery Row


Monday, November 26, 2018

Just say...NO 

Court of Appeals Chief Justice 
Judge Lisa Neubauer 
is a Constitutional infidel*.

Court of Appeals Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer 

The constitutional and statutory provisions with reference to the Court of Appeals mandate that it function as a single court under a Chief Judge and not as four separate courts.

Acting as the Chief Justice of District 2 Court of Appeals Judge, this nutbag of a judge has embraced  
Eugene Gasiorkiewicz's Secret Court 
and followed his lead by creating a secret court of appeals case to protect corrupt government officials.

In doing so, Chief judge Neubauer has neglected and violated Wisconsin statutes 59.20(3), 757.14 and our First Amendment of the U.S. constitution

Under Wisconsin statute 59.20(3), citizens are directly empowered to the opening of the Circuit Court record to public examination;
The court shall:
" open to the examination of any person all books
and papers required to be kept in his or her office and permit
any person so examining to take notes and copies of such
books, records, papers or minutes ...."

Under wisconsin statute 757.14 Sittings, public. The sittings of every court shall be public and every citizen may freely attend the same, except if otherwise expressly provided by law on the examination of persons charged with crime; provided, that when in any court a cause of a scandalous or obscene nature is on trial the presiding judge or justice may exclude from the room where the court is sitting all minors not necessarily present as parties or witnesses.

Many of our judges in Wisconsin courts have turned against public rights, interest, and our U. S. constitution.  Worse yet, we have several judges that are public enemies in our courts.  Several Judges that not only fail to protect our rights, but also actively attack our rights and privileges as well. 
Judge Lisa Neubauer is one of these bad judges.
Her appalling record speaks for itself.

Yes, Court of Appeals Chief judge Lisa Neubauer has an active secret court case before her that involves an open records request.

Both the docketing # and the names of the parties are sealed from public record so we will provide you with sealed information:

Wisconsin Court of Appeals 
Sandy Weidner vs. City of Racine
case # 2018AP1189

Only convoluted and contemptible courts would conduct secret hearings concerning a Wisconsin Public Records request.

Judge Lisa Neubauer has announced her candidacy for a position on the Wisconsin Supreme Court this upcoming April,2019.

We as citizens can put an end to these secret proceedings by voting these constitutional infidels out of office.

Upcoming April elections of the
Wisconsin Supreme Court
What kind of judge acts against and denies citizens rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution?

What kind of judge doesn't protect the citizens constitutional right of due process ?

What kind of judge allows lower courts to violate your rights

What kind of judge doesn't protect citizens rights from unreasonable searches?

What kind of judge allows punitive acts against citizens when one fights for their rights

 Guilty of all the above in just one case!

Think of the hundreds of court cases and victims her courts have aggrieved since she has been judge.

As both a judge and a person, Judge Neubauer has an indisputable and irrefutable history of not protecting citizen rights. 


Court case:
Vincent Milewski  vs. Town of Dover

Not convinced? 

What kind of Court of Appeals Chief Judge would allow the sealing the 
court records of an open records case and 
conduct court proceedings in secret ?


SECRET Racine County Circuit Court Case #
SECRET Court of Appeals Case #

Again the bad judge is Lisa Neubauer.

In just two cases, Court of Appeals Chief Judge Neubauer courts
 has denied and acted against citizen's constitutional rights of the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th. Amendments.


*Constitutional infidel:

/’infedl, ‘ infe del/
A person who does not believe in, nor support, protect, act or adhere to the U.S. Constitution

Synonym: unbeliever, disbeliever, nonbeliever


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Which Cory do you know ?


We are preparing a story for our readers for you to determine
if Mayor Cory Mason is bipolar, a nut bag, an uniformed participant or just a plain old conspiring crook.

This story will begin with the following:

In 2017 Cory Mason was championed as an advocate of open records by writer Dave Zweifel at the Capital Times newspaper. 

The Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council was so impressed with Mason’s efforts that they awarded its annual "Popee" award for political openness to then Rep. Mason.
You may read the news article here:

BUT that was in 2017 when Mr. Mayor was a state legislator, not the Mayor of Racine as he is today.............

Be prepared to read about a well orchestrated fraud by numerous government employees and its agents acting against public interest and the public's right to be informed.   

This upcoming story is about the scheming plan involving 
millions of dollars and is an ongoing fraud upon the public.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

State vs. James Barker III
Racine County Circuit Court

 Judge Gerald Ptacek

One of the oldest open cases in Racine County Circuit Court went to trial today and retired reserve Judge Gerald Ptacek has the case.

