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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

 Are you a citizen?
Or a corporation citizen?  

 You recognize corporate America

    Do you recognize corporate Government?

Think about this:
The town or city you live in is incorporated!
The county you live in is incorporated!
The state you live in is incorporated!
The federal government is incorporated!
You pay taxes to  corporations:
sales tax
income tax
inheritance tax
property tax
sin taxes
taxes,taxes, and more taxes it would take pages to list all the taxes you pay to corporations!
The point of this is to illuminate the fact is you are probably a Corporation slave.

Good Day 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

                     STOP "Cop Hunting" NOW!  

          From Politico Magazine, by Michael Bell

    The shooting deaths of two police officers in New York City by an African-American man apparently bent on revenge is a tragedy of the system. As we can see both from the protests against police nationwide in the aftermath of Ferguson, Missouri, and in the vicious phenomenon of “cop hunting’’—revenge-style shootings like the one in Brooklyn last week, and perhaps in Tarpon Springs, Florida, on Sunday—the system is broken, and the reason is a breakdown in trust.

This issue is not going away anytime soon. The problems of police accountability—of keeping our streets safe, but in a responsible way so that the public regains its faith in “the thin blue line”—are fundamental and will take years to fix. They are comparable, in fact, to the kind of safety problems that the aviation industry once suffered. And as in aviation, they are problems that can be fixed. I should know. I spent 22 years flying jets for the United States Air Force. And sadly, I also lost a son to a police shooting 10 years ago. So I’ve studied both problems for some time.

Let me explain how they compare. Three-quarters of a century ago, when the aviation industry was in its infancy, it was a chaotic mess. When a loss of life occurred, there was no organized system of investigation, and very little accountability. Authorities tried to decipher the state of affairs leading up to a crash but many times found it impossible to pinpoint the cause without knowing all the circumstances that were in play. This need to know led to the development of such investigative tools as the flight data recorder (known popularly as the “black box”), voice recorders and other such technology. Their eventual implementation began during the mid-1950s. Interestingly, there wasn’t the knowledge of a pilot’s physiology as there is today. When a modern crash occurs, surviving pilots are required to submit to a blood test and the bodies of deceased pilots are autopsied. During the early 1960s, pilots weren’t too keen about giving a blood sample, just as many police today aren’t happy about the idea of body cameras. Pilots believed they were entitled to protection against self-incrimination and to their privacy. They saw no harm in drinking a bit of alcohol or taking pain-relief medication before flying. Yet these pilots, tired of watching their colleagues die and wanting to help the industry become safer, allowed for some privacy intrusions in the interest of prevention. They accepted early on that the industry was not trying to punish them; it was only trying to fix or prevent.

When police shoot and kill civilians, investigators regularly take physical data from the deceased, but rarely from the officer. Police officers are human and are subject to the same chemical effects on performance and judgment as anyone else.
Today, a similar awakening must occur within our police departments. To regain public trust, police must allow a minor intrusion of their privacy and demonstrate to the public that the officer was in a clear frame of mind when a life was taken. Alcohol, mood-altering drugs or steroids must not be permitted to affect an officer’s judgment or performance.

We pilots know full well that we share much in common with our law-enforcement brethren. High speed and unpredictable and deadly consequences exist in our lives each day. We both try to protect people from harm, yet the numbers of yearly aviation deaths and plane crashes have been dropping for decades, while police-related deaths, when examined through independent tracking sources, appear to be increasing at an alarming rate.

When it comes to accidental homicides by police, the current system of investigation parallels that of the aviation industry decades ago. The deaths of Tamir Rice, Amadou Diallo, Douglas Zirby and my son Michael Bell (to name just a few) are what are known as “mistake-of-fact” deaths, which today comprise roughly 25 percent of police-related deaths. This is unacceptable. If that percentage of mishap were applied to air travel, nobody would ever leave terra firma.

The Obama administration’s $75 million investment in 50,000 police body cameras is a very good start. The early version of the body camera—the dashboard camera—has proved useful in documenting police interactions and factors at the time of an incident, but police officers weren’t initially too keen on that idea either. Yet many came to accept “dash cams” as beneficial to police, and generations of new recruits have just accepted them as a standard feature of the job. Like a jetliner’s flight data recorder, “body cams” will improve the recording of data relating to a police-involved death but, by themselves, will not drive the systemic change in culture our country seeks. A systemic change to save lives will occur only when all collected data and their subsequent review mirror the methods developed in the aviation industry.

