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Monday, December 11, 2017

I felt compelled to speak on behalf of people who look like me.”
 John Tate II,  66th. Assembly seat candidate


As read in the Racine Journal Times;
When the organization 24/7 Wall St. put out a story naming Racine as the fourth worst place for blacks in America, Alderman John Tate II decided he needed to act. Tate said. “I felt compelled to speak on behalf of people who look like me.”

You may read the RJT article here;

You may read the article that allegedly inspired Mr. Tate here;

We decided to take Mr. Tate to task and googled people who look like John Tate. We didn't find anybody who looked like Tate on that google search.

So like most people who use the internet, we then searched Facebook;
No look alikes here

Not finding anybody who looked like Tate on Facebook,  we again went back to  a google search and modified our search parameters and googled short people who look alike

Funny, but NOT a match!

we then googled educated idiots who look alike,  this is what appeared;

Without finding a Tate look alike during Google searches,  could we have come to the conclusion that John Tate may be solely concerned about himself?
Possible, but unlikely.

 Was John Tate implying that all black folks look alike? 
Again possible, but unlikely.

So we did what most reasonable people would do when confronted with a quandary, we reread the RJT article. We didn't miss anything in the news article, the news article missed its journalistic mark by failing to seek clarifications, failing to ask Mr. Tate to expound on his statements. 
The news article manifested more questions than facts presented.

So this blog came back full circle.

What did 66th. assembly candidate John Tate mean when he said
I felt compelled to speak on behalf of people who look like me.

Additional reading material concerning Mr. Tate 

Democrat poop and Republican poop
There is no difference!
Poop is poop

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