Judge Gerald Ptacek retired in january 2017 with nearly 30 years of service on the bench.  During many of those years Judge Ptacek was running a corrupt court, conspiring with District Attorney Michael Nieskes to deny rights to citizens, abuse the court calendar to trick defendants into missing court dates, and holding ex parte meetings without defendant's knowledge or participation.

It is all part of the documented court record in case 2011FO00057 and other cases that crooked judge Gerald Ptacek oversaw. 

To no surprise to us at RCC,  judge Gerald Ptacek was selected to conduct hearings and trial for this very irregular case.  Ptacek has an extensive history of  being the perfect judge for bad cops. 

 Irregularities in this case include allegations of destruction of  numerous evidence files by law enforcement, serving of an unsigned search warrant,  planting of evidence and  law enforcement destroying security recordings on the defendants security camera system.

We are not saying or implying that Mr. Barker is or is not guilty of receiving or selling of stolen goods. We don't have the facts and that is what trial should expose.
You may learn more here;

But we do know this for fact, judge Ptacek and his court goons are back to their old bag of tricks by posting false information onto WCCA records.

History with judge Ptacek has taught us be ever vigilant of his smoke and mirrors show.

Today WCCA records indicated the following

But court was not being held as posted on WCCA records.

This is part of the same pattern and practice of manipulation of the court calendar judge Ptacek has abused and subjected defendants to in his courts for years.

Not one prosecution affiliate, law enforcement officer or witness for the prosecution was downstairs in the posted court area waiting for the court doors to open.  At 8:20 am we at RCC suspected the Judge was back to his old bag of tricks.  HE WAS! 
Court trial was being conducted across the street on the 4th. floor of the courthouse

This forced the defendant to repack all his boxes and video equipment and haul it back up the stairs and across the street.

So typical of this piece of a shit judge


Thursday, November 8, 2018


When it comes to bull****
Few are as full of **** as Judge Gagthebitch
Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz 
Judge Gagthebitch

Judge Gasiorkiewicz's 
Racine County Circuit Court
Sandy J. Weidner vs. City of Racine
Case # 17CV1644

Racine County Circuit Court Judge Eugene Gagthebitch has been working extra hours to keep inquiring minds like us from overseeing what is going on in his court.

Gagthebitch sealed the WCCA files preventing citizens to review online court records, sealed the hearing dates, sealed the hearings, sealed the review of court information at the clerk's office, sealed the City's legal expenses and ordered everyone involved in the Sandy Weidner vs.City of Racine to keep quiet. 

Everything in this secret court is sealed! 
Nothing to see here! Move along!

This is what happens when a judge thinks 
his middle name is GOD!

Early in this case, the judge had decided make make a public policy decision to completely seal the court proceedings. The complete court record was sealed including the docketing # and party names.
For months, all was going quite well and as planned in Judge Gasiorkiewicz court. Michael Cohen was representing the city of Racine racking up big billing hours.  Sandy Weidner legal efforts were brickwalled and ruled against time after time. 
How could anybody possibly now interfere with judge Gasiorkiewicz's pet secret court case?
The general public was clueless that the 
open records case even existed. These insane secret court proceedings went on for months in the darkness of Eugene Gasiorkiewicz's secret court without public scrutiny and oversight.  

 Then Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel reporter Bruce Vielmetti broke the case to the public. 

Soon afterwards contempt of court proceedings were brought against Sandy Weidner. A secret 9 A.M.contempt hearing on the 25th. of September was scheduled. This secret hearing was to quash any remaining fight out of her. 

Gagthebitch's deathstar contempt of court proceedings traps were well oiled, the attorneys palms were further greased, the kill was imminent and the vultures were waiting. 

Image result for vulture circling gif


until a pro se litigant and the collective news media independently  took action upon the court to intervene.

One could say a monkey wrench was thrown into court.

Now the case is in the public's eye.

 This is where reality hits judge Gasiorkiewicz
The dirty dealings of the Racine County Circuit Court system is once again exposed and its trail leads all the way to the complicit Appeals Court where judge Lisa Neubauer prominently sits.

Any legitimate Appeals court would have reviewed the case and immediately remanded this case back to the circuit court.

Instead Sandy Weidner is now fighting in the darkness of two complicit courts. 

The written record vs. the oral record 

Below are printed court documents of 
Racine County Circuit Court case # 17CV1644 
as of 9-24-2018 and the morning of the 
contempt hearing on 9-25-2018 

WCCA online record search using Case #

WCCA online record search using judge's schedule

Publicly posted at the courtroom door

The court could not have made it any more clear that the case is sealed and not open to the public.
 As of 7:31 am the court had publicly posted 
at the court room door the case is sealed.

These written court facts are both indisputable and irrefutable.

At 8:30 am the pro se litigant files his motion to intervene.