An example of these methods is the National Transportation Safety Board’s “go team." This team of multidisciplinary experts, placed on 24-hour standby, reacts quickly and meticulously on all crash site debris. Their structured process—simply stated, an extensive checklist—leaves no stone unturned. Every item, even if the team feels that it may not be a contributing factor, is still looked at in full detail to eliminate it as a cause.

Success leaves clues, and it’s time to understand why one profession is succeeding in preventing work-related deaths and the other isn’t. In my professional judgment, there are six essential elements of a competent airline crash-investigation system: (1) recording and capturing data in a timely manner; (2) having investigations conducted externally to the pilots and airlines involved; (3) having an independent review of the investigation findings; (4) holding pilots and airlines accountable for errors made; (5) maintaining a national database of crash data; and (6) transparently reporting investigation findings, conclusions and consequences.

The United States Air Force learned early on that pilots who shared combat moments together should not investigate a friend or co-worker’s mishap. They would be tempted to ask, “How could you find me at fault? We defeated the enemy together, our wives are best friends, and little Bobby and Kevin’s birthdays are on the same day.” These internal organizational reviews introduced the natural bias of friendship and camaraderie and produced flawed conclusions. Thus, mishap and safety investigation teams were formed, allowing for external professional investigation of a crash.

Currently, most police departments conduct internal organizational reviews under the control of the department’s chief. In the case of my own son’s death at the hands of a policeman in Kenosha, Wisconsin, who shot him in the head, several of the officer’s co-workers determined in just 48 hours that the officer’s actions were justified. Moreover, they absolved the department of any responsibility by concluding that training issues did not contribute to the death. In essence they said, “We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong.”

Six years ago, US Airways Flight 1549 made its now-famous “splash landing” in the Hudson River. The incident made heroes of the cockpit crew, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III and First Officer Jeffrey Skiles. They brought the Airbus A319 to a safe landing after the jet lost both engines due to bird strikes just after takeoff. Yet “Sully” and Skiles weren’t absolved of responsibility until they were cleared by the National Transportation Safety Board. Even though no one died in the nearly miraculous landing, a federal safety panel issued more than two dozen safety recommendations related to the airliner landing on the Hudson. I cannot find one objection to the NTSB’s ruling of the incident. Why? Because recommendations handed down by the NTSB are trusted due to safeguards against bias that are built into the system.

External investigation results must be reviewed by an independent board to determine cause and attribute responsibility. Today, only the five presidentially appointed board members of the NTSB determine probable cause developed through the investigative efforts.

For the past decade, since my son’s death, I and many others worked for the passage of a new law in Wisconsin that requires departments to bring in outside investigators to investigate a police-related death. Even though nationwide we have seen some cities and counties order external investigations of police-related deaths, Wisconsin Act 348 was our nation’s first statewide mandate of them. I hope there will be more.

Another thing that became clear to me after my son’s death was that the district attorney’s role is to provide cover for the police, and the police's role is to ensure that the district attorney remains in office. Any misstep in that relationship affects the DA’s electability. It’s not that DAs don’t have ethics, but DAs and police share “combat moments” together. As demonstrated by the protests that are occurring nationwide in the wake of the police killings of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York, the perception of flawed and biased reviews have come back to haunt the system.

There is merit in having members of any profession review one another’s work. Their work entails difficult discretionary decision-making, and only those similarly schooled and practiced in that decision-making can properly judge its exercise by others.
Police “professionals” need to review “law enforcement” from a distance. Reviewers must be skilled in and knowledgeable about policing, but they must not have an institutional or personal stake (i.e., a lost promotion opportunity) in the process. Recently retired police chiefs or sheriffs, criminal justice or law professors, police trainers, former prosecutors or judges provide the right balance between professional familiarity and independence to review incidents of police-related deaths of a civilian.

