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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stick it to the ticket!

An editorial from RCC!

Schmaling and Hanranhan, get your heads out of each other’s posterior

A press release from the sheriff’s office promises that Racine County Sheriff’s

“deputies will be on the lookout day and night for unbuckled motorists” and “if you’re not wearing a safety belt, you will be stopped and issued a ticket.

The Racine County Sheriff’s office doesn't like to “serve and protect” , but they do like to “harass and collect”.


These sheriff deputies acting as armed revenue agents don’t have to wear a seatbelt!

If the issue was really about safety, the deputy’s themselves would be wearing a seatbelt.

This issue is about control and collection of revenue.

The Racine County Sheriff’s office is budgeted to collect over one million, nine hundred thousand dollars in forfeitures and that make the sheriff’s office a revenue collection agency. 

How about being on the lookout day and night for criminals instead!

How about serving and protecting the public!

How about discussing your phony and misrepresented 20,233 crime prevention incidents in 2013 that didn’t happen!

Or how about discussing or correcting the failures of your office to properly protect or maintain government property.

When a government's priority's are to "harass and collect" instead of to 
"serve and protect", then it is time to change the leadership of our government.

People or Sheeple, What are you?

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