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Monday, January 11, 2021


38 million dollar Racine Court verdict against 

Hyundai in Jeopardy ! 

Edward A. Vanderventer v. Hyundai Motor America

Appeal Number 2020AP001052


Which titles do you prefer?

What happened to 

Downtown Brande Browne ?


Disorder in the court?


Where have all the transcripts gone?

 Court proceedings within judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz court has been placed in a state of disarray due to an AWOL court reporter.

  Court reporter Brande Browne vanished, abandoned her premises and flew the coup, leaving the requester of court transcripts empty handed and a pocket full of money spent by a litigant absconded by Brande Browne.

Many possible scenarios exist concerning her disappearance.

Did she just skip town with a pocket full of change?

Was she paid off to disappear?

Was she kidnapped?

Was she killed to prevent publishing the transcripts?

Did her stenotype machine fail?

Did she actually input shorthand into the Stenotype machine?

 Is she incapacitated by drugs?

Or did she just get tired judge Gasiorkiewicz?

You may read some of the court files here:


According to WCCA records, Brande has had her share of legal trouble lately including an OWI offense, but stiffing a litigant out of transcripts after paying for them and going AWOL is over the top.

A warrant for her arrest has been issued and Downtown Brande Browne has gone from a court reporter to now a fugitive from justice.

Folks, the 2nd Judicial District continues to remain in disarray because of both process and people.

Numerous illegal secret hearings continue to occur in the 2nd Judicial District court system do to a lack of leadership, consistency and uniformity within the district. Chief judge Jason Rossell has been lax and irresponsible concerning these continuing secret courts under his jurisdiction.  

Brande Browne going AWOL should lead all litigants to question whether the work product delivered by Browne was accurate.

What do court reporters do?

 Court reporters are known as guardians of the record. Their role of impartiality within the judicial process capture the words spoken by everyone during a court or deposition proceeding. Court reporters then prepare verbatim transcripts of court and deposition proceedings.

Let's hope Brande took her mission as gaurdians of the record to the extreme and will soon reappear to distribute the transcripts.

Have you read this in the Racine Journal Times?

Have you read anything relevant recently in the 

Journal Times ?

Folks, we can't make this shit up!


Anonymous said...

What happened to the first stenographers in Racine? Mayoral assassination attempt?

Why did Warren Buffett purchase control over the corrupt local newspaper and others in the area to control the narrative?

What is the role of the publisher and why are they so desperate to censor the truth?

Why is Racine the model used to rig the election? Why did CTCL, Zuckerberg and the Knight Foundation choose Racine? Where does the daughter of James L. Knight live?

Who are Brad Smith and Anna Makanju and how are they connected to Racine?

Why did Biden rig a billion dollar referendum in Racine linked with Cornell and the tattoo on Hunter’s back?

Where did the former mayor really stay on his trip to New York, and what really happened? Did he resign by choice or was he forced out through blackmail and bribery? Who else accepted bribes and who else was blackmailed? Why did so many officials suddenly resign, retire, leave office or die?

What is The Deal with China-based Foxconn Industrial Internet really about?

Why can’t anyone in Racine answer any of these questions?

OrbsCorbs said...
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OrbsCorbs said...

"A $38 million injury verdict is in limbo after the court reporter — and trial transcript — go missing"

From the Journal Sentinel Online: