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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Drugs in Racine County Jail
Sheriff Schmaling

Would somebody wake this clown up?
Sheriff Schmaling is again sleeping at his job, or should we say still sleeping on the job. 

Apparently Schmaling and his side kick -  Deputy Sheriff [Doog]John Hanrahan are clueless of how to correct the infestation of drugs into the Racine County Jail.

I have a suggestion - WAKE UP - and do your job!

Deputy Doog Hanrahan and Sheriff Schmaling are known in the local law enforcement profession as the tag team of dumb and dumber, aka "les incompétences".

The continued flow of drugs into an allegedly secure facility reflects directly upon the dismal management abilities of Schmaling and Hanrahan.  Even with armed guards screening and checking everything coming into the county jail, they cannot manage a secure facility free of contraband. 

A recently published article by the Racine Journal Times involving drugs within the jail does not illuminate or question Schmaling or Hanrahan's competency to properly secure the jail. Nor does the paper question the management abilities of these two imposters.  Hell, this local paper won't even allow you to comment about the drugs in the jail, fearing you may smear these two Bozos..

To make matters worse, when Schmaling and Hanrahan are forced to interact with other law enforcement agencies in Racine County, it is the sheriff's deputies that keep any possible harmony intact between the law enforcement agencies within the county. 

Schmaling and Hanrahan are well known and documented to not cooperate with other Racine county agencies, withholding information and further failing to act upon citizen complaints.

It is further documented that many of the Sheriff deputies knowingly misinform the public with the use of deception and lies.

A recent example is when a sheriff deputy [sergeant] misinformed the public at a town board meeting stating the Sheriff's office could not enforce noise ordinances in the town of Dover regarding noisy motorcycles. 
What a crock of POOP!  

Schmaling & Hanrahan
the poop police duo!

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  1. When I want drugs, I buy them from the Racine County Jail.