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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Rep. Greta Neubauer

On March 25th 2018, a Town Hall meeting on gun safety and violence prevention was hosted by State Assembly Representative Greta Neubauer.

Preceding this town hall meeting, Rep. Neubauer wrote an editorial in the Racine Journal Times of her concerns of gun lobbies and the NRA.
You may read the editorial here:

Ms. Neubauer held the listening session for the general public to share their concerns and ideas.
You may read about the speakers here:

To the credit of Ms. Neubauer, the March 25 town hall meeting was a true listening session where the public had their opportunity to present their concerns of gun safety, violence and fear of law enforcement.

At the town hall meeting, Rep. Neubauer  passed out an informational flyer.  This flyer contained statistics and references where the data was obtained.  You may view the handout here:
Check out the third subtitle;                                          [State of  Guns in Wisconsin]                                    3rd. bullet point  in column.
Whoaaaaaaa……., according to Ms. Neubauer’s flyer, Wisconsin has 64,878 registered guns as of April 2017, referencing a source that does not appear to support her claims.
The State of Wisconsin by law preempts gun registration.  From Gifford law center:
 "Wisconsin does not require firearm owners to register their firearms. With limited exceptions, Wisconsin preempts local jurisdictions from adopting ordinances requiring the registration of “any firearm or part of a firearm, including ammunition and reloader components.”1
Read more here:

Gun Registration in Wisconsin? Is this data deep state trickery ? or perhaps did Rep. Neubauer stumble upon some Wisconsin secret data banks, revealing hidden data that has been kept from the public?  Whatever the real story is, we are going to kick Pandora’s Box until the truth is told.
In the interim, consider the following; As our population in the State of Wisconsin nears 6 million citizens, estimated Wisconsin gun ownership ranges between 34 percent and 44 percent of the general population. On the low side of estimates - there is an estimated 2 million + gun owners in the Badger State.  Being most gun owners own more than one gun, one
can safely estimate more than three million guns exist in Wisconsin citizens hands. 

In Wisconsin, it appears we have a free standing  2 million plus armed Militia exercising their 2nd. amendment rights.
Two to Three million guns  vs. 64,878 guns ? 
Think about this, every day over two million cheeseheads safely go about their business without causing an incident or ruckus with their guns.  Only by knowing  and understanding real numbers can we focus where our efforts to thwart gun violence will be best served.      
Do you believe the Deep State numbers or research from credible sources?

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