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Thursday, April 19, 2018

In the quaint Kingdom of Dover Wi.
Drama kings and queens are at it again. 
The kingdom of Dover has lots of legally aged adults who for unknown reasons haven't mentally matured.  Overactive and hypersensitive temperaments flare like fifth graders warring over nerf balls.  Every few years the drama kings and queens have to act up and engage in WoW (Wars of Words). 
   One stupid says something
Another stupid does something
That is how it often works.
Just like Super Mario Brothers!

One election working with each other,  next election knocking each other out of the game.

The pettiness of politics transcends geopolitical boundaries to the Union Grove area as well, where children are indoctrinated into believing that government is only good and without fault. Where the only lessons the school teaches are OBEY! OBEY!! OBEY!!!
Act up and you are facing the Racine County Sheriff Department, followed by jail.
A school system where math,science and geography are no longer important. But they will teach the kids how be be properly indoctrinated, follow orders and accept authority and rule.

A taste of political reality is just what children are in need of. 
Mandatory reading is no longer part of the school curriculum.
Reading "The Good Earth", "1984", and "Catch 22" will not be part of an indoctrinated student.

And what about our worthless press?
The local Racine Journal Times has yet to take on head to head the Foxconn eminent domain fiasco that is currently in full swing. 
We have government officials who are violating their oath of office as they misuse eminent domain proceedings against landowners to acquire land for a foreign corporation.
Government corruption is real and prevalent, so the more we speak and act about it, the better we can address it.  

But back to the fine town of Dover:
We all know current chairman Mario Lena was not elected to be a Politician or Statesman. nor does he pretend to be.
Truth being known, I'm not sure he is smarter than a box of rocks.
Even a box of rocks knows when to remain silent and when to make noise.

Mario campaigned on the promise that town of Dover funds would be better allocated back to serve the residents of Dover, not to fund parasitic engineering and law firms who siphons funds from road and public utility projects. 

Lena's plan must be working, at the last town hall meeting, road repair crews stated a records amount of material was used to repair town roads ( or did he say historical) matters not.

 To see childish behavior makes me wonder what event stymied so many adults from mentality maturing.
  These adults appear educated, but failed to learn how to prioritize life's twists and turns.  Perhaps some of the pettiness, hypersensitivity and childish behavior may be attributed to petty conversations, jealousy, dementia or alzheimer's. 

It's the water stupid!

  For years field and yard runoff have spoiled the water quality of Eagle lake. Add DNR administered poisons to the lake and 
  Zero fish population, Eagle lake has been 
declared dead several times. 
Must make people brain dead when they drink the water!
Quit Drinking the green Eagle Lake water - Stupids!

Here is something an investigative reporter should look into:
Any and all funds related to Natures Bend Road!

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