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Thursday, July 2, 2015

and Proles
A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to serve numerous state agencies with notice of claims against their offices.   These claims were against various agencies and their agency laws that violate constitutional rights of the individual.  
I began serving the State Attorney General’s Office (SAGO).  Serving this office with legal documents was mandatory in pursuit of legal action against the State and of any of its agencies.  After serving the State Attorney General’s Office, I proceeded to serve courtesy ( I like to call them complementary) copies of these documents to the other state agencies and their boards that oversee these agencies.

During the process of serving these documents, I had conversations with numerous individuals, with one conversation standing out amongst them all.

While serving elected officials or their staff in their office, an elected state senator refused to stamp a time/date service on my copy of the document. As I stated, these documents were only courtesy in nature, so the refusal of his office to time/date stamp my serving copy was a bit of a puzzle to me.  I inquired to the state senator as to why he refused to time/date stamp my copy of service, his answer put me in an uproar of humor.  

The state senator explained to me that if he or his office staff  time/date stamped my copy of service, he could be 
 Really?  I asked, “who is going to fire you?”  as I roared with laughter, “you are an elected official!”

I reminded the State Senator these documents were copies, only courtesy in nature and the SAGO had already been served.
The State Senator didn't understand the rules and laws that regulate the state agency that he oversees, further he didn’t care.

Here is my point; our elected officials are largely clueless to their responsibilities in government, they do not comprehend the laws that they create. Most public officials don’t give a damn about constitutional issues, nor do they care about the public.

In Wisconsin government,  it appears the agencies only concerns are regulating and controlling the public, all while enriching themselves.

George Orwell was a prophet; his vision of the future came true about “big brother”, the two parties placing party before state, and the continued control over the public’s affairs. You were warned!


I remind you that you are only Proles in the eyes of Wisconsin government.

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helena said...

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