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Thursday, June 17, 2021



On Wedsnesday, 6-16-2021, the Wisconsin Supreme Cour issued an order that the petition for review as submitted by the Racine Taxpayers Association (Dennis Montey, president), The Southeastern Wisconsin Libertarian Party (Jim Sewell, treasurer) and HOT Government (George Meyers, secretary) has been granted and they are to submit legal briefs pursuant to the courts order.

Attorneys M. Samir Siddique (414-308-6095) and Vincent Bobot (414-430-1249) are representing HOT Government, a local advocacy group for Honest, Open and Transparent Government, along with the Racine Taxpayers Association and the Racine Libertarian Party.

“This is a big step forward” Meyers stated at a HOT government meeting. Neither the Circuit Court nor the Appellate court would give us the time of day to hear our issues with this recount.  Meyers claims both Judge Piontek and the Appellate Court Chief Justice Lisa Neubauer had connections to the Racine Unified School District (RUSD) which limited their ability to view our arguments rationally and without bias.

The 30 year, Billion Dollar RUSD referendum held on April, 2020 allegedly passed by five votes out of over 30,000 votes casted. The votes were counted, tabulated, canvassed and recounted by employess of the Racine Unified School District.

Meyers claims that the recount showed that Unified had actually lost the referendum by 14 votes but by some kind of trickery manipulated ballots to come up with a five vote victory.

Petitioners Montey, Sewell and Meyers were not allowed to look at or inspect the ballots during the vote count to determine how the "magic trick" was done, with RUSD claiming covid concerns.

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