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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Salem, Wisconsin -
2 year old toddler falls out 
of moving U-Haul Van

A two year old wearing only a diaper fell out of the back of a moving U-Haul truck on State Hwy 83, in Salem, Wi. on Saturday afternoon, 4/18/2015 at approximately 4:30 pm.
The incident was witnessed and responded to by members of the town of Salem Fire and Rescue, who happened to be going into the Station at that time.
A paramedic scooped up the child from the road and brought the child into the fire/rescue station where the child received immediate medical care.  The child was treated for a large bump to the head and extensive “road rash” before being transported to an area hospital.  No further information about the condition of the child is available at this time.
The driver was unaware of the rear door being partially opened when the child fell out of the rear of the truck. The driver of the vehicle further stated he was unaware the toddler was in the back of the van before he closed the rear door. 

Kenosha County Sheriff dispatch was notified of the incident and Sheriff Deputies brought the driver of the U-Haul truck back to the Salem Fire/Rescue building. 

Folks, this was a real event, so let's pray for the child's well being and full recovery.

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