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Friday, April 20, 2018

 I was contacted several times by a reporter from the Racine Journal Times seeking information and/or confirmation of recent events in the town of Dover.  The reporter expressed interest in the Town of Dover Entertainment District 
located in the heart of Kansasville.
I informed the reporter that 
this year's political theme is 

Floyd, Barney and Otis 

This years Special Players Edition theme is  
Everybody is tied up in knots over nothing 

Cast members include Floyd the barber, Otis and Barney.
With lots of OOOHs and AAAHS from supporting cast
Aunt Bee and Charlene Darling
Sadly the wisdom and calm demeanor of Andy is missing from this years special players cast.

For over twenty years the Kansasville town house Entertainment District has been putting on a monthly nightly show, usually starting at 7 pm and ending??? 
 They perform in front of a live audience and 
here is the best part 
Admission is free!

And Now 

"Heeeere's Johnny"

Johnny Carson

Click below for relevant video

If you aren't entertained, then you need to go get a life !

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