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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tuesday April 7th.2015
Racine County Circuit Court
JUDGE-Branch 6

Paulson vs. Hanson

RCC has engaged in an extensive vetting process of who will best serve the citizens of Racine County.

The month long vetting process of the Racine County Circuit Court candidates included the following;
Attending several public judicial forums,
Reviewing court records,
Reviewing court decisions,
Reviewing court documents
Attending court hearings and trials
Interviewing plaintiffs and defendants
Sending out judicial questionnaires
One on one conversations with the judicial candidates

During the judicial vetting process
we also considered the dynamics
that each candidate will bring
into their court, to include the following:

Constitutional law and protecting the citizen
The candidate’s current position in life
Community involvement
Life experiences
Why the candidate desires to be Judge,
Who will be the fairest of the fairest and
The current state of affairs in the Racine County Circuit Court system.

We had spent plenty of time in the Racine County Circuit Court system researching records, attending court hearings and trials, interviewing defendants, plaintiffs and court officials.  However, we had not viewed any of municipal judge David Paulson’s court events. So, we went the extra mile to attend David Paulson’s municipal court in Caledonia on Tuesday evening to listen and view Mr. Paulson at work. After all this vetting we feel confident both are qualified to sit on the bench.

The judicial vetting process also illuminated the character of both candidates, revealing their political affiliation, sense of humor, work ethics, confidence and humility.

Most of the character differences were minimal in value to weigh in for the best candidate.

One candidate through our vetting process displayed more tenacity, the track record to work harder, work smarter, and go the extra mile to protect the citizens of Racine County. We also believe this candidate has the right demeanor to make a great Chief Judge. That candidate is Patricia Hanson.

Patricia Hanson has earned our endorsement for Racine County Circuit Court, Branch - 6. 

Get out and vote Tuesday, April 7th because it does matter who you stand before !

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