Shortly before 9am, the court staff cordially invited all the interested parties waiting at the door into the courtroom.  When the Judge entered the courtroom, he was noticeably upset.

Here is what judge Gasiorkiewicz stated orally in court on the morning of September 25th. 2018.

THE COURT: The Court never had an intent to
close the hearing on contempt today. I don't know where
that came from. I've seen it eluded to in a number of
articles that have been provided by Mr. Cohen.
I've seen it eluded to in the Racine Journal

Times as of this very date.
Say what?
We think the judge is choking gagging on his own words

How do you tell when a judge is lying?
When they move their lips !

Just like the Making of a Murderer subject Brendan Dassey 
Judge Gasiorkiewicz in his own words has subjected himself to prima facie evidence that he conspired and engaged in ethics violations by conspiring and failing to give public notice of court proceedings and hearings. 

Didn't judge Gasiorkiewicz just find Sandy Weidner guilty of contempt of court using prima facie evidence?

Karma is a bitch!
Thank you judge Gagthebitch

An ethics complaint is in the works!

Judges are never as powerful as they tell you they are. 
Citizens are never as meek as they think you are.

Resign now Gagthebitch! 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz
Judge Gagthebitch

In Racine county, we have seen the rise of derelict, secret courts denying and attacking fellow citizens rights.

In theory, courts in Wisconsin exist to rule by law, to administer justice, to enhance social order, resolve disputes, to ensure due process, guarantee liberty and maintain the balance of equality between government and the citizen. 

But in Racine county, many of its judges are derelict to both their duties and their sworn oath of office, engaging in egregious conduct against public rights.

Case in point;
Sandra J. Weidner vs. City of Racine
Racine County Circuit Court case  # 17CV1644
Ms. Weidner had filed an open records request into the City of Racine seeking public records citing Wisconsin statutes 19.31-39 for empowerment.
The City of Racine refused to release all records, citing some of the records as being privileged and/or protected. Ms. Weidner than filed a civil suit against the city seeking the court to order the production of the withheld documents.

 The court conducted a hearing and during that hearing acted to seal the entire court record, including the court docketing # and the names of the involved parties over the objections of the plaintiff and her legal counsel. 

This is where judge Gasiorkiewicz royally screwed up. Citizens have both the right and authority to oversee our courts.  Judges sworn into office have an obligation to protect those citizen rights while conducting court. Judge Gasiorkiewicz engaged in judicial misconduct by overstepping his authority to seal the entire court record, denying citizens their right to oversee court proceedings, and worse yet the judge creating public policy.

Citizens are empowered by the U.S. Constitution, the State of Wisconsin Constitution and all the associated laws of both the State and Federal governments to oversee the courts.
Under Wisconsin statute 59.20(3), citizens are directly empowered to the opening of the Circuit Court record to public examination;
The court shall:
" open to the examination of any person all books
and papers required to be kept in his or her office and permit
any person so examining to take notes and copies of such
books, records, papers or minutes ...."
Judge Gagthebitch unethically and illegally sealed a civil court record. Gagthebitch ordered both the docketing # of the circuit court case and the names of the litigating parties involved sealed. This sealing of the public record is a direct attack against public interest and against public rights. The First Amendment of the
U. S. constitution guarantees that American court proceedings are presumptively open to the public. The U.S. Supreme court has explained the public's presumptive right of access to court proceedings are rooted in both logic and history

If one neglects their rights, than one can argue they have effectively lost their rights. Only thru perseverance and tenacity of individuals in our society has our rights been safeguarded from the derelict and lawless courts the likes of judge Gasiorkiewicz. The sealing of the public record is an attack on our 1st. Amendment of the U.S. constitution. By the act of sealing the entire public record, judge Gagthebitch has thrown a monkey wrench into our ability to gain insight into a now dark court, thereby restricting or denying our ability to fully engage in public discourse of the acts, facts and workings of the court.
The Court of Appeals has also completely sealed the Appeals record of Sandra Weidner.
No information, docketing #'s or case information is available.
We are providing the following for our readers.
Sandra J. Weidner v. City of Racine
The Court of Appeals case # 18AP1189
There - now it is no longer a secret Court of Appeals docketing # !

Gagthebitch !!!

Coming soon is a review of the derelict and complicit District 2 Court of Appeals. See how retired/reserve Racine County Circuit Court judge Gerald Ptacek and Court of Appeals Judge Lisa Neubauer along with her hatchet men have been using the lower court rulings to deny citizens their rights. See who supports judge Lisa Neubauer for the upcoming April Supreme Court election.

Yes - both Gagthebitch and Ptacek are on Judge Lisa Neubauer's list and neither judge is honorable, our guess 80% on the list are not honorable as well.

Resign now Gagthebitch!