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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Has the NFL lost it's moxie?
Is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a 
complete idiot?

In making political statements, it appears the NFL has made major miscalculations of fans responses and tolerance.

Folks , this isn't our kind of story so we will keep this short.

As with numerous NFL teams, the Packer organization is in crisis management mode.

According to one of our sources, several large holders of season tickets of the Green Bay Packers are turning in their tickets licenses and rights at the end of this years football season.

Most notably may be one of our all time favorites, former Packer team captain and Packer Hall of Fame - Bob Skoronski. 

Others include a block of almost 300 tickets held by a family in the Waupaca area who are well known to the all time great tackle of the Green Bay Packers.

This story is worthy of further investigation by a sports writer.

Is this the end of the golden era of football?

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