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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

        GAME ON !!!
We at RCC are often moved by the Pro bono publico/politico efforts of citizens in numerous communities. In the last few months, several fine folks in the St. Croix County, Wisconsin area sought us out for information and directions on how to deal with an individual in St. Croix County government.  This person recently announced his intentions to run for the elected post of St. Croix District Attorney.   That person turned out to be former Racine County District Attorney, Governor appointed and publicly rejected Judge Michael Nieskes.

It appears by the amount of correspondence we have received at RCC that Mr. Nieskes has pissed off a lot of people up in this quaint little town of Hudson, Wi.
In fact, Mike has pissed off so many people in the Hudson area that we created another blog just for the St. Croix County area.

Hudson Wisconsin borders the Mississippi river and the great state of Minnesota.  
It is by Racine standards a quiet community and serves the outlying area with a county population of just under 90,000.
According to our sources in St. Croix County, Mr. Nieskes is using his same old tactics he used in Racine in an attempt to quite his critics.  Several St. Croix area residents have called upon us to act as the lead nemesis to the candidate Michael Nieskes, and yes we accepted the challenge.

 Michael, once again the game is on!
You run for office and we work to run you out of office!
So simple isn’t it?

In today’s media age, coupled with the internet and bloggers, only a fool and his foolish followers would believe his checkered history would not follow him 300 miles up to the community of Hudson, Wisconsin.  

Michael Nieskes's acts of negligence in Racine County is well documented in court records. 

Further his narcissistic ways had created a lot of animosity amongst a good portion of the Racine population.  

And as a former District Attorney and Judge in Racine County seeking employment, Michael Nieskes's failure to secure a job in the Racine legal community spoke volumes of his disdain by his own peers.  

 Let us point out some facts about Michael Nieskes that the mainstream press leaves out of publication, starting with the benign to the egregious,
·       Michael Nieskes is a RINO republican
·       Talks pro gun but has a history of being subversive to firearm rights.
Has a history of allegedly violating the following:
·       His oath in office.
·       Failure to provide equal protection of the law
·       Selective prosecution
·       Conspiracy, complicity and collusion against the public
·       Records tampering
·       Court records tampering
·       Court dates tampering
·       Filing a false affidavit into court records

Michael Nieskes was further the focus of a 
criminal complaint filed into the 
Wisconsin Attorney General’s office
·       The complaint contained over 100 pages alleging misconduct in office and several criminal acts.

Michael Nieskes was also the first recipient of the highly coveted “Today’s D.A.” Dirty Rat Award. He is in the good company of Wisconsin’s own sexting D.A., Kenny Kratz and State of Oregon's D.A. Dan Norris, the D.A. that failed to convene a grand jury and further abused his powers to sanctioned murder.

You may read more about his award here:

Further, Michael Nieskes along with Racine County Sheriff Schmaling were in charge of the investigation into the death of former Racine County Judge Barry.  Michael Nieskes and Sheriff Schmaling failed to exercise good judgment by failing to order an autopsy of the dead judge. This failure left many to speculate as to whether Judge Barry committed suicide or was murdered. An autopsy would have further cleared the air as to the allegations as to whether Judge Barry may have been murdered by a drug dealer, possibly for a past debt. The autopsy could have further cleared the air to the rumors that Barry was using illegal drugs while in office

So as you can clearly see we have history with the candidate D.A.. We are happy to aid our fellow citizens in Hudson Wisconsin to help remove the current plague from their city.  Hudson's very own flotsam candidate for St. Croix District Attorney, Michael Nieskes.

We are currently planning an informational symposium with some concerned St. Croix residents to be held in the Hudson area.  The importance of electing a District Attorney with high moral character and ethics is paramount and it will be open to the public. RSVP if you wish @

Time and date to be announced.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The long arm of the blog
vs. the long arm of the law

Can the power of a single blog 300 miles away sway a general election?
We think so!
Consider this, we have been blogging about the corrupt Michael Nieskes for almost five years and he has yet to challenge our writings.
We subpoenaed him into court numerous times to impeach his testimony, only to have this coward never utter a word in court about his abuse of power or discuss the filing of his false affidavit into court records. 

So why do we write about Nieskes again?

It has been brought to the attention of RCC by fine people in St. Croix County that the infamous former Racine County District Attorney Michael Nieskes is again running for public office, but this time 300 hundred miles away in you guessed it, St. Croix County.
Yes, this is the same Michael Nieskes that was run out of town by the voters of Racine County for his errors, acts, omissions, abuse of power and the filing of a false affidavit into court records.

Yes this is the same corrupt Michael Nieskes that under the watchful eye of Judge Ptacek committed many of his offenses and then BEAT IT to Hudson Wi.

You may read more about Michael Nieskes BEATING IT here:

So acting out of the graces of Pro bono politico and Pro bono publico spirit, we will enlighten the St. Croix residents of the past award bestowed upon Michael Nieskes.

Michael Nieskes was the first recipient of “Today’s D.A.”
 “Dirty Rat Award”   You may read about it here:

Despite the filing of a 100 plus page criminal complaint to the Wis. Attorney General’s office, Nieskes was named Judge in 2011 by Governor Scott Walker.  The voting public kicked him out of office 4 months later in the general elections.  Over 1,700 plus Republicans agreed to remove Nieskes and voted to remove the corrupt ass out of office.

In the matters of his record in office in Racine County, the abuses of power, court records tampering, court date tampering and the filing of a false affidavit into court records, that is all part of Racine County Circuit Court records.

In court testimony, Mike Nieskes's ADA acknowledged the tampering of court records, but did not provide the identity of the government perpetrator of the crimes.
You can guess who it was!

It is all a matter of court record, you may review the online court record here:

As you read the online entries, you will notice the case was dismissed with prejudice, as the succeeding District Attorney requested the court to do so.


Nieskes is such a low life and was so obsessed by this case, he put at risk the law license of one of his subordinate ADA’s.

The above case illuminated Michael Nieskes as a corrupt, dirty, manipulative prosecutor who abused his power.

St. Croix residents, hear what your friends are telling you from 300 miles away, tell Michael Nieskes to: