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Thursday, May 27, 2021




The integrity of U.S. elections has been so


by bad actors, malware and software manipulation that we have reached a point where we must take back control of the ballot, return to the physical use of paper ballots and human validation of the voter process in order to protect ourselves from outside influence within our elections.

The use of any voter machine that has software or the ability to be connected to the internet should be banned from use.

The lessons learned from concealed software used by Volkswagon to manipulate and override vehicle emissions standards is more than a compelling reason to ban voting machines using software, it is the Paramount reason we must ban software voting machines altogether.

 VW developed hidden software that knew the difference between on the road driving and when the vehicle was being tested for vehicle emissions.

This concealed software allowed VW to cheat U.S. emission standards and provided VW an unfair advantage over thier competitors.

There has been nationwide controversies concerning the use of voting machines with software that can read inoculous things like creases or folds on the ballots, thus tabulating eroneous counts to one party or another. Are these really eroneous readings or hidden software within the machine? 

We must remove software from our voting machines to insure the integrity of our elections. and disconnect these machines from the internet to avoid any outside manipulation or influence upon our elections

And that is how we see it ! 

You may read more about the cheating scandel here:

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Coding errors or hidden software?

You decide!


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