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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Middle finger voting
and how it may change the status quo.

We are seeing the phenomenon of middle finger voting growing throughout the country.
Voters giving the Damnocrap and Repulsican establishments the middle finger salute, the finger, the bird or flipping them off.

Voters are fed up with the liars and corruption in government, and are communicating back to the politicians with moderate to extreme contempt.

Using the middle finger salute when addressing politicians will put you in the company with the likes of 
Ronald Reagan, Nelson Rockefeller,
 Abbie Hoffman, Pierre Trudeau, 
George W. Bush, Barack Obama, 
Anthony Weiner, Johnny Cash, 
Cameron Diaz and countless others.

The above salutes have done well in life, so one should expect the art of middle finger saluting to the political Damnocraps and Repulsicans to add prestige and stature in your life.

More and more citizens are telling government to “F” off, “F”You,
Go “F” Yourself, Shove it up your Ass.

The working people of America are tired of eating the bullshit from the politicians and are now ready to end the two party system that George Orwell so eloquently detailed in his book written in 1949 illuminating the Dystopian future,
Take back America and  
end the two party system!
Affirm your power! 

 The Middle Finger Salute;
Use it often, it is a great way to end a corrupt career politician's plans and also end the conversation of someone you DISRESPECT.

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