Just as we won’t allow an airline company to pick and choose who will be on the NTSB, we shouldn’t allow a police department to pick who sits on its review panel. A high-ranking elected official, who does not directly oversee the agency being reviewed, must appoint the members of this independent review panel.
In a promising draft of Wisconsin’s law, the chief judge of each Wisconsin judicial district was designated to appoint the review panel. A trusted review body in an officer-involved shooting is just what the police profession needs and, hopefully, Wisconsin legislators will revisit independent review and mandate this feature soon.

Another dimension of accountability is personal responsibility. One aviation mishap can improve aviation safety forever, because the aviation industry reviews each incident and takes steps to prevent similar future incidents. Imagine the uproar if passengers were killed by poorly trained, drunk or irresponsible pilots who simply got a new job after they’d botched the previous one. The aviation industry holds responsible those people who have demonstrated irresponsible behavior. Military pilots go before a Flight Evaluation Board, and the Federal Aviation Administration can and, most importantly, will suspend a pilot’s license, require additional training or fine the airline company. One at-fault accident and your chances of being hired by another national carrier are close to zero.

Yet, as in the case of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy who was shot dead in Cleveland, the officer involved had a documented history of “dismal” performance. Typically, dismal performers tend to move from one police department to another after a firing.
Which leads us to another needed change: a national database of police-related shootings and deaths. In aviation investigations, once the cause is determined, that information is distributed throughout the profession to reduce the chance of it happening again. Since 1962, the NTSB aviation accident database has stored data on all civil aviation accidents and selected incidents within its jurisdiction.

Generally, a preliminary report is available online within a few days of an accident. Factual information is added when available, and when the investigation is completed, the preliminary report is replaced with a final description of the accident and its cause. As an instructor pilot, I spent many hours studying aircraft mishaps to teach new pilots what killed others and how to avoid their mistakes. Yet there is no national database on police-related deaths. We know that in 2013, our nation lost 23 percent of its honeybee population, and we have an accurate estimate of how many rats are in New York City, but we don’t have a public accounting of how many times a police officer killed a civilian, whether justified or not. In other words, this lack of data is intentional, and it’s almost as if mistrust was built into the system right from the start. States can legislate solutions, but only after we are aware of the trends.

In aviation, there is also an established system for whistle-blowers. Got a problem and don’t want to ruin your career by reporting on your company or flight squadron? The Aviation Safety Reporting System is a nonpunitive program for anonymously reporting unsafe activities. The ASRS program is operated by NASA, which collects and analyzes reports, then forwards findings to the FAA. This ensures no pilot or mechanic is identified by the FAA and subjected to retribution by employers or colleagues.

Police need to develop an equivalent system, thus allowing any officer to report on safety and ethics concerns without fear of retribution. One needs only to look at the turmoil that NYPD Detective Frank Serpico experienced when he tried to report graft to his superiors—even today, 40-odd years later, he is resented by New York City police—to understand how important this feature would be to the police profession.

Today, most people take the safety and reliability of flying for granted. That didn’t happen by accident, if you’ll pardon the phrase. It took decades of hard work and trial and error. It appears that substantial portions of the U.S. public cannot say the same about the police. Slowly, but with an increasing sense of urgency, police departments are coming to see that they must have more transparency and accountability if they are to earn back the public’s trust. The history of aviation points to a way forward.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

                   An open letter to Alice Rudebusch
                  Racine County Court Commissioner

Alice Rudebusch
Court Commissioner
Racine County Court                                                  12-17-2014

Subject: State vs. Kurt Hanson,  Case #  2014CF001506  

To: Court Commissioner Alice Rudebusch

         I bring to your attention the ominous prospect that Kurt Hanson, who is currently incarcerated, is a victim of Racine Police Department negligence and/or maliciousness.

 I refer to the probable negligence and/or malicious acts, errors and omissions of the 11-01-2014 incident of Mr. Hanson and Mr. Polk’s altercation that resulted in Mr. Hanson’s arrest.

 If a proper investigation had been conducted by RPD, I believe a different outcome and different person would have been arrested.

 Further, I believe that the issuance of Mr. Hanson’s felony charges is a direct result of the incompetence and/or malicious acts of RPD.

I urge you to view the website before or during the hearing of 12-19-2014.

RPD failed to collect video evidence and interview the only known witness to the altercation BEFORE arresting Mr. Hanson.

