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Sunday, January 27, 2019

illuminating hidden truths

When you enter here: 
Racine City Hall

You have entered the Twilight zone
  Recent secret court proceedings now made public reveal numerous court filings by the City of Racine as wrongly claimed "privileged" documents 
and worse yet appear frivolous. 

In the Secret court case of Sandy Weidner vs. City of Racine, the court documents reveal a dysfunctional, delusional, paranoid city government 
operating under Mayor Cory Mason.
Mayor Cory Mason

Many of the courts filings by the city appear frivolous, claiming privileged status without a legal foundation to do so.

 And many of the court filed documents reveal paranoia as City Attorney Scott Letteney refers to local podcast "Talking Racine" hosts Jim Spodick and George Meyers 
as "a danger and risk...... " in court filings.

You may watch their podcast to determine if they are "dangerous" for yourself here: 
Jim Spodick                                 Dr. Ken Yorgan                                George Meyers

These guys are about as dangerous as Rodney Dangerfield

It appears Mayor Mason's government is so ripe with paranoia that Mayor Cory Mason uses city attorney 
Scott Letteney as his personal henchman.

This is a city where citizens are enslaved by the tyranny of secret meetings and secret court, facing the future with helpless dread.

 A government ripe with conspiracy, complicity and collusion,    conducting secret meetings, secret government and 
secret courts that are a menace and threat to liberty.

Racine is a city where who you are and who you know may be more important than what is right or wrong.

We can't make this shit up folks, In Racine,  paranoid Mayor Cory Mason used his personal henchman, City of Racine attorney Scott Letteney to attack Sandy Weidner in court, motioning a complicit court to seal the entire court record of an open records case.   

Mayor Mason's vision of "his" city is where elite officials call the citizen base "dangerous" when officials are exposed as the corrupt pagans as they are. 

Our next focus will be upon the tax assessments of former Mayor John Dickert's property along with a few other "chosen" individuals.

YES,  Racine is a real life Twilight zone.
But unlike the Twilight Zone, those of us who see with open eyes are facing the future with confidence - having escaped  the darker places of the Twilight Zone to embrace #HOTGOVERNMENT

See City of Racine alderman Carrie Glenn asserting her rights, embracing Honest, Open, Transparent government by disrupting illegal court proceedings:

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