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Wednesday, October 9, 2019


State of Wisconsin vs. Courtney D Huffhines

Kenosha County Case Number 2019CF001235 

Which Title do you Prefer?
Will there be a New Sheriff in Town ?
Where has all the love gone?

Haggard Sheriff Schmaling
AKA Loverboy?
/ˈhaɡərd/     Adjective -

looking exhausted and unwell, especially from fatigue, worry, or suffering.

Could conflicts of interest within the Racine County Sheriffs department be preventing them from actively investigating this case?

As Kenosha law enforcement continue to vigorously investigate the largest illegal vaping operation bust in Racine county, Racine county investigators have been largely silent concerning this event.

 Kenosha law enforcement investigators are aggressively interviewing and seeking additional information about Courtney Huffhines while Racine County investigators appear to have little or no presence on the case.

One question we have for our readers is how could such a large scale illegal vaping operation go undetected unreported by law enforcement in Racine county ?

Could it be because of  "connections"?

Rumors, conjecture and speculation are now running rampant concerning "connections" between a member or members of the Racine  Sheriff's department and Courtney Huffhines.

Courtney Huffhines
AKA Hothuff ?
Courtney Huffhines ran a real estate office located in downtown Union Grove. According to the Kenosha County Sheriff's office she also ran an illegal vaping business in the back room. 

Investigators conducted a search warrant on Huffhines real estate office and found in the 
back room an illegal vaping lab so large that investigators used the term "we hit the jackpot".

As special prosecutor Lesli Boese continues to build and prepare the court case against the Huffhines within the Kenosha County Circuit Court system, she may also have to prepare another case against local law enforcement.

News personalities and camera crews have been actively casing the Kenosha and Racine areas asking questions but getting few responses.

So far the main stream media has not identified any "connections" as of yet, but that doesn't mean they aren't HOT on the trail.

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