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Monday, June 26, 2017

It’s what we do at RCC

We recently featured a Burlington Law firm whose web site was suspended for reasons unknown to us.

 Over the years we have had contact with several of its partners over various issues.

This featured law firm has an interesting niche – lawyers that have been known to act as town/village attorneys, judges and prosecutors on one end and defense attorneys on the other.

This arrangement appears to be better than two divorce lawyers agreeing to disagree, running up the fees for both attorneys.

This practice creates not only the question of possible conflict of interest, but of the possibilities of manipulating justice for profits. 

And who in power will question such an arrangement when they are acting on behalf of the local governmental agencies?

What a gig!

We think of this arrangement as the ultimate Ponzi scheme of lawyering.

Their website is back in service.

The one click law office.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

  Check this out!
That's what we got when we went to this law firm's website.

Home |Wanasek, Scholze, Ludwig, Ekes & Iselin, S.C.

Why would a local Racine County law firm's web site be suspended?

Is it only the $100.00 dollar question? 
or perhaps much bigger? 

In the Racine County Circuit Court system, we at RCC have seen a lot of unscrupulous characters.

 These characters included District Attorneys, judges, plaintiff and defense lawyers, witnesses, defendants and plaintiffs, many engaging in unethical and/or illegal behavior.

 Former district attorney Michael Nieskes was exposed for engaging in unethical ex parte meetings with judge Ptacek, Nieskes was further caught filing a false affidavit into court records (a criminal offense) under the complicity and protection of the self proclaimed "Hon." Gerald P. Ptacek.
Yes, we have written plenty about these two scoundrels in the past.

We even featured a partner of the above law firm taking a case to trial without a 
signed complaint. 
How do you do that?

A law firm's website suspended?
Again, how do you do that?
 Oh, how the mind can take us from the best scenarios to the gutters.
Non payment?
Technical errors?
Violations of host policies?
spam, malware, false or misleading content
Ethics violations ?
Supreme Court Rules Violations?

We don't know why the law firm's web site is suspended, or even if it is really suspended, but using the above hyperlink and the revealing of the "suspension" isn't doing their reputation any favors.

Any of the above/all of the above?......
 none of the above? 

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