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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

RCC Editorial
Peter Feigin-welfare beggar
 Peter Feigin, president of the Milwaukee Bucks, informed Wisconsin lawmakers that the NBA team will move 
to another market if the
requested 250 million dollars in public funding for the proposed arena is not approved.

Go already!

Wisconsin doesn't need or want another public welfare team like the MLB Milwaukee Screwers.
The Brewer taxing district has continued to lie to the public about finances and continues to force the public to pay for millionaires games.
Bud Selig and his daughter, Welfare Wendy Selig/Prieb and others have had the money rolling in since this corporate welfare scam was jammed down the throats of the Proles and Sheeple. Former Governor Tommy Tax Thompson and his co conspirators have stuck the public with a shit sandwich
To quote Tommy Tax Thompson regarding the stadium tax,

Only Proles and Sheeple could be so stupid to support another public welfare supported team.
If the deal was soooo good , private money would be flooding into the proposed arena.

A long time ago after the Milwaukee Braves left for Atlanta,
a distinguished former player of the Milwaukee Brave was asked by a sportswriter why he didn't go to Brewer Stadium to watch the MLB games.

His response was classic.
"Who wants to go watch a bunch of millionaires play ball? " 
Exactly our feeling also.


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