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Thursday, December 17, 2015

What do both Michael Nieskes and
Michael Jackson have in common ?

They both 



Updated 12-21-2015
After being run out of town by the voting public in 2012, Mike Nieskes beat it out of town (metaphorically speaking) with his tail between his legs. 
Mr Nieskes ended up in a quaint little border town called Hudson, Wisconsin. He was hired by his old buddy, St. Croix District Attorney Eric Johnson to act as an assistant district attorney. 

You may ask yourself,  why do we write about this now?

Answer -

Michael Nieskes was recently promoted by Eric Johnson to deputy District Attorney for the St. Croix District Attorney Office. 

Why is this relevant you may ask?

Because while in Racine, Mr. Nieskes was the focus of a 100 plus page criminal complaint filed into the Wisconsin Attorney General's office regarding misconduct in office. During a 20 month battle with a pro se litigant, then District Attorney Michael Nieskes became the focus of jokes in the legal community

This 20 month battle exposed Mike Nieskes as corrupt, desperate and reckless.  Mr Nieskes during battle had filed a false affidavit into court records.  

By most accounts, filing a false affidavit is a Class A misdemeanor according to Wisconsin Statutes 946.32. But not according to the corrupt Racine County Circuit Court Judge Gerald Ptacek.
Mike Nieskes should have been sent to jail and his law license revoked.  But Judge Ptacek in court basically said beat it.
"nothing to see here, move along"

And move along we go.

Judge Ptacek and Mike Nieskes's  politically  connected buddy Governor Scott Walker still believed in him even after filing a false affidavit into court records.  So much so the head of the good old boys club Scotty appointed Michael as judge in late 2011 after Judge Barry allegedly committed suicide. 

Notice that we said allegedly.  

Moving along again.

But in April of 2012 , there were the general elections, the general elections that included the seat Judge Michael Nieskes was just appointed to 4 months earlier.

Many of the voters came to the April polls well informed in 2012. Well informed of the corrupt acts of Michael Nieskes because of alternative media the likes of Racine Uncovered, Jt Irregulars and Racine County Corruption.

But the public was not informed by the Racine Journal Times. 

As the flagship news outlet in Racine, the Racine Journal Times was provided a courtesy copy of the 100 plus page criminal complaint concerning Michael Nieskes well before the general elections. 

The Racine Journal Times held the copy of the complaint for several days before saying beat it and decided not to publish or even acknowledge the filed complaint to the public.

Why you may ask?


So now to the point of this article.

Michael Nieskes's acts were well documented to the State Attorney General's office and the AG basicly said beat it, and Nieskes was still hired as a district attorney in Hudson ,Wisconsin.
Worst yet, recently promoted to Deputy District Attorney of the St. Croix Office.

Our State government rewards misconduct and corruption while in office by rehiring this POS .

The good news of this article is that the Racine voters voted the corrupt ass out of office!

In the final say so, the voters in Racine County said back to Michael Nieskes  -  BEAT IT!
And Racine County voters booted a bad Judge named Mike out of office and replaced him with a good judge named Mike. 

                        Judge Michael Piontec 

     Now to beat it onward to St. Croix County where hidden from knowledge, Mike Nieskes slithers amongst the proles and uninformed public.


Justice said...

Eric Johnson and Ken Kratz are long time friends so this does not surprise me.

legal stranger said...

Oh great and wise "Unknown", please tell us more.

chase lookinback said...

The newly revised Deputy DA Niesks. St Croix County welcomes you. And the corruption you will bring. At the Hudson Court House you will fit right in. Judge Lundell will introduce you to all. And how the system works. Your Village Idiot joke of the Law community status is safe with these small town hicks. will keep it our little secret. Were you came from and your history of corruption. you should be in jail and your license revoked.

legal stranger said...

Chase, if you have more information you wish to share, please post it or email us at

Rats run in packs !
Mike Nieskes’s abuse of power earned him the company amongst other “dirty rats” and the highly coveted “Dirty Rat” award.……………..laugh’in

Read more at the National District Attorney Wall of Shame @

crazyheart said...

OMG I am dealing with both Judge Lunde and Michael Nieske. Can anyone help me! I see the questionable practices.

racinecountycorruption said...

We suggest you immediately ask for a change of venue due to the nature of Nieskes's and Lunde's blatant disregard of legal protocol.
Nieskes has violated criminal statutes while being a state prosecutor. Nieskes is a POS and that is documented all the way to the Wisconsin State Attorney General's office.

Forward your case # to along with any comments regarding your case and you will receive a reply in short order. Or send directly to Harry Wait @