We believe the continued incarceration of Mr. Hanson before trial is both immoral and unjust considering the facts presented on the Justice 4 Angel site.

Respectfully submitted,
Racine County Corruption
Similar letters were sent to Racine County District Attorney 
Rich Chiapete and Judge Michael Piontek.

Friday, December 12, 2014

We have added a few local area blogs to a hyperlink on the right side bar, along with some interesting regional and national sites of interest.  
From Chicago's "shot in the ass meter" to the Jackass in Dover, a fuddyduddy site to the eccentric are only a click away.
Hope you enjoy the alternative news and social sites we have added for your convenience. 

The RCC team.

We remind our readers that part of our mission is to illuminate the hidden workings of government that work against public interest

We leave you with the wise words of Martin Niemoller and links to Wikipedia to learn more about him:

First they came for the communists,and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Catholic.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

Click below :
Martin Niemöller

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Art Howell - Chief of the Racine Police Dept.

Art Howell's legacy will be defined by Deceit, Lies and Incompetence.

The Killing of Kurt Hanson's dog Angel on 11-01-2014 by Racine Police SWAT team members
and the police cover up of the incident reflects poorly on Art Howell and his senior staff.

Art Howell deceived the public and his supporters when he stated that an investigation would be conducted of the Militarized event.

30 days after the event, the only known witness to the armed altercation between Mr. Polk and Mr. Hanson had not been interviewed by Racine Police. This leads RCC to the conclusion that there was no active investigation and an active cover up of the incident was in put into place by the Racine Police Dept.

Mr. Hanson has been incarcerated for over thirty days. A complete and proper investigation has yet to be completed.

RCC contends the wrong person was arrested on 11-01-2014. 
An altercation between Mr. Hanson And Mr. Polk occurred on Mr. Hanson's property when Mr. Polk went to Mr. Hanson's house and escalated a dog poop incident into an armed altercation.

Incident scenario for Racine Police:

The Racine Police dept. failed to conduct themselves in a competent, professional and ethical manner. 
The Racine Police Department failed to conduct a proper investigation:
Failed to seek witnesses and take statements  
Failed to look for security cameras.
Failed to question neighbors
Failed to exercise good judgement
Escalated a calm scene to a lethal incident

The above are the best case excuses for RPD, because the worst case scenario involves contempt, collusion and conspiracy to deny Mr. Hanson his Constitutional rights. 

What is your excuse today Mr. Howell ?

Read more @

Resign Now Art Howell !

Sunday, November 30, 2014

A new site featuring video evidence will illuminate the ineptness, negligence and maliciousness of the Racine Police Department.

The video evidence of the Polk vs. Hanson altercation was not sought out by Racine Police before they took action against Mr. Hanson.

The video evidence will illuminate an armed aggressor entering Mr. Hanson's property, and an armed altercation over dog poop ensuing. The gun toting aggressor on Mr. Hanson's property is Brian Polk . Mr. Hanson defended himself with a machete. 

Due to the ineptness, negligence or conspiracy of the Racine Police Department against Mr. Hanson and his dog, the Racine Police Department shot Mr. Hanson's dog in the middle of his yard.

The new site will be completed in the next few days. 

Thank you fellow Racine citizens who stood up, provided evidence and statements. Without the watchful eye of the public, the truth cannot be exposed.

Here is a word Art Howell and his staff should learn the true meaning of: 
Patience  Integrity Guts 

Patience - the capacity to accept or tolerate delay,trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. 
Had the Racine Police Department took the time to conduct a proper investigation, a different outcome and a different person would have been arrested.
Integrity- the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
Art Howell and his staff misled and lied to the public about an internal review and investigation of the incident taking place. Had a review and investigation really been conducted by his department of the incident, the video evidence would have been found by the internal police investigation.  Instead, video evidence of the altercation was collected and submitted directly to the D.A.'s office by private citizens 12 days later.
Guts - personal courage and determination, toughness of character
Art Howell is a coward to face the reality of his departments ineptness, negligence and cowardness.  An armed SWAT police cowardly killed a 30 pound dog that posed no threats.
No personal courage there.

