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Friday, January 19, 2018

State vs. Isaiah DeGroot
Racine County Circuit Court case # 17CF1505


Below is the signed surety bail/bond agreement that set 
Isaiah Degroot
 free to ravage and pillage our community 
as he pleased
Note the language;
 if the defendant does not comply 
with the terms of this bail/bond,
the bail/bond will be forfeited and the defendant and or surety may be ordered to pay that amount of the bond.
Any restitution, recompense, fines, forfeitures, or cost imposed against the defendant shall be paid out of the cash bail/bond without further notice.

Anyone wish to dispute Degroot violated bail/bond? 

The derelict and negligent Racine County Circuit Court system bears great responsibility of the damage caused by Isaiah DeGroot, a known criminal who was released with low bail back onto the streets to create more mayhem.

The derelict courts don't deserve this 
windfall of cash.

Nor does the sheriff's office whose lazy staff  denied access of Degroot for risk assessment.

The surety bond of $3,000 should be immediately called in and the proceeds of that surety bond be delivered to the couple who have paid the highest price of DeGroot's continued criminal rampage.

The destroyed lives of Jeff and Cheryl Coopman

Placed into:
 go fund me account of Jeff and Cheryl Coopman

I urge you to write our derelict and negligent officials who freely spun the criminal revolving door.   Demand the bail/bond proceeds be placed directly in the go fund me account of 
Jeff and Cheryl Coopman

Listed below are the Racine County officials responsible for the Degroot court fiasco.

Alice Rudebusch
Louis C. Moore
Faye Flancher
Jason A, Rossell
Mark Nielsen
Chris Schmaling
John Hanrahan

The letter or email should be short and directly to the point

Below is a sample email
complete with formatted email addresses


Subject :  Surety Bail/Bond - Case 17CF1505

I am mad as hell.
This letter is do to your derelict and egregious conduct as public officials handling case 17CF1505.
Each of you have failed to properly review the case at hand and further failed to place the safety of the public as a high priority.
I demand that Racine county turn over the Surety bail/bond of Isaiah Degroot to Jeff and Cheryl Coopman as partial recompense of their destroyed lives.

your signature 

Start writing!

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