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Thursday, November 30, 2023


The law firm of GODIN, GERAGHTY, PUNTILLO & CAMILLI of Kenosha filed frivolous pleadings into the court record, filed a false affidavit, and promoted stolen valor by filing a false affidavit in court proceedings, despite their errant ways the Court of Appeals ordered me to pay the shyster law firm $50.00 dollars.


A motion to reconsider has been filed.


The pay to play crooked circus courts allowed a licensed BAR attorney, to file a false affidavit into the court with impunity.

The rule of law is dead.

Veracity in the Racine County Circus Courts doesn’t matter.

So says judge Faye Flancher.

 To quote judge Flancher’s words from transcript,

 ‘it doesn’t matter if he did or did not”

Judge Flancher and Kristen Cafferty should be disbarred as well as the lawyers at GODIN, GERAGHTY, PUNTILLO & CAMILLI.

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