Resign Now

HUHA Howell

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The insanity of law enforcement in Colorado:

      Man arrested for pointing banana at

Allison Sylte, KUSA-TV, Denver, Colo.7:42 a.m. EST November 26, 2014

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — A man was arrested after allegedly pointing a banana at two deputies and telling them that he thought it would be a "funny joke" to post on YouTube to "lighten the holiday spirit."
Police say the man, identified as Nathen Channing, 28, was not recording the Saturday incident.
According to the arrest affidavit, Deputy Joshua Bunch first encountered Channing at approximately 11:15 a.m. Bunch, who was in a marked patrol car, saw Channing walking on the sidewalk.
"I observed Nathen reach into the left side of his coat with his right hand and pull out a yellow object, pointing it in the air then in my direction as I approached him," Bunch wrote in the affidavit. "Nathen drew the object in the same manner someone would draw a standard handgun from a concealed holster."
Bunch says he immediately ducked into his patrol car and drove away, afraid that Channing had a weapon. He then called another deputy in the area and warned him of the situation.
The affidavit says Bunch saw Channing point an object at the other deputy, who initially thought it was a gun.
"Deputy (Donald) Love stated he was in fear for his life at this point, and was in the process of pulling out his handgun when Nathen yelled 'It's a banana!'" Bunch wrote in the affidavit.
When asked why he decided to point a banana at two deputies, Bunch says Channing told him that he "does a lot of YouTube" and he thought it would be a "funny joke."
Bunch said Channing then informed him that he's a standup comedian and "it was just a joke that he realizes, now… is not funny."
According to the affidavit, when pressed as to whether or not he was recording the incident, Channing admitted he was not.
"I informed Nathen his reasoning did not make (sense) to me since he did not have anything to post on the internet," Bunch wrote in the affidavit. "Nathen stated he was just completing 'trial runs' of the joke."
Bunch says Channing told him he thought the joke would "lighten the holiday spirit."
A third officer was then called to the scene, and Channing was taken into custody at around 11:30 a.m., according to the affidavit.

Channing is facing charges of felony menacing.

RCC has looked into this further.
Mr. Channing is from Fruitville Co.
If you are from Fruitville, a Felony menacing charge of misuse of a banana is a serious offence.
We recommend he appeal ! 

And the insanity of law enforcement in Racine county:

Friday, November 21, 2014

Help us stop Racine Police violence against animals !
Marching drummer(s) & Band members 
for Justice 4 Angel Event March:

If you like marching for a good cause and making noise in the cold, contact us;

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pig in a Polk
Pig with the Polk
Pig poking Polk
Or whatever foolish line you may come up with this old proverb, the sheeple of Racine has bought into another confidence trick by the Racine Police Department.
The comparison of the old saying Pig in a Poke to the 11-01-2014 police killing of Kurt Hanson’s dog fits perfectly.
For more information about the origins of this saying click the following Wikipedia link

It appears the public are moving about as sheeple just as Racine Police Chiefless Art Howell and his occupying army planned, with the exception of the Racine County District Attorney’s office. The sheeple plan was going smoothly until a two hour surveillance video of the gun vs. machete event on Hanson’s property was delivered to the D.A.’s office.

With video evidence in hand, the D.A.’s office forced The Racine Police Department into an investigation.

RCC is does not have specific details of the conversations between the two offices but we are diligently seeking those records.

Sheeple go about their business believing government is here to serve you, without questioning even glaring acts of negligence and aggression of the occupying army.

PIG in a POKE is what the Racine sheeple have bought into at RPD. When shots of aggression are fired at sheeple by RPD, the sheeple look at themselves with a blank stare and say it wasn’t me, then go about their lives grazing as one after another sheeple victim goes down. Racine sheeple have few shepherds to protect them when the police wolves strike.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Racine Police Chief Art Howell remains found at burial site in the Future!

Obituary stated he died of Huha
(Head up his ass)
For more information about huha
 click below

The Silence is Deafening

When you go into the Racine Police Department or Racine District Attorney’s office and ask about the 11-01-2014 police dog killing incident, all you get is silence.
This silence shouts volumes about what is now going behind the scenes.
And behind the scenes in RDP, the blue line is leaking like a sieve.
Many Racine police are angry and/or embarrassed about the incident, which means some are talking.
Inside sources have informed us that incident video in the hands of the Racine Police Department are now being minutely scrutinized.
Statements made by Brian Polk and his residents are also being intensely scrutinized against the video evidence that has been secured by RPD.
There are now constructive conversations going on between the RPD and the D.A.’s office as how to charge Brian Polk.
One may ask why it is taking so long to charge Mr. Polk after they have viewed the video.  The answer is quite simple; RPD staff now wishes to place Mr. Polk in prison for the longest possible duration, which means they plan on charging him with more than just obstruction. Why?
“Payback , He(Brian Polk)made us look like asses” one source told us as he drove away in his squad.

RCC looked at Wisconsin statutes regarding obstruction or lying to the police. The maximum penalty is 10,000 dollars and /or 9 months in jail.
Click to view statute; statute 956.65.

Additional weapon charges are being reviewed and are expected to be filed against Mr. Polk next week. 

Without the watchful eye of the public, and citizen courage to expose the Racine Police Department, Justice 4 Angel would have never had a chance in Racine.

Friday, November 14, 2014

In Mythology, its men against kings, kings against gods and gods against the world. Does that sound like Racine?
For nearly 2 weeks, the Racine titans of law had been clashing over the police pet killing incident of 11-01-2014 involving Kurt Hanson and his pet Angel.
The Racine District Attorney’s Office had been sifting thru large amounts of information received from Racine citizens that conflicted with Racine Police findings and incident reports.
The clashing came to a head when a 2 hour surveillance video of the inncident was provided to the D.A.’s office by a Racine citizen.
The neighbor, traumatized by the event had been living in fear that the police would confiscate and destroy the video evidence of the incident.
During the twelve days before turning in the video, the neighbor/witness was never contacted by the Racine Police Department.
Which brings us to one of the Titans, Racine Police Chief Art Howell.
Shortly after the police pet killing incident, CBS news 58 ran the following story.

 Racine Police Chief addresses dog shot

Racine -The Chief of Police in Racine addressed the dog that was shot and killed during a stand off on Saturday.

CBS 58 obtained e-mails from the Chief to concerned citizens, upset over what happened that day.

The Chief said that he is saddened over the loss of a domestic pet that, more than likely, had no malice against anyone.
He added that during this standoff, the dog's owner threatened to use a body armor piercing crossbow to kill officers, and this subject threatened to use his dog as a weapon against officers as well. 
Chief Howell goes on to explain that after several hours of dialogue with crisis negotiators, the barricaded subject ultimately made good on his threat to introduce the dog into the active standoff and that after the dog was released, the dynamics of this encounter changed.
According to court documents, the owner of the dog and the man involved in the standoff is Kurt Hanson.
Hanson has a criminal history dating back to 1980.
He has a number of convictions involving disorderly conduct and resisting police.
His criminal complaint also details how police say he threatened them with weapons and the dog.
The Chief said that after hours of trying to negotiate through dialogue, his officers were forced to deal with the distraction and unpredictability of having the Hanson's dog moving through the scene of this active encounter at a critical time.
In that same e-mail, the Chief explained that in the event their review process exposes misconduct, or if they find that additional training could have resulted in a better outcome, they will take appropriate action as dictated by our findings.
In a separate e-mail the Chief was more specific and said the department will also review the existing SWAT protocol to determine how to best deal with future situations of this nature.
Racine police also planned on releasing 911 calls from the day of the stand off.
On Sunday, a small group met outside the police station to voice their anger over the dog being killed.
Here are the problems with Chief Art Howell’s following statements.
“In that same e-mail, the Chief explained that in the event their review process exposes misconduct, or if they find that additional training could have resulted in a better outcome, they will take appropriate action as dictated by our findings.
In a separate e-mail the Chief was more specific and said the department will also review the existing SWAT protocol to determine how to best deal with future situations of this nature.
Twelve days later, the Racine Police department still had not sent out investigators to seek additional evidence or take statements from witnesses.  MEANING............
There was not an active review process or internal investigation into police errors, acts or omissions until the D.A.s office received a 2 hour evidence video of the incident.
And that is when one of the TITANS  $#!T  HIT THE FAN

                                   Resign now Art Howell

         Justice 4 Angel Event
Saturday, Nov.15th.
Downtown Racine
Main Street at 6th.
(Momument Square)
Big Signs, little signs
Music by “Audience”
Dress code “optional”

“Be there” at the Square

Watch Racine Police Chief
Art Howell
Receive Coveted

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's Official:
An epiphany happened at the Racine Police Department
13 days after the Racine Police Department traumatized its citizens.
Art Howell and his staff finally realized they could no longer hide the truth.

