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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Silence is Deafening

When you go into the Racine Police Department or Racine District Attorney’s office and ask about the 11-01-2014 police dog killing incident, all you get is silence.
This silence shouts volumes about what is now going behind the scenes.
And behind the scenes in RDP, the blue line is leaking like a sieve.
Many Racine police are angry and/or embarrassed about the incident, which means some are talking.
Inside sources have informed us that incident video in the hands of the Racine Police Department are now being minutely scrutinized.
Statements made by Brian Polk and his residents are also being intensely scrutinized against the video evidence that has been secured by RPD.
There are now constructive conversations going on between the RPD and the D.A.’s office as how to charge Brian Polk.
One may ask why it is taking so long to charge Mr. Polk after they have viewed the video.  The answer is quite simple; RPD staff now wishes to place Mr. Polk in prison for the longest possible duration, which means they plan on charging him with more than just obstruction. Why?
“Payback , He(Brian Polk)made us look like asses” one source told us as he drove away in his squad.

RCC looked at Wisconsin statutes regarding obstruction or lying to the police. The maximum penalty is 10,000 dollars and /or 9 months in jail.
Click to view statute; statute 956.65.

Additional weapon charges are being reviewed and are expected to be filed against Mr. Polk next week. 

Without the watchful eye of the public, and citizen courage to expose the Racine Police Department, Justice 4 Angel would have never had a chance in Racine.

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