Racine Police members acknowledged an internal affairs investigation into the 11-01-2014 incident where police shot a dog named Angel.

During the last twelve days, Racine Police has refused comment to the inquiries of an internal investigation being conducted.

Today is a turning point for Racine residents.

Racine Police forensics investigator Todd Hoover  recovered video evidence located at a residence across the street from the incident. The video contains roughly 5 hours of footage. 

The D.A.'s office had been provided a two hour video of the incident several days ago by RCC.  With video evidence now in the hand's of the D.A. , Art Howell and his staff were forced to acknowledge the existence of the evidence and therefore had to recover the video surveillance at the neighbors home.

Anybody want to guess as to why they didn't want to secure the video?

Unnamed sources told us that this is the worst police work he had seen in over thirty years.  
"Racine Police failed to interview witnesses to the incident, failed to take statements, ordered witnesses to shut up and go inside, and then they kill the dog.

Police had an opportunity for a non lethal ending a half hour after the gun vs.machete incident occurred.
Neighbors who are friendly to Mr. Hanson were trying to calm him but were ordered back into their house by police. 
Unamed sources further stated,
"Cover up from the opening seconds after the dog was killed"

The Racine Police Department has released select 911 audio of the incident, perhaps to spin favorable public opinion of their actions, it didn't work in our minds.

Racine County Corruption is planning to file a writ of Mandamus for the production of all 911 calls concerning the incident.  Only with all the evidence can one hope to find justice.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

       Chiefless Howell

Police killing of pets creates civil unrest

Below are the Facts:
:  Police pet killings undermines public trust
:  Creates anxiety
:  Increases police costs
:  Inflicts emotional trauma
:  And creates public hostility

Does the above list look like an officer’s job?

The above information isn’t secret or unwritten.
You have to know how to read to get this information and that is where one of Racine’s problems is.

When it comes to reading and pets, Racine Police Chief Art Howell and his staff has failed to embrace written police science that would promote public trust, reduce department cost, and end the trauma the public endures every time a pet is killed by police.

Had Cheifless Howell read some of the writings of Bernard Melekian and embraced the science of community policing, we wouldn't be writing about this today.

Instead Chiefless Howell is part of a national epidemic of police pet killings. In part because he has militarized his troops and is running his department as an occupying army.

Howell obviously doesn't understand community policing and believes a show of force is necessary to settle unrest.

The killing of Angel is a huge embarrassment for the police department, the incident has divided its troops and deflated the esprit de corps. 

Internal affairs are now interviewing their own staff, sifting thru their reports, and preparing to do what police should have done the day of the incident.

Detectives must now backtrack and interview citizens who witnessed the incident, collect evidence and write new reports .

Outburst between police and citizens are occurring on a daily basis. One of the noted outbursts by police was directed to a citizen who provided us with video recordings of the event. The police outburst chastised the citizen for not calling the police and telling them that he had this video.

Whatever happened to due diligence?

The police failed to asked for any video from many of the witnesses and further neglected to take statements from all witnesses.
These are basic and fundamental tasks of law enforcement, but not in the Racine Police Department.

The police traumatized witnesses to the incident, failed to professionally do their job that day and are now chastising witnesses for failing to come forward.

The noted police outburst occurred after we had turned over video to the D.A.’s office. 
Can you imagine the exchange of words that has occurred between the police and D.A.'s office regarding the failures of Racine Police to perform basic tasks?

Can you imagine the position the D.A’s office is now in after they have filed charges base on incompetent acts, errors, omissions and misconduct by the Racine police department.

I’m glad I’m not the D.A.
The D.A.'s office now has to clean up the mess the Racine Police Department has given him.

As we reflect on the events leading to the death of Angel, the Racine police department obviously has basic training and judgment issues.

And that my friends is all that we can expect from Chiefless Howell.